• Show Date: 10/05/2024
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Amanda Mills Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 11/05/2024

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Hungarian Puli

Firstly, thank you to the Society for the invitation to judge at this great show. I was really looked after by everyone and had 2 efficient, hard-working stewards.

Thank you to the exhibitors for entering your dogs today, it really is appreciated and almost everyone accepted the result in a sporting, respectful manner.

I really do enjoy judging the breed I love, although at times there’s some difficult decisions to be made, which are part and parcel of the job. You really do have to judge things as you see them on the day.

Before coming today, I knew what I wanted to find and what my priorities were, not everyone will agree with those things, but that also is part and parcel of the job of being a judge. I stuck to that throughout though and in the end, I was very happy with my main winners. As per the general description of the Puli in the breed standard, I was looking for a sturdy, muscular, wiry, fine boned, square Puli. A herding breed that is built for endurance. From the ringside and as a judge, I have been disappointed to see movement becoming an issue within the breed over recent years and that was very much present today. Poor body/muscle condition and incorrect/unbalanced angulation I found in a lot of exhibits. I also appreciate a well-presented Puli kept in good coat condition, that was also mixed today. The type as always was very mixed.

There were also a lot of positives. A lot with good length of leg, correct neck lengths and square profile. Some nice youngsters too who I will watch with interest and hope they develop into the next stars of the breed. Interesting today that I awarded the DCC & RBCC to Pulis who are sired by the dog I gave the DCC last time I judged. The BCC & BOB is also the mum to the DCC & RBCC. Clearly a good pairing and both have passed on a lot of their virtues.


Class 1239 MPD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3473 KEELING, Miss Karen Catsun Singular Sensation For Wisley – 7m black. Promising puppy, correct square outline with good length of leg. Excellent pigment throughout. Nicely proportioned head, with slight dome to skull, ears a little higher set but could settle with maturity. Balanced angulation. Correct length of neck into well laid shoulders, elbows tight. Rear straight with low set hocks. Sound mover in all directions, short stepping action in profile. In the best puppy challenge, he didn’t want to carry his tail and therefore lost out to his litter sister. But this is a promising puppy. BPD.

Class 1240 PD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

2 nice puppies, it was a close decision between the 2, but the front build and front action of 1st was the deciding factor today.

1st: 3473 KEELING, Miss Karen Catsun Singular Sensation For Wisley – as per MPD.

2nd: 3470 HENSHAW-WOOD, Mr. Andrew Magikus Sirius Black – 11m black. Another promising puppy who looks very smart stood, with his lovely outline and good length of leg. He is older and therefore more mature than 1, so is better in body at the moment. But there’s a lot of maturing to go for both puppies. He has excellent pigment, a nice size head which is of good proportions, correctly set ears. He has well laid shoulders, but right now he is set too wide in front and soft in front pasterns. This shows on the move. Strong rear and clean driving action. Correct short stepping profile action. Well-presented and handled.

Class 1241 JD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3470 HENSHAW-WOOD, Mr. Andrew Magikus Sirius Black – as per 2nd in puppy.

2nd: 3471 HUDSON, Mr. & Mrs. M C Mournebrake Also An Angel – 9m fawn. Lacking in breed type compared to 1. Longer cast, quite large all through, a bit too much for me at this age. His head is in proportion to his overall size. He is a bit longer than ideal in muzzle. He is balanced in angulation, and this shows on the move. Sound in all directions.

Class 1242 PGD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3480 THOMAS, Miss H L Chesmes Kutya Magyar Gryff At Mournebrake – won this class on more breed typical features. 2 yr. black. Good outline and length of leg. The head is a good size with decent proportions. He has a short neck with a good front and tight elbows. Short loin. He has moderate rear angulation. He needs to firm up a bit more, improve in muscle and mature more in body.

2nd: 3472 KEELING, Miss Karen Montydom White Riot In Wisley 2 ½ yr. white. Correct outline. He has a slightly longer muzzle than ideal. Good pigment for a white. He is quite straight in shoulder; therefore, his movement looks restricted in front. Rear angulation and movement are better.

Class 1243 LD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

This wasn’t an easy class, 2 lovely males of different types with different virtues. Eventually, I gave way to the better length of leg on 1.

1st: 3466 COWLEY, Mrs. L & Mr. K Kashbeluli There We Are Then JW – masculine boy, higher end of height scale, very square outline. He has very good head proportions and lovely pigment. His coat is coming on well. He is of a really nice build, just right for bone and substance. Balanced angulation, in profile he is typical in action. He just needs to firm up a bit more in rear, but for a Puli, he is still a young dog, so he has plenty of time for that.

2nd: 3467 CROWTHER, Mr. Ian Hope Porgeloci Tajtek At Catsun – last time I judged him I awarded the RCC. I still really love the type of Puli he is. He has such a lovely head with a great expression. Super pigment. He is a bit more moderate in angulation and movement than 1 and a little lower in leg. Short, strong neck. Good depth of chest. I would prefer a bit more drive from the rear.

