• Show Date: 08/06/2024
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Julia Spittle Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/06/2024

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Griffon Bruxellois
Three Counties Championship Show - 2024 Griffon Bruxellois Sincere thanks to the Officers and Committee for this appointment. Poignant for me as it was the fifteenth anniversary of my first Griffon CC and BOB at the same show. Again, the variation in type is still far too evident. The quotation ‘ A large circle set on a small square’ has to be addressed, far too many ‘small circles’ in proportion to body size. Sadly, Ears - semi- erect, high set, the smaller the better is now a rarity and unfortunately completely alters the desired expression. Some of the rough coats had a long and silkier texture without the preferred undercoat oppose to the required harsh jacket Pleased to report that all the Griffons judged today had the large nose pad and wide open nostrils. PUPPY DOG (3:0) Hughes - Bruneaver Space Oddity From Beauborne ( R/S) A very neat, red, smooth boy of 10 months old. Square in shape with correct angulation and level top line. Deep in body with good bone. Well rounded head with good width between the ears. Short, wide muzzle with good turn up and prominent chin giving a typical expression. Would prefer smaller ears. Super tail set and carriage. Moved well. (BPIB). 2. Roberts - Vonici Visage Blacktsar ( R/R) Very different in type to 1, a much smaller ‘package’ all round. Lovely head with open features, good ‘layback’ of nose giving the desired expression, topped with super tiny ears. Well balanced on the move, would prefer higher tail set. 3. Selby, Allen & Whitehead - Zilcan Toy Story JUNIOR DOG ( 4:0) Selby, Allen & Whitehead - Zilcan Action Man ( R/S) Fabulous type, that for me has it all ! Square, good bone and depth, short in loin and level top line, presenting a super shape. Slightly arched, medium length of neck with well laid back shoulders and correctly angled rear resulting in him being true on the move both fore and aft and beautiful in profile. Super round head with such a ‘naughty’ expression. To be ‘hyper critical’ would like more width of jaw but he has the desired prominent chin and turn up.Very dark, round eyes, super pigment and deep red, short, tight coat. Correct tail set and carriage.The best of him is yet to come. Delighted to award him the Dog CC & BOB, so richly deserved. 2. Donnellan & Roberts - Kinder Suprise Rimarosa Vonici ( Imp Pol) ( R/R) A mature boy for his age of 16 months. Super in type. Square,‘cobby’ and short, set off with a good tail set. He has the most beautiful round head of correct proportions, wide open features with such expressive round, dark eyes. I would prefer more length of neck to finish the picture. Unfortunately, couldn’t match the balance and movement of 1 today. 3. Carpenter - Beauborne Ray Ban At Xyliabud POST GRADUATE DOG ( 2:1) Fernyhough - Beauborne Obama At Fernstaff (B&T /S) A small,‘cobby’ dog with the most engaging expression and temperament. Moved freely around the ring enjoying himself immensely. Would prefer him to be slightly longer on the leg and with more width of jaw. LIMIT DOG (1:0) 1- Moran & Prouve - Zilcan Helios Avec Castafiore ( R/S) This boy is now maturing into a lovely dog. Well angulated with level top line and moves well fore and aft, lovely in profile. Typical head with lovely expression. Would prefer him to be a tad shorter in loin to square him up. Nevertheless a quality dog. OPEN DOG (5:2) 1 - Selby, Allen & Whitehead - Ch. Zilcan Monkey Business (R/R) Another straight out of the top drawer with such a lot to like. A most glorious head, topped off with such lovely small ears! Square, cobby, well off for bone, correct angulation resulting in good movement. In full coat of such a rich, deep red. A most worthy Champion. ( Dog RCC) 2 - Martyn - Donzeata Royal Agent (R/R) This dog is super in type, not exaggerated in anyway. Moves true both ways and lovely in profile, Has a typical head with open features. He’s a very good dog but just lacks the ring presence required. 3 - Etherington - Aptrick Napoleon Solo Veteran Dog ( 2:0) 1- Omre - Nord/Se/No/Fin Ch Admiravel Crazy Man In Beard (B/R) Super in outline on the stand, presenting a lovely shape. Correct tail set and carriage adding to the overall picture. On the move is balanced but I’d prefer more angulation to ensure more reach and drive. Beautiful harsh jacket presented very well. Really scored in head, with everything in the right place. Excellent expression topped off with lovely small ears. ( BVIB) 2 - Suggitt - Ir Ch Aptrick Time For Elevenses ( R/R) A very cobby boy with one of the harshest coats of the day and a super colour. Not the proportions or outline of 1. Moved confidently. Good tail set enhancing the picture. Typical head with a pleasing expression. Puppy Bitch ( 4:4) Junior Bitch ( 2:1) Fernyhough - Cilleine Quintella At Fernstaff ( R/S) This very immature youngster couldn’t hide anything. Super short coat of excellent colour with strong pigment. Moved free and easily in profile. She has the most wonderful temperament with such a naughty expression. Would prefer a higher tail set and her to be a tad shorter. She has time on her side. Post Graduate Bitch (1:0) Suggitt - Aptrick Dolly Mixtures ( JW) (R/R) A very cobby girl who is now maturing well. A well presented harsh jacket of super colour. Lovely head with good width of jaw, wide open features, topped with super small ears. Good tail set and carriage. Moved well both ways and in profile. .Limit Bitch ( 3:0) 1- Hughes - Beauborne Pussy Cat Doll ( R/S) Ultra neat quality girl, presenting a beautiful outline. Everything in the right place with such a lot to like. The most exquisite head and oh what an expression. Just wish her head was just that big bigger to finish the picture. Tail set correct but carriage too tight. Moved well fore and aft with great balance in profile. ( RCC) 2- Selby, Allen & Whitehead - Zilcan Sparks Might Fly ( R/S) Another quality girl but very different in type. Well off for bone presenting a deep and cobby outline. Lovely head with a very pleasing expression and pigment. Moved well and has a lovely ring presence. Would prefer her to be a tad shorter. I’m sure that this girl will definitely be part of this kennel’s breeding programme. 3 - Hershaw - Beauview Sun Blessed Open Bitch (5:0) A pleasure to judge this class of quality bitches. 1 - Omre - Se Ch Admiravel Power Dress Nord Jv-19 Nord v - 19 ( B/R) Presents a super cobby outline on the stand, proportions of head to body one of the best of the day. Correctly angulated with a level top line, topped off with good tail set and carriage. She didn’t disappoint on the move where it all came together. Very well presented with a beautiful, well pigmented, harsh coat. She really scored in head with everything contributing to a lovely expression, topped off with small ears. A worthy champion. ( BCC) 2 - Selby, Allen &Whitehead - Ch. Zilcan Blazinickers Another super quality girl who has everything in the right place resulting in such a pleasing overall picture. Moved very well especially in profile. On the day, didn’t think that she had expression of 1. However another worthy champion. 3 - Gullon - Ch. Datiro Chickadee JW OSW Julia Spittle