• Show Date: 12/05/2024
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Carla Chappell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 15/05/2024

Gravesend & Medway Towns Canine Society

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge my two favourite breeds, and also to my steward Lili who kept me on the straight and narrow. It was a rather hot day so a few dogs were feeling the heat, but we had a lovely size ring which did allow dogs to show off their movement. Thank you to all exhibitors who came under me, you did make me work hard on some of my decisions! NOVA SCOTIA DUCK TOLLER RETRIEVER Such a lovely selection to go over, all had amazing temperaments and were happy to be in the ring. This is a breed which I have followed since before it gained championship status in the UK, and one which I’m very fond of. It was nice to see exhibits of correct height today, as size is slowly creeping up which is spoiling their look. Everyone was so well schooled and I was impressed that everyone let me look at their teeth! All dogs were a credit to their owners. PUPPY (1) 1st Holdens’s Whenova Etesian Delightful 9 month old boy at his first show. Very nice make and shape, good head and ear carriage with a gentle expression. Nice feet, muscling up well in all the right places. A little playful on the move, but when settled he moved with strong drive. A really nice puppy with a confident personality. I will watch his progress with interest, as he matures I think he could be a contender for top awards. BP JUNIOR (1) 1st Strevens’ Tollisty Shincha Very happy 13 month old bitch. Good size, pretty feminine head with cheeky expression. Nicely balanced bitch, good bend of stifle with correct feet. Good substance, nice spring of rib, well laid back shoulders and well muscled. Moved with ease with correct reach and drive. Couldn’t be denied RBOB POST GRADUATE (1) 1st Strevens’ Tollisty You Can’t Decline Richly coloured 2 year old boy who had his silly hat on today. Lovely masculine head with cheeky expression and correct ear set, good firm topline, correct tailset, well muscled and moved well with powerful drive. He has a delightful endearing personality and obviously adores his owner. Just wasn’t quite as balanced size wise as RBOB OPEN (3) 1st Anstead & Kindell’s Eusanit Pride And Joy Via Riverwatcher JW Eye catching feminine bitch of almost 2 years old. A bit excited being gone over but her flowing movement won her the class – she moves effortlessly with good reach and drive. Friendly with a really sweet expression, good head and ear carriage. Rich colour with nice coat. Good spring of rib, firm topline and correct tail set. Correct size and a really nice well balanced bitch. BOB and I was delighted to hear she went on to take G2. 2nd Strevens’ Sh Ch Tollelkin Caine Gaelach At Tollisty Slightly longer frame and taller than 1st. Nice head with lovely expression and correct ear set. Enjoying her day out with a great personality, nice mover with powerful reach and drive. Good feet, correct bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Presented in good condition, lovely firm topline and well muscled throughout. Dam to my RBOB and she’s passed so many attributes to her. This handler really does get the best out of her dogs. DALMATIAN I’d like to thank everyone for bringing their dogs under me, especially as the majority (if not everyone) were at Birmingham National Championship Show the day before. I applaud you for doing two shows in two days! Generally all dogs were so well schooled, even the younger puppies. All were a credit to their owners, lots of waggy tails and friendly personalities. PUPPY (3) A really nice class of three very different puppies but all with their own attributes. 1st Robbins & Hensman’s Salvadorada Jalapeño Girl At Palouse Pretty feminine black and white girl. Nice head and ear set, she has the sweetest expression and demands you look at her. Good topline with correct tailset. Good bend of stifle and tight cat feet. Good movement for one so young. Couldn’t be denied BP 2nd Claesen’s Dalstorm Just Jiving Well up to size, handsome all male. He has nice powerful movement when settled, with good reach and drive. Very friendly, he has the cheekiest expression. Deep chest, firm topline, good bend of stifle and nice feet. He’s going through a bit of a growth spurt which made him a bit uncoordinated at times but he is an all round nice puppy. 3rd Healey, Wheaton & Gardinor’s Hebemor Careless Whisper From Dakata JUNIOR (2) 1st Salvadorada Honolulu Honey At Palouse I fell in love with this girl and could have happily taken her home. Evenly spotted richly coloured liver and is just such so nicely balanced and feminine. She is muscling up nicely in all the right places. Good bend of stifle, tight cat feet. Lovely firm topline leading into correct tail set. Everything is in proportion. She just had to be awarded BOB and I was delighted to hear she later took G4. 2nd Healey, Wheaton & Gardinor’s Hebemor Careless Whisper From Dakata 3rd in puppy, very exuberance girl who was distracted by her owners outside the ring which made her movement erratic and hard to assess. Lighter spotted than 1st with rich liver colouring. Nice make and shape. Very friendly puppy, such a shame she didn’t have her usual handler. POST GRADUATE (5, 1ab) This class gave me the biggest headache of the day! Placings were very close, in particular 1st and 2nd who I later discovered are litter sisters. 1st Salvadorada Honolulu Honey At Palouse As 1st in Junior, she just floated around the ring looking like she could go all day. 2nd Barrett’s Salvadorada Happy Go Lucky Beautifully balanced outgoing black and white. So much to like about her. Very feminine with a lovely gentle expression, firm topline which she kept on the move, leading into a correct tail set. She has a nice bend of stifle, well let down hocks and tight cat feet. Muscling up well with the most delightful personality. She’s just lovely. RBOB and I was happy to hear she later took 3rd in the RBOB Stakes, which included dogs from all groups. OPEN (2, 1ab) 1st Tysterman’s Carodal Jacobs Ladder Approaching 3yr old liver and white who was feeling the heat outside. Absolute sweetheart with lovely decoration, rich liver colouring with correct eye colour and gentle expression. Nice deep chest, good topline with correct tail set, nice cat feet and well let down hocks. Good bend of stifle, she just wasn’t as animated as main winners today and didn’t move as well as I know she can. However she is a very nice and balanced and I’m sure she will swap placings with my winners on a different day.