• Show Date: 08/06/2024
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gavin Robertson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/06/2024

Newmarket & District Canine Society

NEWMARKET DAY 1 Beardie Y 1)BROWN-HIGHGLADE REASON TO BELIEVE Masculine built dog, well proportioned head with dark oval eyes, strong neck, well made front, straight forlegs with good bone, up to size,level back, could be shorter in loin, good profile movement 2)NEWSON- BEARDORA DOOFUS DUO Nicely balanced proportioned bitch, eye a little light, needs more strength of muzzle, good front, still to drop in chest, holds her shape on the move and once settled has nice carriage PG 1)BEVIS/NEWSON- BEABEARDIES TREACLE TOFFEE AT BEARDORA Equal head proportions, eye could be darker, well made front, level back slight drop off in croup and prefer better tail a carriage. Big ribs with muscled long, in between coats atm Open 1)SALMON- POTTERDALE HERITAGE Quality dog, super balance, has strength without being overdone.broad skull, moderate stop, eyes large and set well apart . Well made front with some fill in chest, super topline, well sprung ribs, moderate rear with low set hocks, very sound, in lovely coat and condition. Free mover, nice type. BOB Smooth collie SY 1)SEWELL- WTNELE STRIKE IT RICH TO LEWARNE Masculine headed dog, oblique set dark eyes, ears set well,apart , good forechest, straight forlegs, compact feet a little heavy in body, ribs of fair length, strong rear which he uses well, could be a little firmer in topline, standing he is a nice shape. Open 1)GLOVER- STORMSETT SERENDIPITY 7yr old feminine bitch, very balanced with a clean moderate outline, super head eye and expression, parallel head planes,arched neck, correct proportions with a level topline, easy sound mover, lovely type, correct size and in good condition.BOB Finnish laphund Junior 1)WALLIS BAGA- VELROK ESTE ELLERINA Wedge shaped skull, neat erect ears, dark oval eyes, she has good depth to her chest, moderate neck, correct shape with high set tail, well bent stifle, prefer stronger hocks on the move, could use her tail a bit better on the move. 2)WALLIS BAGA- VELROK ARAGORNARTH AT DEHEUBARTH Littermate to 1 and giving her handler a hard time, pleasing head with erect eras, moderate bone, still has to develop in body and chest, level topline with slightly sloping croup, doesn’t carry his tail high enough. Needs time PG 1)JUNIOR WINNER 2)BIRKS- PAVOSKAS GALENA Well proportioned bitch, wedge shaped skulll,slightly rounded , prefer smaller ears but set well apart, clean neck, needs to fill out in body, level back, angular rear, left her coat at home today. Tail a little flat on back. GSD PG 1)STEVENS- WINDGUNNS CHAOS TO ASHVENS Very clean not overdone outline to this masculine dog, erect high set ears, clean cut head with some width between ear, strong neck. Deep chest, ribs well developed, gentle topline, free mover with good reach in front, correct proportions, firm condition, nice type. O 1)STEVENS- WINDGUNNS BLAZE TO AHSVENS Pleasing head, not overdone , high set ears, could have a little more length of leg, ok feet but prefer more strength in pastern, deep chest, nice ribs, holds his topline at all times, prefer stronger hocks. 2) SMITH- POTNALL ELRICK ZU SAROCAL Masculine headed dog, broad skull, a little thick in neck, good leg length with strong bone.ribs of fair length. Muscled loin, not at strong in rear as ideal, different type to 1. L/Heeler Puppy 1)CUTLER- LANKEELA JACK DANIELS Well proportioned youngster, balanced skull, moderate stop, dark almond shaped eyes, deep chest, rich in tan, a little wide in front. Moderate rear with high set tail, could have a firmer topline Limit 1)CUTLER- LANKEELA FROSTY KNICKERS Typey feminine bitch, wedge shaped head, flat skull, dark expressive eyes, level head planes,moderate throughout, neat feet,clean neck and backline, level topline with high set tail ,strong rear, brisk mover, nice type. Open 1)CUTLER- TROGWOOD RIO ROUND LANKEELA 7yr and very outgoing, her head is balanced, has some strength of underjaw, good bone, a little out in front, well developed ribs, high set tail, prefer lower set hocks.just looses her shape on the move. OES Junior 1)LEGGETT- MELLOWDEE SAPHIRE MOON AVEC MELDALE Balanced head piece, has correct width in skull, defined stop, moderate arched neck with front nicely under body, well sprung ribs, good proportions, topline nicely rises over loin. As texture to her coat already,sound mover, nice type, Open 1)PULLEN- MEADOWBEARS MASTER OF MUSIC Strong built masculine dog, could be little shorter in foreface, has broad skull with defined stop, good bone. Deep,chest, correct detailed topline, low set hocks, free mover in profile, could be a little shorter in back, lovely harsh textured coat 2)LEGGETT- MELDALE DIAMOND MOON Balanced head piece, dark eyes, has width in chest, moderate neck,, well developed ribs, loin could be shorter, slight rise over loin, preferred rear on 1. Samoyed Open 1)HURRELL= NIKARA I HAVE A DREAM High set thick ears, dark almond shaped eyes , strong muzzle, moderate strong neck, prefer front set further back into his frame, good ribs, level back with high set tail. Low hocks, uses his rear well on the move, profuse coat. Cardigan corgi Yearling 1)DOWN- ELESSAR BLUE DIAMOND Very nice shape with a clean outline, flat wide skull, large ears set well apart, good bone, excellent feet, well made front, holds her topline,tight feet, good width in stifle,free mover with some reach in front. Pembroke corgi Puppy 1)SMITH- ROSEBUD IN BLOOM