• Show Date: 12/05/2024
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Julie Moyes Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 15/05/2024

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Cesky Terrier

Birmingham National Dog Show 12 May 2024

Cesky Terriers

SBD (1) 1st. Goowin’s Placido Proper Player Good head with expressive ears and eyes. Good in front, topline, rear quarters with strong hocks, smart coat, presented well. A little apprehensive on the table but settled on the move with drive. BSB

MPD (1)1st Tobijanski’s Janski Dupek Zac This D has a cracking head using his ears to advantage giving an alert expression beautiful neck & shoulder placement, just right for chest depth and spring of rib, good length of body, moving smartly around the ring with purpose.

PD (0)

JD (2)1st. Bishop’s Ulmo Bohemia Des Hauteurs De La Sole At Kyntilly Presented well on the table, particularly liked his head, good topline which he held standing & moving. Good body shape good forequarters and moved well.

2nd. Pearson’s Winoski Aemond A raw youngster that needs more time. I liked his head properties but preferred the outline of 1

PGD (4,1a) 1st. Bishop’s Moroira Abel At Kyntilly Mature outlook, lovely head piece, arched neck, good shoulder placement, held topline, good in ribs, strong hocks, Presents a super outline. His paw perfect movement won him the RCC.

2nd. Goodwin’s Placido Proper Player

3rd. Pearson’s Winoski Aemond

LD (1) 1st. Pearson’s Placido Musical Mission At Winoski A good sized easy moving male, well balanced head, good neck & topline. A little nonchalant in the ring today.

OD (4) 1st. Tobijanski’s Ch. Janski O’rolox JW Lovely smart dog, best outline in class, masculine head, good neck, clean in shoulder, carrying a good topline, strong powerful hocks, clean in movement, so well presented. CC BOB

2nd Taylor’s Ch. Oural Du Champ D’eole Imp Fra. I loved him for size very good forequarters & ribs muscular rear moved well. When standing he tends to flatten his topline. Has a shorter foreface than 1 where I prefer the relatively long head properties. Beautifully presented.

3rd. Fewing’s Komidion Schubert

VD (1) 1st. England&Burrage’s Ch. Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder Sh.CM ShCEx vw A real credit to his owners for keeping this D in this condition. He is so well put to together that at 10 years old he still outmoves some of the younger exhibits. Super head, clean neck & shoulders good topline.

SBB (0)

MPB (2) 1st. Tobijanski’s Janski’s Zara Zipporah Dainty & wicked two words that do not usually go together but they sum her up perfectly. Feminine head, dark eye, expressive ears, super front, lovely body shape, everything as it should be at this young age. BP

2nd. Fairfield’s Janski’s Zelda Litter sister to 1 not quite the confidence yet, unsurprisingly she carries the same qualities, if the handler perseveres, which I am sure she will, I am sure you will do well with her.

PB (1) 1st. Fairfield’s Janski’s Zelda

JB (1)1st. Pearson’s Winoski Rhaenyra

PGB (1,1a)

LB. (4,1a) 1st. Burrage’s Komidion Sonata For Sametova A dark B who stood out for her make up & shape, beautiful head, lovely ears, arched neck leading to clean well set shoulders, correct topline. Good rear lovely coat in great condition, powered around the ring. Handled to perfection. CC

2nd. Goodwin’s Placido Oriana Well balanced B moving very well, good forequarters & rear. Good to go over, unlucky to meet 1 on top form

3rd. Pearson’s Zvonenka Hamentashen At Winoski (imp Cze)

OB (4,1a) 1st. Burrage’s Ch. Komidion Prima Donna Of Sametova ShCex VW Won the class on her pitch perfect movement, a smart B to go over, my hands proved what my eyes saw she has a synergy of forequarters body legs & rear angulation, topped with super presentation. RCC BV

2nd. Tobijanski’s Ch.Janski Yamizzabl Witch. I loved this girls head, for me it has the length, & not too much width to look Sealyham like. I feel she still needs to fill her body frame, and settle on the move, but she is young, plenty of time!

3rd. Fewing’s Komidion Rhapsody in Ryme

VB (1,1a)

Julie Moyes Judge