• Show Date: 17/03/2024
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gavin Robertson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 17/03/2024

Retford Canine Society

Italian Spinone Puppy 1)MCGEGOR- FUDUCIA CHAMLANG Balanced quality young bitch, defined occiput, divergent head planes with good lengths of ears, straight forelegs with compact feet, has depth in chest, square in outline,sound mover, moderate rear,still to mature but has nice breed type. RBOB and BP 2)COLDWELL- LUCORU PERPETUAL SPRING Another with correct shape and good substance throughout,slightly rounded in skull compared to 1, has depth of muzzle, ok occiput, gentle topline, not quite as settled as 1 but has good promise, harsh jacket, tail is thick with correct carriage. Junior 1)BARRET- ARBORETA ARIANA Pleasing head with equal proportions, skull a little flat, has strength in muzzle,strong bone, straight forelegs, typical topline, ideally like her shorter in loin, moderate the rear, uses herself well on the move with good reach, PG 1)TURNER- ILSOLO WORK FROM HOME typey well proportioned bitch, kind expression, feminine head piece, lean skull with divergent head planes, moderate neck,strong bone with good feet, well sprung ribs, square in outline, could be harsher in leg coat, a little close in rear but liked her type, free profile mover. 2)BOVIO- ILSOLO RIVER ISLAND Stronger built than 1, balanced head proportions but a little broad in skull, muscular neck, deep chest with well sprung ribs, excellent harsh short jacket, moderate rear , moves well holding topline, different type to 1 Open 1)MCGEGOR- DIGGMERE GIGNESE Nice honest quality bitch with good type to her, medium build, detailed feminine head with prominent occiput, ears well placed, lean skull, correct bone for size, well sprung ribs, short loin, steady topline,broad croup, easy gait to her with good footfall, shown in harsh coat and good muscletone. BOB FCR Puppy 1)RICHARDS-KIMBERFIELD IN LOVE AGAIN Very nice puppy, clean moulded head piece, slight stop, dark eyes, close fitting ears, clean neck with level topline, ribs of fair length, angular rear, full of life on the move, short tail,once settled moves soundly with lots to like. Junior 1)WILD- KVICKSANS THE MASTER PIPER AT BLUEWATERS Lovely dog with super balance and proportions, masculine but not overdone head piece, well set,neck, has good fill in front with a level back and well angled rear, super profile movement covering the ground, tail could be carried little lower but he is lively, overall a nice typey dog 2)LEWIN- VYNESBROKKK ULTIMATE CHOICE Lots of good attributes on this young raw junior bitch,feminine head of good length, lovely eye and expression, well made front with straight forelegs , round arched feet, holds her topline, like 1 uses herself well on the move with good foot placement, not as mature as 1 but 2 nice youngsters. PG 1)WILD- BITCON ALLIANCE WITH BLUEWATERS Well proportioned dog, good for size and balance, expressive eye, balanced head piece, free from coarseness, ears set close, clean outline with deep chest,well ribbed,strong hindquarters with low set hocks holds backline at all times, steady mover with correct tail carriage,nice type. BOB 2)MCQUADE- GEMSWIN RIVER OF DREAMS Feminine bitch, lovely clean head piece, has good forechest with straight forelegs and correct length of leg, ribs of good length. Level topline with moderate rear, steady mover. Golden retriever Puppy 1)FALCONER- CHEEK TO CHEEK UNBRIDLED DREAMS FOR SIATHAM Mixed class of shapes, winner is has a lovely feminine head, equal head proportions with dark eyes, strong neck, well made front with neat feet, ribs extend well back, angular rear, still to come up on leg a little but overall a nice balanced puppy 2)KING- BOURNELLAS SHINIBG BRIGHT RAVENGLADE Lovely head and expression, good length of leg, neck of fair length with a level topline, short coupled,low set hocks, uses her rear well in profile. Just needs to settle in front, 2 nice pups of diff type. Junior 1)DAVIS- LYNSTE MIDAS TOUCH Detailed head with good balance of skull and muzzle, correct proportions with good leg length , still needs to fill out in front and drop in chest, level topline, moderate rear with correct length of tail. Has good foot placement 2)TAGGART- ALTINDAN USER FREINDLY A well made bitch with strength and substance to her, lovely head and expression, dark eyes, clean strong neck with a well made front, prefer more leg length, level back, angular rear, tail could be shorter, different type to 1. PG 1)STANIFIELD- ROXALI CLOUDSONG Feminine head, dark eyes, ears set level with eye, kind expression, really nice to go over with a good front, has fill in front with a level back, strong loin and balanced rear, super topline, free easy mover, lovely balance to her. 2)PHIPPS/BAKER- MADDOUSE MUST BE TROUBLE Broad skull, equal head proportions but could have a little more strength in muzzle, good neck, broad chest, ribs extend well back, has width in rear quarters, once settled moves well, needs to strengthen in hock, in lovely coat and muscular condition Open 1)DAVIS- LYNSTE KINDRED SPIRIT Lovely class, winner is so balanced with good proportions