• Show Date: 11/02/2024
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Simon Luxmoore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 12/02/2024

Portsmouth & Southsea Kennel Association

PORTSMOUTH AND SOUTHSEA KENNEL ASSOCIATION 11 FEB 24 BOSTON TERRIER PG 2(0) 1. Sandells’ Shawmut Shelby Dakota. Preferred the overall balance and movement of 1 although somewhat longer in the back than I prefer, balanced angulation, good top-line and impressed in profile on the move. 2. Sandells’ Shawmut Pontiac Chieftain. Good balance when viewed in profile but on the move somewhat wide in front on the out and back and narrow behind. O 3(0) 1. Hamlin’s Devotoblaze Hope’s Miracle JW. Just preferred the overall balance of 1 when viewed in profile, correct overall proportions, good top-line, well set shoulders, correct shape of skull, good parallel gait, BOB. 2. Sandells’ Shawmut Tucker Torpedo. Very nice male, good length of muzzle, correct head, good angulation but not quite the movement of 1. 3. Sandells’ Shawmut The Trailblazer. FRENCH BULLDOG J 4(2) 1. Titheridge’s Mactawbay Special Edition. Preferred the head of 1 with good underjaw, well set ears, good depth of chest, nice shoulder but would prefer more turn of stifle. 2. French’s Bincombefarm Serpensortia. Very nice when moved in profile, well angulated front and rear but I found the skull shape and relative lack of muscle disappointing. PG 2(0) 1. Hill-Lonergan/Duff’s Cossy’s Bisto at Barnlou. 3 year old male, powerful throughout, correct shape of skull, nice top-line, shown in excellent condition. 2. French’s Bincombefarm Morsmordre. 8 month old male, nice prospect, good balance and plenty of drive on the move, good overall proportions, BP. O 1(0) 1. Brooks/Cairns’ Corursus Become The One JW. Balanced when moved in profile, correct top-line and absolutely sound on the out and back, shown in good condition but shape of skull is not his fortune, BOB. GREAT DANE O 1(0) 1. Cranfield’s Zefather’s Ralph Lauren JW. Super 2 year old male I have long admired, correct head, powerful shoulders, a good reach of neck, strong top-line, correct croup and tail set, nice turn of stifle, covered the ground with his easy efficient parallel and ground covering gait, nice prospect, BOB. SPANIEL (FIELD) J 2(0) 1. Adams/Lewis’ Ceben Darrin at Irisbel (imp SWE). 11 months old, just a little more together on the day, charming head and expression, good shoulder and moved to advantage. 2. Hastilow’s Irisbel Anthem In My Heart. Good head and expression, nice shoulder, excellent rear angulation but an untidy front on the out and back. PG 1(0) 1. Adams/Lewis’ Irisbel A Million Dreams. 11 month old bitch, nice feminine head, good reach of neck, good shoulder with good reach and drive in profile, hocks a little loose when viewed from behind, BP. O 1(0) 1. Adams/Hird’s Irisbel English Rose JW. 2 year old bitch, correct head, nice reach of neck, well angulated front and rear, as much back length as I would like but absolutely sound on the move, BOB. SPANIEL (ENGLISH SPRINGER) J 4(3) 1. Weyman’s More Than Amazing Wanna Be A Gangster at Spuffing. 1 year old male, super head and expression, good reach of neck, level top-line, good bone, nice ‘fit’ feet, excellent angulation, very nice prospect, delighted that he went on to take BPIS, BP. PG 2(1) 1. Weyman’s More Than Amazing Wanna Be A Gangster at Spuffing. Repeat. O 3(1) 1. West’s Grosbreuil Abricot Regal. 7 year old veteran, completely belied her years, won the class on her excellent movement, charming head and expression, a credit to the breed, BOB. 2. Williams/Toublic’s Cobhay Fancy Phlox. 5 year old bitch, nicely angulated, good head, unfortunately following puppies currently has a significant hormonal lump that requires addressing. RETRIEVER (NOVA SCOTIA DUCK TOLLING) J 1(0) 1. Winship’s Tarnlaikers Dizzy Rascal. 9 month old bitch in need of much practise but good feminine head, well set ears, good reach of neck, moderate angulation, light footed gait, BP. PG 2(0) 1. Lashly’s Tollisty Blow Your Mind at Citanabel JW. Attractive head, nice shoulder, good turn of stifle, shown in good hard condition, a little ‘hocky’ on the out and back when viewed from behind. 