• Show Date: 04/02/2024
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jan Clark Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 08/02/2024

East Kent Canine Society

East Kent Canine Society – Open Show – 04/02/23

Judge – Jan Clark (Affilato)

I would like to thank the committee of East Kent Canine Society for inviting me to judge at

their Open Show, it was a great honour. The show was very well run, and the committee need to be commended for all their time and effort. All the stewards were extremely helpful and efficient.

A big thank you to all the exhibitors for bringing their lovely dogs and being so patients and supportive.

Chinese Crested

PD/B (3,0) – 1. - MIATORY SPLIT DECISION FOR ZANJERO (IMP DEU), 6mth old male who moved gracefully and easily around the ring with plenty of reach and drive for a youngster. Lovely proportions and angulation front and rear. Dark eyes with chiselling. Correct ear set and scissor bite. BPIB, Group 2

2. – EXOTIC SPIRIT UNDERCOVER OF THE DARKNESS. – 7mth male, another youngster that has a lot to offer, lovely ear set and dark eyes with chiselling - Moved well round the ring with ease, I preferred the reach of my winner.

PGD/B (3,0) – 1. - YNCHREENOO MASQUERADE – 15mth old dog, would like a little less head furnishing to show off his lovely dark eyes and lean cheeks. Correct length in body and tail set with a nice ear set, moved with ease round the ring holding his topline.

2. – DOLLANDAK EZUOJU ZHE – 2-year-old dog, another with good body and tail set, Dark eyes with chiselling, moved ok but lost his topline at times.

OD/B (4,0) – 1. – MICHADAINE CRAZY FOR YOU shCM VW – 9 years old dog, A lot to like about this boy and he was on form strutted round the ring like a 2-year-old and commanding the attention, I liked his balance and overall proportions, strong hindquarters giving him power around the ring. Lovely ear set and lean flat cheeks. – BOB, Group 3

2. –YNCHREENOO KESMADYN SHEE – 2-year-old Bitch, I really liked this girl, she has a lot to offer but was not shown off to her full potential and could do with a little more confidence. She moved well carrying herself with plenty of reach and drive, the sweetest of expressions and well places ears. - RBOB

Jack Russell Terrier

OD/B (1,0) – 1. -RODALE ROCKY ROAD FOR DEWDHALA – 3-year-old dog, this young man is a cheeky chappie with nice overall type and balance, firm topline and good tail set. Keen expressive eyes, correct ears, He stands true on good feet and moved well, would like to see a little more reach. - BOB.

Spaniel (American Cocker)

PD/B (1,0) – 1. -HAPPYSOUL WHAT A FEELING (IMP SWE) – 6mth old bitch at her first show she is a very sweet girl with a lovely head and strong neck, good depth of chest with a strong and slightly sloping topline which she kept on the move, good reach, and drive, she didn’t put a foot wrong. Handled very well. – BPIB, Group 1

PGD/B – (3,2) – 1. -SABISABI APACHE TONKA AT GREENAWEll - 16mth old dog, of good type, nice dark eyes with well angled rear with great drive, showed himself well on the move. Good length of neck would of like a bit more of a slop to his topline. - RBOB

OD/B – (3,1) – 1. -KATRIN KISS IZABELLA (IMP BLR) - 4-year-old bitch, another bitch of good type and good size, good length of neck into well laid shoulders, slightly sloping topline, well angled rear, moved very well with reach and drive which was effortless. BOB

2. –ARROWBIEN IVY QUEEN – 2-year-old bitch of good proportions, flat cheeks with good length of muzzle moved well and kept her topline.

Spaniel (Cocker)

PD/B – (4,1) – YOKOTAI QUEEN OF CHAOS – 10mth old bitch, A lovely young bitch she moved well and covered the ground with ease, nice angulation to the rear, well boned and straight front legs. A very happy girl even after a long day. - BPIB

2. – SABALOO STAR DANCER – 6mth old bitch who also moved very well and had lots to like about her, good angulation front and rear with plenty of bone, I just preferred the movement of my 1st.

PGD/B (6,3) – VILLASPANIOL GOLD FLASH - 3year old dog, the better mover of the class on the day and covered round the ring well, nicely developed forechest with straight legs good depth of chest and cobby in body. Masculine head. - RBOB

2. –GRIFFIAL MAKE IT COUNT – 21mth old bitch, Lovely feminine head with a sweet expression, well sprung ribs and short in couple, moved well just a little flat today.

