• Show Date: 08/06/2024
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Derfel Owen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 11/06/2024

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Chihuahua (Long Coat)

Chihuahua (Long Coat) Three Counties 2024

MPD 1 Return to Senda at Gustafski (Mrs H Skivington). Very confident and showy puppy. Compact and neat, level topline, moved with typical forceful action feet landing in the right place. A promising head with lovely large and round eyes and correctly set ears to frame. Very well set tail and carried perfectly. 2 Neil Di San Gimignano for Rubyanlo (Imp Ita) (Mr N & Mrs L Todd-Mccoid) Dainty and compact, moved with style and grace. 1 had a cleaner front both stood and on the move. Lovely head and ears perfectly set and carried. Nicely angulated and muscled hindquarters. 3 Lykath's Anduril (Mrs K R & Mr J D Culverhouse)

PD 1 Mocha Vanilla Baralicia (Mrs S T Barker) Dainty and compact, and rather full of himself which I like. Nicely rounded skull with correctly set ears and and large eyes. Strong forequarters, set well under him and neat dainty feet. Well set tail and carried very well. Level topline, moved with style. 2 Silverbriar Timothy (Mrs J & Miss J Baker) Didn’t move with the confidence of the winner, just right for size and proportions. He is well built with a level topline and well set tail but he wasn’t carrying it well today but will hopefully grow in confidence.

JD 1 Mujerosa Lucky for Me (Mrs A Skinner) Nicely typical example, dainty and full of character. Sufficiently domed skull, well set eyes, showing his socks off for his handler. Well balanced out line, well laid shoulder, legs well under him, well sprung rib, level topline high set tail carried correctly. 2 Caballie Monsieur Mercury (Miss E J & Mrs D Titterrell & Bruce) Lovely head and ear, good feathering on ears and tail. Well set eyes but would have preferred them a little rounder. Well set ears. Good topline, high set tail that he carried well on the move. 3 Okajem Three Minute Hero (Ms A Fathers)

ND 1 Tampico Samson Winchis NAF (Miss L Hargreaves) Lovely size and shape, excellent rounded head, well set and carried ears, good level topline, high set tail, carried too tight to his topline. Moved well with typical action. 2 Mocha Vanilla Baralicia (Mrs S T Barker). 3 Lykath's Anduril (Mrs K R & Mr J D Culverhouse)

GD 1 Leathea's Rockstar Dj (Miss S E Martin) Dainty and compact, correct for overall size and proportions. Nicely domed skull, though a slight shorter muzzle would be ideal. Correct set ears with good feathering. Level topping, high set tail, carried correctly sickle, moved well with style. 2 Mujerosa Hats of to You (Mrs A Skinner) Another dainty little chap, liked his head and ear set. Tail set a little low, but he carried it well and moved with style. 3 Torre del Pilar Sandman at Casiatodo (Imp Esp) (Miss E Hicks)

PGD 1 Yensha's Renegade (Mr S & Ms Y Rushton & Chang) Sound, nicely constructed and compact. Typical domed head, moderately short muzzle, round and well placed eyes. Good ears set, though I’d like some more feathering to finish them off. Good topline that he held on the move. High set tail carried correctly . Nicely angulated, muscled hindquarters. 2 Dorentys Chuckleberry Fin (Mrs P A Wills) Good for size and shape, could benefit from a bit more weight on him. Good front, nice topline, high set tail, nicely set ears. 3 Rubyanlo Te Amo JW * (Mr N & Mrs L Todd-Mccoid)

LD 1 Torre del Pilar Kingsman at Casiatodo (Imp Esp) (Miss E Hicks) Liked his head and length of muzzle, round eye, correctly placed. Good reach of neck, well laid shoulder, level topline. High set tail, carried correctly. Nicely angulated hindquarters. 2 Mujerosa Mr Chocolate Box (Mrs A Skinner) Not good topline, moved well coming and going, good tailset. 3 Lykath's The Pirate King (Mrs K R & Mr J D Culverhouse)

OD 1 Ch Chiquita De Oro Top Ten at Casiatodo (Imp Hun) (Miss E Hicks) Caught my eye for his overall balance and proportions, he is just so typical and compact. Loved his head, eye and perfectly set ears with good feathering framing his head. He is a classy and characterful mover, well set and round eyes. High set tail, good angulation, level topline, well muscled hindquarters and a high set tail that he carries correctly over his back. DCC 2 Grc Gch Daigo Red Charlie (Mr A Karapanagiotidis) Lovely shape , good head and ear set, nicely set tail that he carried correctly on the move, good front and nicely angled hindquarters. Well set, round eyes. RDCC. 3 Jahneemahs Eye Candy (Mrs E Huntley)

VD 1 Marneyjay Tiny Timothy VW (Mrs A Skinner) 12 yo in terrific condition, liked his rounded skull, a little long in muzzle but he has correctly shaped eyes, good earset, level topline, .

