• Show Date: 31/03/2024
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Chanel Taylor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 01/04/2024

Blackpool & Fylde Toy Dog Society

Firstly I'd like to thank the officers & committee for inviting me to judge at your lovely well run show, and my fabulous steward who kept the ring running smoothly, last but not least I'd like to thank the exhibitors for your entries which filled my classes with so much quality.


PUPPY 2,(1).

1st - Holland-Smith, KIRDANCHI LE BALLET GISELLE. Compact & pretty 9 month old bitch, this little girl is a picture of cuteness with beautiful big melting eyes, lovely well set ears, a moderately short muzzle with lovely dentition, underneath her very fluffy coat she has a well angulation front & rear, a lovely slightly arched neck leading to a level topline, she carries her tail proudly over her back which is full & furry. A very happy little girl who clearly enjoys showing. BPIB.


1st - Holland-Smith, TORRE DEL PILAR BESO BESO FOR KIRDANCHI (Imp ESP). 11 month old sable bitch with a nice head & ears with good dentition, straight legs coming & going neither close nor wide, holds her level topline & tail when on the move & standing. 


1st - Obringer, LEMARITZ BEWITCHED AT CHIAFFIE. Petite & compact 4 year old bitch with a sweet head, beautiful big eyes, correct muzzle with good dentition, lovely topline, small tight feet, & her overall shape creates a pretty pictue with her tail carried up & wagging to match her happy temperament.


1st - Rushton & Chang, YENSHA'S RENEGADE. 13 month old dog with substance, nice head not overdone with good ears that he used well, moderately short muzzle with excellent dentition, good topline & tail which was full & carried proudly, straight moving & excellent angles which won him the class.

2nd - Wills, DORENTYS CHUCKLEBERRY FIN. Very pretty 2 year old cream & white dog, a dainty boy with beautiful big round eyes, excellent ears, nice length of neck & up on his legs with nice tight feet, sickle tail carried well, a happy little boy who's a little out of coat today.

LIMIT 3,(1).

1st - Obringer, CHIHOHIT FAVORITE NONPAREIL CHARM CHIAFFIE. A lovely well made 2 year old pretty cream bitch of a nice quality, lovely head which wasn't overdone, moderately short muzzle with lovely dentition, beautiful eyes & large well placed ears, lovely topline which she kept level on the move, straight moving with a good overall shape, sickle tail carried well, sadly a bit out of coat today which would have iced the cake. RBOB.

2nd - Smith, ZENA WARRIOR PRINCESS OF HULAWAWAS, 9 year old bitch of a bit more substance, she has a nice head & ears that she used well, good depth to chest with her legs set well under, excellent reach on the move with her tail carried up & over her back, still happy to show herself off and enjoying her day.


1st - Fothergill, I'M A DREAM ADELINE IS MY NAME (Imp ITA). Impressive & well constructed nearly 2 year old bitch, lovely head, large flaring ears, big round dark eyes, moderately short muzzle with dark pigmentation,  excellent dentition, wide open nostrils. On the move she finishes the picture with her slightly arched neck leading down to her fabulous topline & carrying her sickle tail high up & over her back, she has lovely reach from the front which is driven from the rear, just enough coat with furnishings coming along nicely, BOB, and pleased to hear she went on to get BIS4 in a large group.

2nd - Holland-Smith,  OOZORA QUEEN OF MYSTERY JW. Very pretty compact 4 year old classy bitch, very breedy head & expression with excellent large flaring ears perfectly placed & well used, moderately short muzzle with good dentition, correct level topline held well on the move, moves well with purpose carrying her tail up & over her back, very sweet girl who i liked a lot.



1st - Stading, STADMEYER JESSLYN. Beautiful 11 month old blue fawn bitch, great head with a moderately short muzzle & excellent dentition & large eyes. Lovely level topline leading to a well set & carried tail, lovely angles front & rear with free flowing movement.

2nd - Rooney, YORONE MAKE MY DAY. Very nice 10 month old dog, lovely head with excellent large ears, correct muzzle gently tapering & housing lovely dentition, well arched neck, level topline & a well set tail carried high & over, nice angles front & rear and up on his legs.


1st - Rooney, YORONE TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME. This 10 month old dog has had me intrigued from the ringside so it was a pleasure to go over him. This boy switches between baby to showman & this is what impressed me. When he pulls himself up he has the most remarkable shape, he has a lovely head thats not overdone, huge ears, inquisitive eyes, a lovely muzzle & dentition to go with it, he has a gently arched neck leading down to a well defined shawl that rests upon well laid shoulders, a nice level topline with a good length to his tail that he carries high & over his back, his straight front legs are placed well under him with strong rear angulation which is his driving force around the ring. From little acorns grow great oak trees.! BPIB, BOB.

2nd - Alexander, ALDERXENA POCKET ROCKET. Very sweet 6 month old dog, very much a baby with lots to like, lovely eyes & ears with a moderately short muzzle, moves well both coming & going with dainty tight feet & straight legs, unlucky to have met 1 today.


1st - Entwistle, DORENTY'S ARFA SIXPENCE. Lovely 16 month old dog, excellent for size, nice head & muzzle with good dentition, holds a nice shape with a great topline & tail both on the move & standing, a very happy little dog with great showmanship.


1st - Alexander, MOLTOBELLO ONCE IN A BLUE MOON AT ALDERXENA. 2 year old bitch with a very pretty head & beautiful eyes, nice gently tapering muzzle with great dentition, slightly arched neck leading to a level topline & the happiest of tails, moves well in all directions. 

2nd - Entwistle, CAZANTS THE GEISHA LUVS DORENTY. Adorable 21 month oldcream bitch with the loveliest of temperaments, this compact little girl has lovely eyes & muzzle, excellent ears thst she uses constantly, excellent topline & tail & moves well.


1st - Fothergill, DIAMONCHI MISS SPARKLE JW. Simply stunning 14 month old bitch,this girl is an absolute picture & definitely one I'd like to take home, fabulous head with lovely eyes, her ears are large & used well, great lay of shoulders, level topline & her tail held proudly over her back, moved well in all directions, sadly she lost a bit of spark in the challenge.

2nd - Smith, LEMARITZ MASTERMIND AT NAYELICHI, 5 year old with a good head, moderately short muzzle, good ears, level topline with a good tail & stands square.


1st - Holmes & Entwistle, CH CAZANTS THE GAFFER LUVS DORENTY JW. A beautiful 21 month old showman that has lots to like, He's a lovely size with a great apple domed head, and that saucy expression, good muzzle with good dentition, correctly placed and well used ears, slightly arched neck, level topline & lovely angulation, moves straight & confidently coming & going. RBOB.

2nd - Smith, MOLTOBELLO MISS MYRTLE OF HULAWAWAS. Striking3 year old chocolate tri bitch, well made with substance & ring presence, she has lovely eyes, lovely length of muzzle, large ears, a great topline with well muscled rear, good tail set and carriage, reaches from the front and drives from her well angulated rear, she was very unlucky to meet 1 today.