• Show Date: 09/06/2024
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Chris Bexon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/06/2024

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Italian Spinone

Three Counties Championship Show

Italian Spinone

Judge: Mr Chris Bexon

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the very sporting Italian Spinone exhibitors for the numerically good entry. Type in some cases was a little diverse and made for tough decisions, but judging is in some instances a matter of compromise. Good performance on the day is also essential.

Puppy Dog - Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1st Giles’ Fiducia Cho Oyu at Miavita, W/O 10 months of age. Has a bit more maturity than 2nd but preferred 2nd place winner’s head. However, he does have a nice skull, with a nice rise to it, would prefer a little more divergence, nice occiput, nice ear set, good strong neck, nice shoulders, nice bone and feet, reasonable topline, nice ribs, not too much tuck up, with a good bend of stifle, moved well in jaunty style and was together on the move. Developing coat of reasonable texture. Fairly good height to length ratio. Best Puppy

2nd Woodward’s Kubear Mazzanti of Connomar, A raw baby of 7 ½ months compared to older winner, with a lovely head, really nice rise of skull, good occiput, nice muzzle, decent head divergence, with good ear set, shape and length, short strong neck, good shoulders, nice bone and shoulders, sometimes when he is stood his topline can be a little extreme, but when he stands naturally, his topline is ok. I would like a little bit more bend of stifle, but on the move he did enjoy himself a little too much, but coat in nice condition. Loved the wagging tail. Good texture to coat.

Junior Dog - Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st Cook’s Connomar Cipirello of Roughmoor (ai) B/R nicely balanced square shaped dog, topline has definite slope and rise where it should have it, with a head with good proportions. A lovely back skull, good skull shape, decent eyebrows and good expression, moderate stop and very nicely shaped muzzle. His head plains were divergent. His ears were well placed and of correct length. His neck was short, he has a good forechest & good depth of chest, His forelegs were straight with good pasterns and excellent feet. He has a moderate bend of stifle, strong hocks, developing really well. On the move he delivered good sound movement. Shown in excellent coat, strong and tough. A lot to appreciate

Graduate Dog - Entries: 5 Absentees: 0

1st Cayford & Hanscombe’s Diggmere Winwood Ranger, Good sized nicely built brown male in very good coat, nice body shape all through, pleasing head with a lot of the correct properties, good occiput, correct head plains, moderate stop with nice ochre eyes and tight lids, short strong neck, good shoulders, nice depth of chest, very good bend of stifle, strong hocks. Front ok, good width of chest and nice bone. Moved well using his tail to advantage.

2nd Mills & Watts’ Diggmere Baby Bear, Taller, lighter boned than 1, good square shape, height to length proportions. He has a typy head, with moderate stop, good muzzle shape, good tight dark eye, correct skull shape, correct mouth, correct ear set, He has good face furnishings. Has a good neck shape and shoulders, correct topline, good hind angulation, with a good angle to croup & good width of chest, a little tuck up which will change as he develops, has straight forelegs, pasterns and feet. A superb mover, with style and drive, covers the ground well.

3rd Hope’s Testaverde Selwyn Flogit

Post Graduate Dog - Entries: 4 Absentees: 0.

1st Fordham’s Lucoru Blow A Fuse at Cloudnine, A substantial typy, three-and-a-half-year-old W/O dog of good size and with a nice outline. He has a very good head with correct divergent plains, good muzzle depth and length, compares favourably to skull length. I liked his nice tight eyes, of a decent colour. He has a strong shapely neck, but I would like a tad more upper arm angulation to be critical. His chest has decent width and his bone is good. With a correct topline and a nice spring of ribs, short loin and decent hind angulation, strong hocks & shown in decent coat. Moving quite well.

2nd Hinton’s Inostricani On A Mission, O/W slightly smaller, but smart looking dog, definitely well-constructed, just preferred head qualities of 1. Has a very good typical outline, correct topline, good bone and feet, nice depth of chest and good hind angulation with good muscle tone. On the move his tail was gay which disappointed, he still covered the ground well, but overall, a nice quality dog. He stands out for good shape to body, quality coat, very well presented.

3rd McGregor & Wright’s Diggmere Marys Chi Bloom,

Limit Dog - Entries: 7 Absentees: 0

1st Duncan’s Diggmere Tiger Swallowtail JW, a two-and-a-half-year-old O/R substantial male, strong looking and masculine, with a very good outline. I liked his typy head, with reasonable head plains, good median furrow, clean skull and good ear set. His eyes were a good colour, shape and set. He has a strong neck, decent shoulders, correct topline, with decent depth of chest. He has good ribs, shortish loin and very little tuck up. He has a nice bend of stifle, short hocks. mixed coat at the moment but where the texture is visible it is good. On the move he moved with drive and precision, with very good back end, I think that enhanced his possibilities. Reserve Dog CC. Litter brother to the Bitch CC winner.