MPB 1 Ismirelle’s Right Back at Ya (Mrs M Emmerson) Loved this bitch, so sound and well made, excellent t topline, delightful head, good ear and placement, round eyes correctly set ears. Moved with typical style when settled, good front, well angled and muscled hindquarters. BPIB. 2 Bramerita Angel Dust (Miss A & Mr Q Wilcox & Lane) Preferred the topline of the winner, but an equally likeable girl, good front, well ribbed with good spring, high set tail. 3 Rix Chix Charlotte at Casiatodo (Imp Lva) (Miss E Hicks)

PB 1 Kirdanchi Le Ballet Giselle (Mrs S Holland-Smith) Lovely head and expression, large, round eyes, framed by perfectly set and well feathered ears, well laid shoulders, good level topline that she held on the move, high set tail of medium length that she carried in the typical sickle style. 2 Chantaydan Latin Roulette with Gustafski (Mrs H Skivington) Niceley domed skull, good ear set , large and round eyes, high set tail that she carried well. Good front, well angulated hindquarters, moved with style. 3 Rubyanlo Miss Molly (Mr N & Mrs L Todd-Mccoid)

JB 1 Caballie Madame Barbie (Mrs D & Mrs S Fothergill & Hunt) Lovely character, full of herself and rearing to go around the ring with light and accurate footfall. Lovely shaped, rounded skull with nicely set and sufficiently feathered ears, good front, nicely angulated and muscled hindquarters, good topline, high set tail, carried sickle like over her back. RBCC 2 Torre del Pilar Beso Beso for Kirdanchi (Imp Esp) (Mrs S Holland-Smith) Bit long, good head and ears, straight front, legs well under body, well sprung ribs, good rear angular ion. Level back. 3 Pocoperro Bijou (Mrs P & Miss R Lodwick)

NB 1 Chilbull Crackling Rosie (Mrs C R Edwards) rounded skull, well set ears, could be tighter in front. Well sprung ribs, good topline, moved with style and typical, forceful action. High set tail with good carriage. 2 Mujerosa Tickled Pink (Mrs A Skinner) Muzzle too long, rounded eyes, good domed skull, level topline, high set tail. Well angulated hindquarters, moved well. 3 Pocoperro Bellanera (Mrs P & Miss R Lodwick)

GB 1 Tinasjoy Dollie Daydream (Mrs C R Edwards) Shapely, with good topline and correct proportioned, nicely rounded skull, well set ears, moved well, with dainty and brisk action. Level topline and high set tail. 2 Rubyanlo Kendal Mint Cake (Mr N & Mrs L Todd-Mccoid) Most delightful head, preferred the overall proportions and topline of 1. Good front, and nicely angulated hindquarters. High set tail, Carrie correctly over her back.

PGB 1 Rubyanlo Showens Stjarna JW (Mr N & Mrs L Todd-Mccoid). Delightful head, well rounded, large and flaring ears, round eyes, good topline, high set tail with sickle carriage. Good front, legs under her well sprung ribs and clean when moving towards . Well angulated hindquarters. 2 Mystic Legion Kahlua (Mrs K Pitts) dainty, attractive bitch with typical head, well set ears,good topline, high set tail . Moved well. 3 Benmar Queen of Hearts by Tampico (Miss L Hargreaves)

LB 1 Mystic Legion Margarita (Mrs K Pitts) The most delightful head, eye and ears, carries her head proudly. Level topline, high set tail, carried correctly, good feathering on tail and ears. Well angulated hindquarters. Moved with brisk action. 2 Rubyanlo Magic Trix JW (Mr N & Mrs L Todd-Mccoid) Nice head, with well set ears and eyes. Tail set good, carried nicely over her back, good feathering. Preferred the topline of the winner. 3 Rix Chix Breeze to Your Wings at Casiatodo (Imp Lva) (Miss E Hicks)

OB 1 Ch Copymear Reign On My Parade with Yorone (Mr S J Rooney) Fabulously typical, dainty, compact and full of character. She is compact, dainty, with a clean front and neat feet her legs well under her well sprung chest. Her tail is set high, and she carries it in typical sickle curve over her back with good feathering to set it off. Loved her domed skull, she has well set ears and large, round eyes. BCC & BOB. 2 Ch Dorenty's Heidi Hi (Miss D Entwistle) Super sound, dainty and elegant. Good topline, high set tail, moved with typical brisk action. Good front and well angulated hindquarters. 3 I'm A Dream Adeline Is My Name (Imp Ita) (Mrs D Fothergill)

VB 1 Ch Capevidle License to Thrill VW (Mrs A J & Mr H J Baranzeck) Fabulously stylish bitch, in excellent coat and condition, liked her rounded skull, well set ears, round and expressive eyes. Super sound and has a good topline, high set tail that she carries well, very good feathering. BVIB 2 Ir Ch Pocoperro Amber Lily for Chantico (Mrs P & Miss R Lodwick) Nice head, dark eyes, good topline, moved with style.

Derfel Owen