• Show Date: 29/03/2024
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tracey Billington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 01/04/2024

Edwinstowe & District Canine Society

Edwinstone & District Canine Society's Premier Open Show

Good Friday 29th March 2024

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge the Miniature Pinscher Classes, to the wonderful stewards that kept me on the straight and narrow and to all the exhibitors that made my first judging appointment very challenging.

Puppy D/B (2:0)

1st Hewitt & Hewitt - Adurus Sundance Kid for Catamyrann

A confident, 11 month old Red Dog of good size, well balanced head with small, erect ears carried high , dark eyes, strong muzzle, correct scissor bite and gleaming teeth. A slightly arched neck leading to well sprung ribs and depth of chest, clean shoulders and elbows held tight to body, straight legs with cat-like feet, a slightly sloping topline, tail set carried high, good sweep of stifle, parallel hocks, moved out with drive and a hackney gait. BPIB pleased to see him being awarded TPG3.

2nd Moye & Moye - Kilmuir Cousteau With Ymar

10 month old B/T Dog, not as confident as 1 and needs to time to mature. Good size, well balanced head, dark eyes and correct scissor bite. Slight arch to neck leading to well placed shoulders, good spring of rib, slight slope to topline and high tail set. A few times he showed a hackney gait but was unsettled on the move.

Junior D/B (4:0)

1st Hewitt & Hewitt - Adurus Sundance Kid for Catamyrann

As above

2nd Mcloughlin - Krieger’s Kilted Dragon

14 month old B/T Dog. Smaller in statue compared to, and unfortunate to be up against my first place today. Beautiful shiny coat and good tan markings. Well balanced head, dark eyes, correct scissor bite, good nostrils, small and erect ear set carried high. Slightly arched neck leading to well sprung ribs, elbows close to the body, straight legs and cat-like feet, a gradual sloping topline, tail carried high, good sweep of stifle and rear angulation. Moved well showing a good hackney gait.

3rd King - Adurus Pyledriver

Post Graduate D/B (2:2)

1st Hinchcliffe - Rayjen Pumpkin Pie for Shamal

2 year old B/T Dog. A balanced head, dark oval eyes, strong muzzle, good clean scissor bite, ears carried high and erect. Slight arch to a strong neck and free from throatiness. A good depth to the chest with a moderate slope to the shoulders, cat like feet, elbows close to the body, sloping topline leading to a well placed tail set which was carried high, a moderate tuck up and a good spring to the ribs, a good sweep to the stifles, and well toned thigh muscles, moved out with drive. RBOB

2nd King - Adurus Pyledriver

11 month old B/T Dog, 3rd in the junior class, he was a bit more settled and confident in this class. Beautiful gleaming coat with super tan markings. A strong, well balanced head, piercing dark oval eyes, strong muzzle and a perfect scissor bite. Ears set high and erect. Good arch to a strong neck, leading to well balanced shoulders, a good spring of ribs, a sloping topline, longer in loin with a good tuck up. Slightly unsettled on the move but showed good drive and a hackney gait

Open D/B (3:3)

1st King - Alcum Tiger King At Adurus

Nearly 3 year old Red Dog, Pleasing head with good ear placement, a strong muzzle and dark eyes, a strong arched neck leading to well placed shoulders and a firm topline, tail set carried high and over the back. Straight front deep chest, straight legs and tight feet. Well angulated, with good muscle tone and a good sweep of stifle. Good display of a hackney gait and a strong rear drive, overall nicely balanced. BOB

2nd Hewitt & Hewitt - Adurus Highflyer For Catamyrann

2 year old B/T Dog. Nice equal head proportions, dark oval eyes, small high set ears, strong arched neck, shoulders well placed and well developed ribs, a level back, tail set high, shorter in leg lacking in reach at the front, but had good rear drive, well developed hindquarters, presented well with a glossy coat

3rd James & Cherry - Jaegerson Hendrix

Judge : Tracey Billington (Aquepins)