2nd Handley’s Gellini Shepherds Moon, very close up in size to winner, nice outline, good body shape, lovely head, excellent head plains, nice tight eye, low ear set, good strong neck, good shoulders, nice depth of body, good topline, uses his tail all the time. When he stood his hind angulation does not look as strong as 1. On the move has good driving action, good forward reach and uses tail well and carries his head well. Very good quality.

3rd Luff & Davies’ Beau (Imp Ita)

Open Dog - Entries: 6 Absentees: 0

1st Gill’s Sh Ch Testaverde Enrico Caruso del Jocagil - Everything just comes together in the form of this upstanding brown male, with a really nice outline, good spring of rib, nice short loin, good depth of chest, good shoulders and upper arm, nice neck shape. He has a really nice head, very good moderate stop, good head plains, clean skull, with pronounced occiput and decent ear set. I thought his muzzle was complimentary to his skull. He has a good front of straight bone and good feet. His hind angulation is good, with decent second thigh. He has a tail set that is correct. On the move he was really good, an excellent faultless performance his head and tail carried correctly, he has good reach, drive and with some style. Dog CC & BOB.

2nd Barratt’s Piccolonoce Monty Bojangle, orange male I liked from the beginning, quite outstanding looking, really nice head, shape and occiput, good head plains, nice eye colour, good low ears, nice strong relatively short neck, good shoulders, nice bone and feet, good depth of chest, nice topline with slight dip in correct place, strong hindquarters, relatively good harsh coat. Good bend of stifle. Not moving quite as well as 1.

3rd Littlemore’s Sh Ch Inostricani Bell Ragazzo via Krismoor JW

Veteran Dog - Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st Davies’ Wess del Montecani (Imp Ita), fit looking dog, slightly too much throat for me. I think he has a lovely head, really nice, strong nicely shaped neck, good shoulders, nice bone and feet. I did find him a little too long in body for me. His topline was a little too strong also. He does have good depth of chest, good spring of rib, good bend of stifle & short hocks. He moves really well, with so much purpose, clinching his place in this class.

2nd Blythe’s Sh Ch Larlila Morello (ai) An eight-and-a-half-year-old dark brown male which I have liked in the past and thought he would be my winner, but today his movement let him down. He is of excellent type, with a really good head and expression, clean skull, moderate stop, complimentary muzzle and good ear set, were the order of the day, with a good neck, shoulders, excellent topline, good ribs and decent tail set.

Puppy Bitch - Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st Burrows’ Quebaikei Royal Highlander, - Smart looking W/O bitch with a nice body shape, correct topline, nice outline overall. I thought her skull a little on the narrow side for me but was well shaped. Her muzzle was ok in comparison to her skull. She had a good ear set, strong neck, with a nice shape to it. She had pleasing shoulders, good oval bone and feet. Her body had good depth. She had a short loin and nice topline towards a decent angled croup. Her tailset was good, she had good hind angulation, short hocks and was shown in good coat nicely presented. On the move she was steady and sound.

2nd McGregor’s Fuducia Chamlang, A really nice 10-and-a-half-month-old O/W puppy, of good type, but unfortunately the handler was not getting the best out of her today. As I write this critique she is really settled, compared to before. Really lovely head, nice back skull, pleasing eyes, nice moderate stop, good ear set, nice neck, real baby but developing well. Nice bone and feet, good spring of rib, short loin, good width of 2nd thigh, good short hocks. Really needs more practice, as can be made to look straight in stifle which exaggerates her topline. She is really promising for the future, shown in super coat and condition.

Junior Bitch - Entries: 10 Absentees: 1

A good class that bodes well for the future.

1st Dixon’s Aura Spinoe Del Mucrone at Larlila (Imp Ita) brown roan, feminine. Super shape and build, real quality, superb mover, really nice balanced head with nice work in skull, good expression, ears well set of the correct shape and length, moderate stop and good divergence, good neck, topline, nice bone and feet, good harsh coat, good undercarriage, nice short loin, good bend of stifle. When she moves, she really drives off, with a lot of positives to commend her. Shown in excellent jacket, good quality texture and length. Exciting prospect.

2nd Wagh’s Dewdhala Sempre Agnese, good, O/W typy bitch, with such a lot to like, but a bit of a handful for handler, she’s got size, shape and her movement was good. She does need a little more training and practice. She has good breed type, good coat, very good forehand and angulation of the hindquarters, her hocks are short, she has good bone and a straight front, with a nice outline & correct topline, she impresses. I liked her well-shaped balanced head, with good occiput, nice moderate stop, very good eye colour. Has the lot, just got to coordinate everything together. Very promising. Moved OK when settled.

3rd Guest’s Connomar Ramacca with Bardantop

Graduate Bitch - Entries: 3 Absentees: 1

1st Wagh’s Dewdhala Sempre Agnese, Second place in the last class. This time she moved off so well with good forward reach and with good driving action. The aforementioned good breed points carried her to the top spot in this class. I preferred her back end.

