• Show Date: 03/02/2024
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 05/02/2024

Northern Counties Shih Tzu Club


The Northern Counties Shih Tzu Club held two open show in one day at Thorpe Willoughby Village Hall where I was honoured to be asked to judge the afternoon one. Not a large entry but I appreciated everyones’ trust in me in judging their dogs. There was a lovely atmosphere & I really appreciated being looked after by Debbie and John Willett, making my job a pleasure.

My choice for Best in Show was Gordon’s Mapimakastar Goldie Jol Jas at Cavateena. RBIS & BOS went to Fairley’s Ch Senoisi Dressed For It by Fairmere, BPIS was Longstaff’s Shihmali Wild At Heart & BVIS was the dog, Sullivan’s Ch Jacquinta Lets Go Andy.

MPD (1) 1 Longstaff’s Shihmali Wild At Heart, what a cracker, so balanced for age with a head which still needs to finish but shows promise, correct length of nose & turn up & well set & black eyes which enhanced his expression, well set ears with a good length, lovely neck & good shoulders, correct topline & tailset, good body proportions & well coated of the correct texture with enough undercoat. At 9 months just right for age with a good, correct length & width of ribcage, moved so well for one so young with lovely head carriage & well carried tail, I certainly will follow g/w’s progress. PD (1) 1 MacDonald’s Hin Chen’s Just For You at Centastage, well coated g/w youngster of 10 months of a slightly different type, set up looked a picture. Good head & expression with a good eye well set as are his ears, good neck & forequarters, at present topline just slightly up on the move but a well set tail, moved well with good forereach & a strong hindquarters. JD (0). ND (1) 1 S Wild At Heart. GD (3) 1 Fairley & Brown’s Rossvale Wildest Dream, lovely headed gold dog who is quality all through, well coated with the correct texture & undercoat, showed & moved so well, no dash & flash here, just the determined movement with a lovely head carriage & well set & carried tail. Sired by Dressed For It & the same excellent quality, masculine head & expression with the correct nose set & eye & ear placement, all enhancing a true Shih Tzu expression, good depth & width of chest leading to a good loin, lovely hindquarters & well set tail on a correct topline; 2 Provost’s Paliden Magic Star, just over 2 years old & obviously enjoying his day, masculine head & expression, just showing a slight amount of white on his eyes, but a well set nose & ear placement, slightly shorter in ribcage but a good topline & well set tail. Good shoulder placement & he moved well, correct head carriage, put down in lovely coat & condition; 3 Cutts & Smith’s Senousi Dressed Like Him. PGD (2) 1 Cutts & Smith’s Tameron Mr Gold Xcess, liked his masculine head & expression, an impressive g/w dog, there was no mistaking his sex, he is balanced with excellent head carriage both set up & moving, when he settled, he moved so soundly & true holding a good topline & carrying a well set tail. Put down in excellent coat & condition, loved his type & attitude; 2 Provost’s Paliden Shooting Star, not quite the balance of 1, he was lower on the leg & this affected his overall outline, he had a lovely masculine head with a good expression & a well set nose & a good correct stop, good neck & shoulders, moved well with the correct head carriage & tailset, put down in lovely coat & condition. LD (4,1a) 1 Sullivan & Diffey’s Marhilway Driving Edge at Jacquinta, this gold & white dog was sired by the BVIS & the same high quality applies, he is well coated with a good textured coat & just enough undercoat, which was put down so well, moved with style & purpose with a lovely head carriage & a good topline & tailset, excellent head & expression with a lovely eye which melts you when he decides to look at you & dares you to put him down! He is quality & a typical masculine boy with character. RBD; 2 Skawska’s Mapimakastar Jason Mio, he is sire of the BIS, no wonder I was taken with him, good type if slightly higher on the leg but a good ribcage of a good length, moved well when the handler slowed down, they should move with a free easy movement but still covering the ground without being dragged around, if they are moved too fast they tend to throw their legs around but at the right speed it is a picture to behold; 3 Cutts & Smith’s Buttons Dream A Dream. OD (2,1) 1 Fairley’s Ch Senousi Dressed For It by Fairmere, quality g/w dog from the top drawer, at his prime & looking so good both set up & moving, very masculine in outlook, alone but could win anywhere, so we presented in excellent coat & condition, masculine head with lovely dark eyes well set apart with a good stop & well placed nose, excellent neck & shoulders, good ribcage with the correct proportions & a good topline with a well set & carried tail, when he moved he showed a clean pad & a good fore reach, not an overlarge dog but excellent presentation gave him BD, BOS & RBIS. BD (2) 1 M Jason Mio; 2 P Magic Star. VD (1) 1 Sullivan’s Ch Jacquinta Lets Go Andy, young 7 & a half year old! Not looking his age at all, he moved well on good legs & feet, with a good head carriage, strong topline & well set tail, in excellent coat & condition, such a masculine head & expression with a good round eye & a correct stop & nose placement, alone but I am sure can win in any company. BVIS.

