• Show Date: 08/06/2024
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Derfel Owen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 11/06/2024

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: AVNSC Toy

AVNSC Toy – Three Counties 2024

JD 1 Benatone Glint of Gold, Maltese (Miss S & Mrs R Jackson) Delightfully cobby, sound and well built, dark almond eye, well proportioned skull, moved soundly and with elegance when he was shooting off with overenthusiasm, high set tail, carried neatly over his back. Good rear angulation. Look forward to seeing him develop. BD BAVNSC.

PB 1 Zumarnik Catch A Romance Into Mysherie, Maltese (Miss S Hayden) Cobby, delightfully pretty lovely head and expression and correct proportions, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders. She has a clean front, a strong and level topline and good rear angulation, excellent tail set. BB

JB 1 Aquawhite Regal Eisley at Xquisztdream (Imp Grc), Maltese (Mrs C Wong-Curley). Nicely proportioned head, dark eyes and an appealing, pretty expression. Rather over-long in body, but she has a strong and level topline, better textured coat than 2. High set tail, dark eyes. 2 Benatone Mistletoe at Omissilleb, Breed: Maltese (Mrs K Jennings) Correct proportions, high set tail. Appealing head and expression, correct oval shaped eyes.

PGB 1 Aquawhite Regal Eisley at Xquisztdream (Imp Grc), Maltese (Mrs C Wong-Curley) 2 Lady Ruby at Omissilleb, Maltese (Mrs K Jennings) Correctly proportioned head, a bit long in body, good silky coat. Well proportioned skull. High set tail, well angulated.

VB 1 Stormcloud Destiny at Churchchis, Maltese (Mrs K Jennings) playing up for her very patient owner. Cobby, compact, and short bodied. Good reach of neck, moved well when she wasn’t being stubborn.

Derfel Owen