2. Street-Favre’s Stellenbosch Discors avec Laulaco. Masculine head, good shoulder, a nice drive from behind but moved wide in front on the out and back. O 4(0) 1. Nevers’ Tollelkin Dream Cove at Sheldrake JW. Preferred the head of 1, well set shoulders, level top-line, good bone, nice forechest, balanced angulation, good ground covering gait, BOB. 2. Dorrell’s Tollisty Moet En Chandon JW. Strong head, balanced front and rear, couldn’t hold the top-line on the stand but good croup, tail set and carriage on the move. 3. Pashley’s Wakaduze Wah Pen Dah Ska. SPANIEL (COCKER) G 6(2) 1. Taylor-Kistner’s Merry Cocktails Spice of Life at Frieljoanipa (imp SWE). Very well handled and presented exhibit, correct head and expression, good dark eye, correct ear set, good reach of neck, impressive on the move, BOB & BP. 2. Burnet’s Granrose Three Times A Lady by Charmwen. Not quite the shoulder of 1 and more compact in structure however good top-line, nice croup, sound on the move. 3. McClumpha’s Fernstone Marbled White. SPANIEL (CLUMBER) PG 3(1) 1. Wareham’s Prestij Nachii Mandarin Shik (imp RUS). Very well angulated 2 year old male, absolutely solid throughout, shown in good coat and excellent condition, attractive masculine head, powerful on the move. 2. Wareham/Dustan’s Buckfarm Chubbawubba. Nice bitch, not quite the condition of 1 and couldn’t hold her top-line on the stand but improved on the move. O 3(1) 1. Wareham/Dustan’s Maursett Melwyn. Very impressive 2 year old male, well boned, appealing masculine head, shown in excellent muscular condition, easy ground covering gait, nice prospect, BOB. 2. Crofts’ Micklemess Just Looking. Veteran, powerful front and strong shoulder, not quite matched by the rear angulation which is a little bit straight in stifle and lacked muscle on the day. VETERAN STAKES 1. Rowe’s Ch. Boloria’s Trick or Treat JW. Very nice Dachshund (Wire Haired), correct front good reach of neck set on powerful shoulders, strong top-line, correct overall proportions, good forechest, absolutely sound on the move. 2. Salter’s Irisaddition Effie Trinket JW. Bearded Collie. Correct overall proportions, correct shape of skull, good reach of neck, level top-line, shown in full coat and excellent condition. 3. Shepherd’s Ch. Citycroft Sundae with Oxana JW ShCM ShCEx & VW. Whippet. MINOR PUPPY STAKES 1. Carver’s Oldbashurst Ko Phi Phi. Miniature Schnauzer. Delightful head and expression, good reach of neck, exhibit was shown in full coat and good hard condition, moved with confidence and should be a very good prospect. 2. Salter’s Whole Lotta Love from Noonie Bears by Irisaddition. Bearded Collie. Excellent angulation, covered plenty of ground in profile, parallel on the out and back, well handled and presented. 3. Forge’s Normpug Roman Holiday. Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired). PUPPY STAKES 1. D’Allen’s Kingshaka Brown Sugar. Dalmatian. Won the class on her excellent movement on the day although she requires additional practise in terms of the stand, very nice puppy bitch however who is an excellent prospect. 2. Blagg/Whitehead’s Keep It Lowkee. 11 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, stood absolutely four square, moved with drive and efficiency, nice youngster. 3. Mason’s Cataluna Mad About You in Finity. Irish Setter. POST GRADUATE STAKES 1. Webb/Mullins’ Protocols The Midas Touch (imp USA). 13 month old Dobermann, male, super head and expression, good reach of neck set on powerful shoulders, correct bone, nice well padded feet, level top-line, good turn of stifle, easy impressive ground covering gait. 2. Dennison’s Colovaria The Winter Souls (imp ESP). White Swiss Shepherd. Shown in full coat and excellent condition, parallel on the out and back and covers plenty of ground in profile. 3. Bowen-Brooks’ Tenshilling Here I Go Again. Pointer. BRACE 1. Davidson-Posto’s Papillon. 2. Smith’s Whippet. 3. Bowen-Brooks’ Pointer. BEST IN SHOW Barnet/Carter’s Skylax Best Part of Me into Alamiks. Lhasa Apso, extremely well handled and presented, never put a foot wrong, moved with a purposeful ground covering gait, a credit to the breed. RESERVE BEST IN SHOW Forsythe’s Ch. Witchstone Raindance avec Richpin JW. Top quality ETT, again very well handled and presented, good overall proportions, keen alert expression, moved with plenty of reach and drive, absolutely sound, another nice prospect. BEST PUPPY IN SHOW Wayman’s More Than Amazing Wanna Be A Gangster at Spuffing. Spaniel (English Springer). Repeat. RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW Wyer’s Cottivy Coronation Prince. Welsh Corgi (Pembroke), a very attractive young male shown in full coat and excellent condition, good forechest, well angulated throughout and is a nice prospect. BEST VETERAN IN SHOW Greening’s Kanamaren Hold On My Heart. Border Collie. Impressed on the move with plenty of reach and drive and has a very attractive head and good dark eye, hard to believe that this dog is a veteran. RESERVE BEST VETERAN IN SHOW Hamlin’s Rosparquier Small Talk for Devotoblaze ShCM. Boston Terrier. Good head, correct muzzle, good reach of neck, absolutely ideal proportions when viewed from the side, very well handled and presented and will continue to be a credit to the breed. SIMON LUXMOORE