MPB (3,1) 1 Sullivan’s Santosha Black Charm at Jacquinta, pretty black bitch who definitely still needs to finish as she is only not quite 9 months old, very feminine in outlook with such a pretty face & expression, good width to head with a good dark eye & well set ears, good stop & mouth, put down in lovely coat & condition, good topline & correctly set & carried tail, moved so soundly & well for one so young, showed like a trooper, quality girl with potential; 2 Thornton’s Norboo Bella Rosa, another youngster of only 8 months who needs the extra time to finish growing & complete the picture, again a feminine head & expression with a good width of head & well set ears, good neck & shoulders, good topline & well set tail, again well coated of a good length & quality, moved well & I am sure these 2 will have some goo tussles over the years. PB (2,1) MacDonald’s Hin Chen’s Jewel In The Crown, another import, again very feminine, no mistaking her sex, she is just 10 months but very forward for age, needs to settle in topline & carry her tail strongly then you have a complete picture, very feminine head & expression with a beautiful eye & expression, good width to head with a good stop, good neck leading to nice shoulders, correct width of ribcage going back to a good loin & correct hindquarters, excellent coat well presented. BPB. JB (1) 1 Gordon’s Mapimakastar Goldie Jol Jas at Cavateena, g/w well coated young bitch who is very feminine in outlook, alone but could win anywhere especially as she progress through the classes, good type who really appealed to me, loved her head & expression, dark round eye showing no white at all, good stop & well turned nose with good width of skull, well placed ears framing her feminine head, good neck & shoulders, put down in excellent coat & condition, moved so well & soundly particularly now her handler has the pace right for her, showing good rear pads going away, good topline & well set tail carried correctly, I never thought that at the end of judging she would be best bitch & BIS, but the more I saw her the more relaxed she got & showed a true Shih Tzu temperament. She is quality & I will follow her progress. BB & BIS. NB (2) 1 M Goldie Jol Jas at C; 2 S Black Charm at J. GB (2) 1 M Goldie Jol Jas at C; 2 Brown Rossvale Dreaming Again, very feminine gold with black mask & tips, she is balanced with such a pretty head & expression, put down in excellent coat & condition, correct topline & tail well set, moved well, this quality bitch really impressed, just preferred 1 on the day for her ring presence. PGB (1,1) LB (1) 1 Skawska’s Mapimakastar Delilah Hugo, typical bitch of a slightly smaller size to lots present today, but very feminine in outlook with a pretty head & expression, good round eyes set well apart with a good stop & upturned nose, well set ears giving the width across needed for the breed, she has good proportions with a nice neck & good topline & tailset, moved & showed well, holding her head & tail correctly on the move which gave her RBB. OB (5,2) 1 Brown’s Ch Rossvale Little Black Dress, again a lovely girl who is not overlarge, this b/w screams breed type from her feminine head & expression with a lovely eye placement framed by a well carried ear which gives the width required by the breed, excellent neck & shoulders, good width & depth of chest, strong correct topline & well set & carried tail, this balanced bitch is quality & deserves her title, in excellent coat & condition, moved so well covering the ground correctly holding her head at the correct height to match her tail, won a good class with ease; 2 Skawska’s Amore Mio Satinel Reheto at Mapimakastar, g/w feminine bitch with enough coat which was well presented, balanced & a nice type with a feminine head & expression, good eyes well placed with a good stop & well placed nose with good width, held her head on the move with a good topline & well muscled hindquarters, her tail carriage was not correct today, I suppose it was two shows in one day she (as others) must have been tired; 3 Skaawsk’s Jolly Oziresun at Mapimakastar. BB (1) M Goldie Jol Jas at C. VB (2,1) 1 Skawska’s Charmant Charlotte Enigmatyczny Zkatek Mapimakastar, interesting bitch to judge, certainly doesn’t look her 8 years, 8 months, she carries her age well, pretty head & expression, put down in excellent coat & condition, this b/w moved well, alone but could get good placings in company.