to her, clean unexaggerated outline. Well constructed throughout. Dark eyes, kind expression, compact feet, really easy free flowing movement with a good stride holding her topline at all times, nice type.BOB 2)FALCONER- SONIEVE SIMPLY SPECIAL FOR SIATHAM feminine detailed head with dark eyes and lovely expression,like 1 is well made with big ribs and muscled loin, good bone, has width in hindquarters, smaller frame than 1, super condition, just preferred leg length on 1. Positive mover Boston terrier Junior 1)GUNTHER- MARANNS INDIANA AT CHRISSIGUNS Square in outline, detailed head , defined stop,small erect ears with flat skull, dark eyes, correct topline and tailset,short back, good for size, once settled moved well. 2)WARD/HALE- FRENBOSEN LET IT BE Larger framed male, masculine head but not overdone, prefer darker eye and smaller ear, square skull, flat cheeks, strong arched neck,very good straight forelegs, good ribs, ideally like him shorter in loin, level topline, positive mover Open 1)MONK- OLEARIA OVER THE RAINBOW Difficult class to judge as 3 good examples, small ears, flat square skull, good open nostrils, compact shape to her, deep chest with slight tuck up very balanced throughout, holds her shape on move, nice type, preferred body over 1 but liked head more on 2. 2)CONWAY/CHAPMAN- CH NORCAIRN YEARS N YEARS feminine bitch with good leg length, feminine detailed head piece, has width of jaw, flat cheeks, ears set well, prefer better feet, deep chest with level topline and slightly rounded rump, moderate rear, fraction longer cast than 1 French bulldogs Puppy 1)CONWAY/CHAPMAN- KHANIN DARK N DELICIUOS FOR NORCAIN Sturdy balanced youngster, square well proportioned head, good width in muzzle, dark eyes, ears set well apart, muscular arched neck, good front and feet, deep chest,cobby body, moderate topline with rounded rump, very collected and good type. BOB. Junior 1)HOPPER- BESTFRENCHIE STACY AT BRYNFAW Brindle bitch, flat skull, bat like ears,prefer more width in muzzle, big ribs with deep chest, prefer better feet, positive mover with correct topline, strong loin,prefer more width in 2nd thigh PG 1)MARSHALL- ARDHUB DANCING DEVIL AT JOJARU Well made balanced fawn dog, moderate throughout, open nostrils, masculine head with good width in muzzle, eyes set well apart, strong neck, compact feet, well sprung ribs,strong muscled rear, sound from all angles with free flowing movement. 2)GOUGH- KATAKIA VALERIES BEAUTY Longer cast than 1, broad skull, ears well set,a little down in pastern, prefer neater elbows, deep chest, not as balanced as 1, well muscled with good skin and coat. Cavalier King Charles Puppy 1)MACKENZIE- CARASAN HOT AN TASTY Nice class of pups. Winner is very balanced, lovely head and expression with flat skull, ears high set,good fill under eyes, well made front, very balanced with good proportions, short coupled, free sound mover, low set hocks, lovely coat and condition, nice type, BP and BOB. 2)WALKER- CARASAN RICHIE RICH Another well made youngster, round dark eyes, good skull,still to develop in muzzle,excellent proportions, lovely profile movement holding his topline and tailset, super temprement, just needs to settle in front, PG 1)WALKER- CARASAN RED REBELLION Ruby dog, balanced throughout, lovely head,eye and expression, good cushioning under eye, could have a little more neck, deep chest, long ribs with firm topline and angular rear, good for size, not as confident as would like but did enough, good type 2)DANKS- LEEABBIE TOODIES DELIGHT B/t 5yr bitch, dark expressive eyes, well made front, ok ribs, moderate rear, a little high in rear which loses her outline on the move. Silky coat and profuse coat which spoils her shape. Open 1)HOBBS- BEACONSFYLDE CATHC THE KISS 10yrs and doesn’t even look 5, super condition, pleasing head, has width in skull, ears high set, dark eyes, moderate neck, well proportioned body with a level topline, free mover in profile holding his shape, rear could be a little stronger for ideal but credit to owner at this age in his condition Min Pin Junior 1)HEWITT- ADURUS SUNDANCE KID FOR CATAMYRANN Smart elegant red youngster, level head planes, flat skull, dark slightly oval eyes, small erect ears, square in outline with good proportions,arched neck with straight forelegs, developed ribs,correct slight slope to topline with high set tail. Holds shape on the move with good foot placement and slight Hackney in front, typey dog. BOB PG 1) Junior winner 2)BILLINGHAM-AQUEPINS PHTYNE FISHER Well proportioned b/t with good leng length,equal head proportions but ideally like more strength in muzzle, ears could be smaller, eyes a little full, correct topline, neat feet,high set tail, preferred movement on 1. Open 1)BILLINGHAM- AQUEPINS JESSICA FLETCHER Typey b/t bitch, has length of skull,level head planes, long arched neck, straight forelegs, little long in loin, high set tail, angular rear with low set hocks, holds her topline 2)HEWITT- ADURUS HIGHFLYER FOR CATAMYRANN Slightly heavier set male, equal head proportions, ears could be more erect, strong neck, well developed ribs, prefer more leg length, muscled loin, outgoing temperament , preferred type on 1