• Show Date: 04/02/2024
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Simon Whincup Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 06/02/2024

Merseyside Gundog Club


My thanks to Merseyside Gundog for invitation to judge the four breeds I had the pleasure of judging today. I was pleased to see my BOB Clumber and Welshie which were also BPIB go PG3 and PG4.


P (4,2) 1. DAWSON’S BESKERBY FLORA FINCHING. 9 month old bitch. Beautiful head and expression. Lovely front quarters, and a good body with a good solid middle piece. She has good bone and feet. She is presented in immaculate order, and boy can she move covering the ground with ease, but also with style. Easily my BOB and BPIB today. Finished PG3 overall. 2 HENDERSON’s WIENOUGH SWEET WILLIAM. 6month old raw puppy, little less in head than 1st, good feet and bone, moves well, just needs to settle and grow a little more confidence.

G (3,2) 1. HENDERSON’S DELSAUX WALKING ON THE MOON. 12month old dog. Nice head and eye, good front assembly. Just not balance between front and rear quarters. Tail carries high on the move. Presented in good coat.

L (2,0) 1. TILSTON’S STONIELEA TOAST. 22month old dog. Pleasant enough head and expression. Well balanced fore and aft, move well and carries himself well. RBOB. 2. HENDERSON’S DELSAUX WALKING ON THE MOON.

O (2,0) 1. DAWSON’S BIG BOOM VIKING LIV BESKERBY. 2 ½ yr old bitch. Lovely head and expression, good front and rear balance. Moves with reach and drive. A nice bitch.


P (1,0) 1. WAKEFIELD’S UNA DES TERRES DE BEAULIEU (IMP FRA). 8month old puppy with a soft melting expression. Super head. Good front assembly, a nice middle. Moves ok, just needs to settle in topline with age. BPIB.

G (4,0) 1 PENNEMAN & WAKEFIELD NORRISS NORTHERN DETECTIVE (TAF) 12month old. Best outline and topline on the move. Little wide at front for me. Good tailset, shown well. 2. HIPGRAVE’S LORD OF THE GLITTERING CAVES Slightly taller male. Nice head just show little more haw of eye for me than winner. Back end movement was a bit erratic on the away and back, topline not as solid as winner. 3 WAKEFIELD’S UNA DES TERRES DE BEAULIEU (IMP FRA)

L (0,0)

O (3,0) 1. ASHCROFT’S VARYA VELIKOLEPNAYA IZ VALLEY WINS AT TORSCHA (IMP BLR). Wins on movements and correctness of bite compared to rest of class. Pleasing enough head and eye, with a pleasant expression. Carries level on the move, a bit taller than some of others I had considered today, but overall of a piece. Well boned and good feet. BOB. 2 DAVEY’s SH CH EALD VILLAGE SCANDAL JW. Lovely head and expression, nice rear end. Tended to dip a little on the move in topline. Bite was an issue for me. 3. PENNEMAN & WAKEFIELD’S NED/LUX/BEL/INT SH CH EALD VILLAGE TEMPTRESS FOR NORRISS


P (1,1)

J (2,2)

PG (3,3)

L (2,0) 1. TRACZ’S BERESFORD ON MY WAY WITH ACREGATE. Upstanding male with a nice head, would like a slightly darker eye. Shown in immaculate condition. I would like a little more reach in the front. He is well bodied, conditioned and muscled. BOB. 2. CONRAD’S STRATHNAVER STARSTRUCK. 3yr old Liver and White bitch. Super front, pleasing head and eye. In profile a super reach and drive, just a little loose on the away and back for me spoiled the picture, and would have liked just a shade more on leg.

O (0,0)


P (4,2) 1. HARRISON’S GLENBROWS AMADEUS. Just shy of 9 months old and already of a piece for me. This boy made me see the whole outline and picture of a true Welshie. Beautiful head and expression. Gorgeous front and build. Super rear quarters. Carries well on the move with reach and drive, better in the challenge than the class. Easily BOB and BPIB today.  PG4 in the final of the day.    2 ELLIS’S FFRIND FFYDDLON VAN RAAMVLIENT (IMP NED) 11 month old male, little taller than winner. Good head, deep dark eye. Nicely made throughout, just a little less moderate in rear quarter angulation than winner, he also just needs a little more confidence when being examined. A nice boy that should develop well with age.

J (2,1) 1. HARRISON’S GLENBROW’S CASANOVA. 10 month old Male. Has had some success already I understand in his short career. He has a super expression and eye, gorgeous head piece. Lovely front, nice tight feet, top quality male. Just pipped today by his kennel mate who was slightly more settled and coordinated in movement in the challenge. He still achieved RBOB out of today’s quality entry. 2. ELLIS’S FFRIND FFYDDLON VAN RAAMVLIENT (IMP NED)

PG (2,1) 1. LEWIS’S KIDENOAN MARK UP VON TRANNON. Male, with a beautiful eye. Would prefer little more in muzzle for me as the tapering was a little harsher than I’d like. Good front, carries well with reach and drive.

L (1,0) 1 RITCHIE & GRAHAM RENASCENT BLEABERRY AT SLAPESTONES JW (IMP USA). Lovely head, good forechest, good depth of middle piece, moves well with reach and drive. Feet were just a little open padded for me. Was a hot contender for RBOB.

O (1,0) 1 PHILIPSON’S MENSTONIA METEOR. Good profile mover, which was sadly lost a little on the away and back. Good head nicely refined and deep eye and expression. Good front assembly.