• Show Date: 17/03/2024
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jamie Smith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 19/03/2024

Retford Canine Society

Staffordshire bull terrier critique. Judge:- Mr Jamie F .Smith (Troystaff) Retford Canine Society Open Show 17/03/24 I would like to thank the officers and committee of the Retford Canine Society for their kind invitation to judge their premier open show. Thanks also to my stewards for the day. I was honoured to have an amazing entry, so thank you all and everyone for letting me assess your dogs. Always remember, whatever happens in the ring, you always take the best dog home. I found 1 partially inverted lower canine and 1 with outer lower incisors that were incorrect. 1 short sternum was evident.2 overly long tails were present. Shoulder layback was good in general. Pigmentation was very good throughout as was general coats and condition of dogs. Puppy (6) 1st. Hammond’s. Hammystaff Hot Love. Red/White bitch. 8 months very attractive standard sized bitch. Very clean throughout. Good bite. Eyes dark and correctly set. Defined stop. Rose ears. Nice expression. Strong neck. Straight front showing good bone. Nice depth of brisket. Level topline. Short cast and coupled. Short close coat. Defined tuck up. Good angulation of stifle with nice low hocks. Correct pump handle tail. Moved and handled well. Best puppy. 2nd. Hart and Halifax’s. Jackstaff Made a Boy for Albermarbull. Skewbald dog. 9 months top sized dog. Also very clean throughout. A sound dog in general showing strengths in many departments. Lovely expression. Handled well. 3rd. Haworth’s. Rosie Bluebell at Aixit. Reserve. Hudson’s. Fairlenium’s Cloak N Dagger. Vhc. Shepherd’s. Harvlivstaff Captain Coady. Junior (6-2a) 1st Johnson’s. Tillcarr Fire Soldier JW. 13 months b/br dog of immense quality. Stunning young dog who fits the standard in every way. Correct bite housed in the best of heads, showing great strength in underjaw. Eyes set well with a dark round eye giving a very pleasing expression. Defined stop and strong muzzle. Muscle outline to head defined, cheeks well pronounced. Strong neck with good shoulder layback. Straight front and good bone. The best of fronts . Well padded feet and short jet black nails. Up on pasterns. Level topline with correct casting and coupling. Correct tail set. Nice underline from brisket to withers. Well muscled rear quarters. Great angulation to stifles with low hocks. Pump tail of correct length .A dog of great balance. Perfect blend of bull and terrier. Moved and handled well. When fully mature I have no doubt this dog will trouble the very best, and is destined for top honours. Best of Breed. 2nd. Marachowska and Marachowski’s. Passernomen Jubaris. B/Br/white blaze Bitch. 15 ½ months. Clean throughout, Dark eyes, nice expression, rose ears, nice coat and condition. Handled well. 3rd. Metcalf’s. Alport Countin’ Starz with Darkridge. Reserve. Haworth’s. Fairlenium’s Moon Knight. Post Graduate. (6-1a) 1st. Hudson’s. Fairlenium Iron King at Canisstaff. Brindle/Pied dog of quality. Another standard sized Stafford oozing with great attributes. Correct bite, the most punishing of heads showing great strength. Loved his expression. Tight lips over good underjaw. Defined stop. Rose ears which were thin and of perfect size. The strongest of necks leading to good shoulder placement. Level topline. Beautiful coat being short and gleaming. Close cast/coupled. Nice tuck up. Strong hind quarters with pump handle tail of correct length. The best moving dog of the day maintaining a nice gait, level topline and low tail carriage on the move completing the picture. Handled well. Was very happy to award him Reserve best of breed. 2nd. Woolley and Johnson’s. Bethaleese’s Carbon Copy. Red bitch with dark mask. Standard sized bitch being clean throughout, no exaggerations . Nice expression. Good condition with nice close coat. Moved and handled well. 3rd. Fairhurst’s. Kings of Odin Queen of Darkness. Reserve. Marachowska and Marachowski’s. Passernomen Jucuntius Joco. Vhc. Nolan’s. Kentstars Narcissa. Open (6-2a) 1st. Preston’s. Tillcarr Fire Starter JW. B/Br Dog. Nice expression with dark eyes. Clean in muzzle covering a correct bite. Strong head with rose ears. Short strong neck. Superb front with strong pasterns and tight feet. Level topline. Short coupled with tuck up. Lovely coat and condition. A sound dog that was moved and handled well. 2nd. Cooper and Lyn’s. Fairlenium’s Bat out of Hell. Brindle dog with white neck/chest. Nice shaped head. Good pigmentation. Correct bite. Strong short neck. Wide front. Nice coat and condition. 3rd.Fairhurst’s Fairlenium’s Iron Man. Reserve. Marachowska and Marachowski’. Passernomen Jocundo. Jamie F.Smith (Judge)