OD/B – ZAKOVA SUNDANCE KYD AT SABALOO JW – 2-year-old dog, good shape and balance to this boy nice dark eyes with good spring of rib would of likes a cleaner neckline, moved out well and covered the ground with a spring in his step. - BOB

2. – FIN CH TRIPLET QUEEN OF QUEENS (IMP FIN) 5-year-old bitch who I thought was initially going to be my winner, she has a lovely shape in profile and a nice head with expressive eyes. Spring of ribs and good topline, on the day she didn’t have the movement of 1.

Spaniel (English Springer)

PD/B (3,3) – LYMNOARES LADY CLARA DE VERE - 9mth old bitch. This pup has a lot of potential and just needs time, I really liked the overall balance of this pup and would have liked the eyes to be a little darker. Good length of neck and good front assembly Moves with great power reach and drive carrying herself well around the ring. - BPIB

2. – MORE THAN AMAZING WANNABE A GANGSTER AS SPUFFING - 11mth old dog, looking down the line up I did think this boy would be my winner, he is a very eye-catching and a lovely mover. Lovely head and super bone and feet. Just didn’t have the power of 1 on the day.

YD/B (2,1) – DEXBENELLA IT’S ONLY ME -11mth old dog, A promising lad who showed himself off well, he is Balanced and mature for age, masculine head with a good strong neck kept his topline on the move striding with power and ease. – RBOB

LD/B (2,0) – SEASPRING WINDCATCHER AT CHIPEWYAN – 2-year-old bitch of good balance and proportions, on the stack she has a nice outline, Dark eyes, clean through the neck and good spring of rib, moved with ease around the ring keeping her topline. - BOB

2. –PETRANELLA PERFICK BLISS – 3-year-old bitch, another bitch of good balance, strong neck, and spring of rib a sweet expression from her dark eyes. Moved a little close today but still covered the ground.

Spaniel (Sussex)

PGD/B (1,0) – HARASTEORRA BETELGEUSE – 2-year-old dog of good size, good coat colouring and feathering, balanced head, and correct eye colour, he was giving his handler a hard time but did settle.

OD/B (3,0) – DEANWAY PROPER CHARLIE – 4-year-old dog, this bitch does not show her age and in good condition, lovely coat, and expression, pleasing head with good length of body. Moved with confidence holding her topline. BOB

2. – EALD TEN BEARS – 15mth old dog - Carried himself well on the move, would of like a little more roll and a wider skull, soft expression, and good body length – RBOB.

Bracco Italiano

PD/B (1,0) – PARIS MON TRESORE D’AMOURE (IMP POL) – 10mth old bitch, a feminine chestnut and white girl with a lovely soft expression, I would have liked a little more bone, almost square in outline with a good scissor bite keeping her topline on the move handled well. – BPIB

YD/B (1,0) – VALCOR KILLER QUEEN – 17mth old bitch, very nice head with divergent head planes, she covers the ground well with plenty of reach and drive as you would expect in this breed. Good spring of rib and almost square in outline, with nice tight feet, maturing nicely. – RBOB


2. – TYRBECHGYN BELIEVE YOU CAN AT CANMAMANS – 6-year-old bitch, who has the best of soft expression, nice head planes with a strong neck, moved well with some nice drive from the rear.

OD/B (2,0) - CANEMAMANS PRIMO AL FINE JW – 2-year-old dog, Masculine boy. I love the bone on this boy and has excellent substance. Bone is something that the breed is losing but he brings it a plenty. A little fond of his tail on the move but still powered around the ring freely holding his topline. Well-muscled and lovely expression. - BOB & Group 4

2. – BUSHWACKER DANGEROUS DAVE AT CANEMAMANS JW – 2-year-old dog, as with one this boy was not short on bone and I preferred him in profile to one, he has a lot of good qualities to offer though he is narrow, Masculine head with good expression. Not his normal handler which showed in his movement.

German Shorthaired Pointer

LD/B (3,1) – GRAYGEES TSARINE – 3-year-old bitch who outline I liked in profile, she hits a lot of the breed standard but would have liked more reach and drive in her movement, she was well muscled in her hindquarters and of good bone, tight lipped and correct ear carriage. - RBOB

2. – AGDENUSHER MULBERRY - 21mth old dog, he is a little on the larger side and I would have liked more forechest, he did move out soundly. His head is of good proportions.

OD/B - CH QUINTANA DIAMOND DUST AT FAIARSBELLE JW ShCEx OSW - What a top-quality dog he is. Impressive outline in profile, my notes say wow what a boy! The minute he walks into the ring he commands your attention, he has the best of heads, straight well boned legs. Clean neck leading to correct construction. Well-muscled hindquarters and good width of second thigh. Moves with ease and covering the ground very well. BOB, Group 1, and BIS.