2nd Mortimer’s Scodinzolare Photoulla, A good sized B/R bitch, taller with a bit more leg length of good type, a nice shape, with lovely head, nice skull and muzzle, low set ears, good expression, good length of neck, nice outline and topline, tends to stand a bit straight in stifle, which needs watching because clearly placement of hind legs needs care, but movement was very good. Lots of plusses

Post Graduate Bitch - Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st Leamy’s Diggmere Ediths Copper, 2 ½ year old brown roan bitch, oozes breed type, very nice build, excellent outline, with an excellent head, full of quality, skull, occiput, stop and equal muzzle to head length, good ears, pleasing eye and lovely expression with tight eye, and with a good mouth. She has good shape to neck, correct shoulders, very good height to length ratio, with good oval bone and feet, nice body shape, correct topline, nice angle to croup, tail set. She has a good bend of stifle, with good firm hocks. On the move she looks a picture, head carriage, topline retained and she carries her tail well. Moving with style and purpose and yet maintaining her femininity. Presented well in good coat to complete the picture for me and no exaggeration. First class, should have a promising future. Bitch CC – litter sister to Reserve Dog CC.

2nd Mortimer’s Scodinzolare Philomen, Quality orange bitch, longer body than 1, with very nice typy head, good work in skull, nice occiput, very good eye and expression. Medium length of neck, good shoulders, some forechest, good spring of ribs, decent topline, strong loin, with decent depth of underline. She has straight forelegs, a medium bend of stifle, good hocks, on the move she moves well, but today tended to have her tail down between her legs and head down slightly in profile movement, but she has reach and a little drive. Her coat is in good condition, so lots of good qualities.

Limit Bitch - Entries: 10 Absentees: 2 – A very good class.

1st McGregor’s Diggmere Gignese 5-year-old Brown/R of nice overall shape, not too long and of a good height ratio. She has pleasing head qualities, with a good shape to her skull some occiput, with a nice eye, good muzzle shape, pleasing head plains, good ear set. Her construction fore and aft is good, her forelegs are straight and of good bone. She has a good underline, good body shape, mature looking, with medium short loin, correct topline, good bend to hind angulation and reasonable hocks, very good tail set. On the move she moves well with good forward reach and drive. Her coat is in good condition and covers the body well. Well handled.

2nd Bovio’s Ilsolo River Island JW, just over four years of age, this medium sized O/W bitch, is such a beautiful mover, she really covers the ground well, giving it her all, with head up, tail out, really looks as though she is enjoying herself. She is solidly built, of good type, has a breed specific outline and with such a lovely head, shortish neck, good shoulders, nice spring of rib. Her hindquarters are so strong and clearly drive the machine. Everything blends nicely.

3rd Duncan’s Diggmere Struffoli at Larhuly

Open Bitch - Entries: 7 Absentees: 2 –

1st James’ Inostricani Fianna, four-and-a-half-year-old O/W bitch. Flashy, a little more presentation has gone into the style of this feminine girl. She has a lot of style, she is a nicely shaped bitch from any angle, with all the essentials. She has a lovely head, I liked her expression, with good clean eyes of a decent shade, she has a nice occiput, her neck is short. She has good construction fore and aft, with good bone and feet. This girl impresses with her movement and style around the ring. She has a good topline and undercarriage and a good body shape. I would like a bit more body coat, but I am sure it is coming. She has a good tail set. A very close decision for me between my CC winner and this lovely bitch. Reserve Bitch CC.

2nd Burrows’ Quebaikei Russian Blizzard (ai) A pleasing quality O/W bitch, very typy, nice head, neck, shoulders, good topline, good ribbing, nice short loin, good bend of stifle, short hocks, in nice coat. moving really well. Looks the part.

3rd Kruglow’s Amberellie Rosanna

Veteran Bitch - Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1st Allum & Dewar’s Sh Ch Inostricani Palmina del Macarica JW ShCM, very nice typy bitch with very nice head and expression, good muzzle and divergent head plains, good strong neck, good shoulders, nice bone and feet, good spring of rib, square in outline, topline has a bit of a steep dip and rise over croup, but tailset quite good. She has a moderate bend of stifle; on the move she covered the ground well and was precise in going forward with drive. Best Veteran.

2nd Duncan’s Diggmere Strawberry Heart at Larhuly, tallish bitch very nicely constructed, good outline, correct head, good ears, nice muzzle, good median furrow, nice bone and feet, moderately good bend of stifle, good hocks. On the move she is very free moving, front good. Good width of chest. Not a lot to choose between 1 and 2 just preferred the overall impression of the winner on the move.

3rd Boyes-Weston’s Inostricani Crown Jewels

Judge: Mr Chris Bexon