Well set ears, needs to develop in skull, moderate stop,prefer darker eye, compact feet firm topline with good length of rib, moderate rear angulation with strength in hock. Steady mover. Just needs time to mature Yearling 1)DOWN- ELESARR ROYAL DESIGN Lovely proportioned bitch, excellent front with legs well under body, good length of neck, has some forechest, super topline with good ribs and muscled loin, out of coat but lots to like, positive free mover.nice type Open 1)DOWN- ELESARR ROYAL SALUTE Masculine headed dog, ears well set, eyes could be darker. Has strength in muzzle, good fill in front, deep chest, prefer longer ribbing and shorter loin, correct bone, hocks a little high set. Good muslcetone Bullmastiff PG 1)SMITH- LUNA DAY DREAM Brindle bitch, square in outline. Balanced head piece with good proportions, ears set high and wide, broad skull, prefer more width in chest, good ribs, short loin, tail a little short but it’s strong, prefer more rear angulation compact arched feet. 2)EAGLE- SUENOMIA LAS VEGAS Has width in skull, a little long in foreface, moderate wrinkle,,Solid bone and body, longer cast than 1, good bone chest and ribs, prefer short loin, on the move she uses her front well, level back, moderate rear, tail a bit short Open 1)THOMAS- PHORIA’S SEVENTH HEAVEN Masculine headed male of good proportions, good width and depth of muzzle, broad skull. Dark eyes, muscular arched neck, good bone and feet, compact body with well sprung ribs,muscled loin, powerful mover, could be neater in elbow on the move. Well muscled , tail of correct length. BOB Bracco. PG 1)SLADDEN- BUSHWACKER DANGEROUS DAVE AT CANEMAMANS Square in outline, equal head proportions, ears low set, good neck, has fill in front with deep chest, legs well under body, good reach and drive Open 1)SLADDEN- SH CH VALCOR THE CONFESSOR AT CANEMAMANS Excellent typey strong dog, well made throughout, masculine head, lean skull, has depth to his muzzle, strong neck, excellent bone, elastic gait with super reach and drive .lovely condition, lots to like, nice type. 2)SLADDEN/FORBES- CANEMAMANS PRIMO AL FINE Liked his head piece, slight stop, lean skull, moderate neck, prefer better lay of shoulder , ribs of fair length,good proportions prefer more fill in front, has width in rear quarters, drops off in croup a bit too much. GSP Junior 1)WILSON- SEASHAM HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE Very balanced feminine bitch, clean cut head with a good outline, compact body, compact feet, well developed ribs, , good croup and tail,low set hocks, has width in rear,very free mover, nice type. 2)ASPINALL- VALGAR THOMASINA Taller and stronger bitch than1, slightly rounded broad skull ears set high, strong neck, straight forelegs, level topline, not totally settled, needs time to mature, preferred the balance of 1. H Vizlsa. PG 1)ST ROMAINE- NEMZET KINCSE TRUE SAVANNNAH FOR SZENTROMAI Feminine head with correct proportions, moderate bone and substance, straight forelegs. Firm topline, has depth to her chest, slightly rounded croup with good tail carriage, holds her shape on the move. 2)JOYCE- ZUZU PETALS BY RANCHSTAR Taller stationed bitch than1. Oval eyes, flat skull. Prefer shorter foreface. Good neck, needs neater elbows, ok ribbing, good coat and skin. Prferred balance and movement on 1 Open 1)JOYCE-RANCHSTARR VYVYAN Medium sized well proportioned dog, pleasing head but could have more strength in muzzle, strong neck, prefer more fill in front and neater elbows. Firm topline. Well angled rear, good muslcetone, a little too steep in croup. AV PUPPY STAKES 1)CORKELL- CARLYQUINN WINTER STORM, ESS She is a quality youngster, feminine typey head, so well balanced and has good construction to her, I recently gave her the CC and it was nice to see her and appreciate her again 2)CAMERON- SUTARKA’S FOOL ME ONCE, S/HUSKY A very collected puppy, neat high set ears, has good proportions to her with a level topline and moderate angles, excellent feet, really holds his shape on the move. AV OPEN STAKES 1)SIMMS-ARTICSKIES THE CHOSEN ONE, S/HUSKY Balanced well made dog, maaculine head with equal head proportions, ears could be a little neater, straight forelegs, firm topline with well bent stifles and low set hocks,quick light movement 2)TURNER- OAKMARSH HUNTING MELODY, CURLY COAT Strong dog with a clean neck and backline, wedge shaped skull, good bone, chest and ribbing, muscles loin, tight feet,good proportions, holds his shape in profile moving. AV CH STAKES 1)SLADDEN- SH CH VALCOR THE CONFESSOR AT CANEMAMANS, BRACCO 2)WILLIAMS/NEWTON/SLACK- CH RARJO QUICKSILVER, PWD Masculine dog with good strength to him, large skull with defines stop, correct neck length, good bone with a well made front, well sprung ribs, good tail. Sound mover, nice type AV GOOD CITIZEN 1)HEPBURN- TATTERSETT RAINBOW LEGACY, E/SETTER Very honest well made masaculine dog, clean oval skull,arched neck, level short back with well sprung ribs, correct tailset and not too long, liked his free sound action on the move, nice tpye. 2) SIMMONS-CH CHEPAM WORONORA, BOUVIER A well made veteran bitch,flat skull with shallow stop, high set ears,, well muscles neck, solid bone, straight forelegs with compact feet, big ribs, level backline, thick coarse coat texture, moderate rear, steady mover AV VETERAN 1)BENTON- OAKESTELLE ARTEMIS- SMOOTH COLLIE 2)SIMMS- NL CH SNOWMISTS ISAAC AT ARTICSKIES, S/HUSKY Balanced skull, neat ears, good for bone, a little heavy in body but he holds his outline with a firm topline and angular rear, shown in nice condition