Italian Spinone

PD/B (1,1) DEWDHALA SEMPRE AGNESE – 8mth old bitch - A lovely w/o girl of good substance, soft expression and strong oval bone, and deep chest, she has a lovely outline when standing still. For her age she has good front and rear assembly that is well angled, Moved well for a youngster. BPIB, Group 3

PGD/B (3,2) – BESSALONE RAINBOW DROPS – 22mth old bitch, A sweet girl who just needs maturity, would of liked a little less weight on her, deep chest reaching the elbow, and good front angulation. moved ok

OD/B (3,1) – LUCORU SUMMER BREEZE - 5-year-old bitch with a lovely feminine head with soft expression, correct scissor bite, she has good balance, with good angulation and a pronounced sternum, well ribbed with a good topline, her coat is of the correct shade of brown with a course texture, moved well. – BOB, Group 4



I want to apologise to the exhibitors for the lady who saw it fit to display her dog round the ring after she became scared of a hat, this took place whist I was judging the finale line up. This is not a behaviour that is acceptable.

PD/B (3,0) – COROTINE PRINCE CHARMING – 8mth old dog. He is on the larger side which showed in this class. He moved very well around the ring and why he won the class, strong tight feet, his eye colour blended well with his colouring with a kind expression. - BPIB

2. – ALOZIA ZEPHRYNE – 7mth old bitch, of good size, she didn’t move as well Would have liked more ground covered. Nice straight legs set on lovely feet. strong neck, ears laying close to the head.

YD/B (8,1) – CLAMERKIN JUBILEE SURPRISE AT HOOKWOOD – 20mth old bitch, this girl really covered the ground on the move, like liked her balance and angulation and has good bone and feet. Slight dish face with kind expression. - BOB

2.- ALCAZAR EXCALIBUR - Almost 2-year-old dog, masculine well-proportioned head, good length of neck leading into well-placed shoulders, would like a stronger topline. Once settled he moved well.

LD/B (9,1) – DROVEBOROUGH’S ENID BLYTON – 4-year-old bitch, really liked the movement of this bitch, she covered so much ground with ease and why she won the class, Nice feminine head with good eye colouring and dark rims, strong jaw with correct scissor bite, spring of rib and a good slopping topline. -

2.- DROVEBOROUGH’S MOCHA MAYHEM –3-year-old bitch. A lot to like about this bitch, she has good balance, pleasing head with the correct eye colour with a strong topline, moved well but her half sister tipped her at the post.

OD/B (9,0) - HOOKWOOD STARMAN JW – 2-year-old dog an impressive male, with a masculine head, long muscular neck, super front and well ribbed and body, ear set high and close to the head moved with a good easy action that covered the ground with power - RBOB.



PD/B (2,0) – TOLLISTY RAUDR - 10mth old dog, head is well balanced showing a good shape. Nicely placed ears. He has a lovely coat of a good length for his age. Nice outline when stood showing his angulation and balance Moved very freely with ease for a young dog. - BPIB

2. – TOLLISTY SHINCHA – 10mth old bitch who is litter sister to 1 who has a typical head and ears I liked her expression and the richness of her colour. Good front and rear construction with plenty of depth of chest. I preferred the movement of 1.

PGD/B (5,3) – TOLLISTY YOU CAN’T DECLINE - 2-year-old dog. Really nice head and ear set on this boy, nice spring in his step on the move with reach and drive, coat isn’t quite there yet but will come as her matures. Good muscle in the hindquarters with a short back and sprung ribs. - RBOB

2. – TOLLISTY OUT TO GET YOU JW - 2-year-old dog. Litter brother to 1 and you can see they are quite similar in structure. Good chest depth with sprung ribs tight feet. Well-muscled, moved well with drive I just preferred head of 1.

LD/B (3,0) – TOLLISTY MOET EN CHANDON JW – 2-year-old dog, another litter brother to my previous class. A lovely expressive head, Well laid back shoulder and has good boned front legs. Balanced in profile with a deep chest and sprung ribs, excellent springy movement which showed power. – BOB

2.- ShCH TOLLELKIN CAIFE GAELACH AT TOLLISTY – 4-year-old bitch, who caught my eye as she stood in profile, she just didn’t have the movement of 1 on the day. Excellent front with a strong neck, of good bone and substance, nice expression with well-placed ears - moved well.