Class 1244 OD (2 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 3475 KNIGHT, Mrs. C M Flindattie The Shogun – coming up to 5 yrs., black. One I have liked the look of since he was a puppy and was pleased to get to judge him today. He is a lovely male, spot on for size and build. Lovely shape. Excellent pigment throughout. Head is balanced, lovely expression. Correct, strong neck leading into excellent front assembly. Tight at elbow. Excellent body condition. Good depth of chest. Balanced rear angulation. When he is focused on the task in hand, he is a very sound mover, clean driving action. He has a strong ring presence. I really liked him and was pleased to award him the DCC, which after I learned was his third. Congratulations!

Class 1245 VD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3476 SHARPE, Miss Nicola & DYER, Mr. Mark Ch Catsun Comanche Legacy ShCEx – 7 yr. black. A testament to never giving in, on his third time of being entered under me, this is the best result he’s had and he was in good company today. There’s a lot to like about this male. He is presented in excellent coat. He has correct head proportions, excellent pigment. Slightly longer neck than some here today, but he has a very nice front, tight elbow. He is very wiry in build I would say, I prefer a bit more substance. He’s a bit longer in loin, so couldn’t match DCC for outline. His movement won him the RCC, very sound, very balanced, flew round the ring.


Class 1247 MPB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3484 WEBSTER, Miss Lucy & TOPPING, Mr. P Catsun Pop My Cork – lovely 7m black. Full of attitude, in the best way. Already just full of herself and so positive. She is a lovely shape with a good length of leg. She has a pretty head which is nicely proportioned. Excellent pigment. Like her litter brother, her ears are a bit high set. But she has so many virtues that can’t be ignored. On the move she is very typical, short stepping. BPIB.

2nd: 3482 THOMAS, Miss H L Chesmes Kutya Magyar Hettie At Mournebrake – 6m black, although I do think she might end up grey. She is of a decent shape and size. Pretty head with good pigment. She has a good length of neck into a decent front. A bit too over angulated in rear in comparison to front, so it does make her look a bit unbalanced in profile action. She is sound. Obviously only a baby, so lots of time for things to change.

3rd: 3463 COOK, Mrs. Lesley & ANDERTON, Mr. & Mrs. P & S Montydom Back To The Future For Weetoneon (ai)

Class 1248 PB (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3463 COOK, Mrs. Lesley & ANDERTON, Mr. & Mrs. P & S Montydom Back To The Future For Weetoneon (ai) – 8m black. Another of decent type, a bit longer in loin than the other puppies here today, so she is a bit off square. Feminine head, good pigment. Today, I thought she was moving a bit wide coming towards me, she looks typical in profile and is sound in rear.

Class 1249 JB (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3469 GRACIE, Ms. M R Mournebrake Dear Prudence At Celebros TAF. 8m, registered as fawn. No black mask, which is preferred. Pigment overall is poor. She has a better outline than her sister and a more typical head. It is of good proportions. She is a sound mover, and the coat is in good order.

2nd: 3481 THOMAS, Miss H L Mournebrake Touch An Angel. 8m, same remarks on colour and pigment as her sister. She is not a bad shape, just a bit longer in loin than 1. Her head proportions aren’t correct, and she is quite narrow in muzzle. I found it difficult to assess her movement today, she was very bouncy. Nothing about her construction on examination seemed incorrect, so I’m sure she would have been sound as her sister was.

Class 1250 PGB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3462 ANDERSON, Mrs. J & MAYNE, Miss L Vilmos Viva La Diva – coming up to 2yr black. Very pretty, feminine girl. Lovely type. Super outline. Excellent head proportions. Correct neck into good front assembly. Balanced rear angulation. Typical short stepping action and sound in all directions. Pigment is acceptable. Needs to mature in body. Would prefer her to be a bit bigger overall.

2nd: 3464 COOK, Mrs. Lesley & ANDERTON, Mr. & Mrs. P & S Montydom Chantilly Lace (ay4) – decent white, she has a nice outline. To go over she is quite typical, she’s balanced in angulation. A little upright in shoulder in comparison to 1. She has good pigment for a white and nicely proportioned head. Lack of head coat does detract though. On the move, she’s what I would describe as racy, not as typical as 1.

3rd: 3468 GRACIE, Ms. M R Mournebrake Pretty Little Angel Eyes At Celebros

Class 1251 LB (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3478 THOMAS, Miss H L Mournebrake Insomnia Café – 4 yr. black. She has a decent outline. Quite a strong head with longer muzzle than ideal. Her neck length is good. She has correct pigment all through. Her movement is good in profile, but her rear action isn’t ideal, with her legs crossing as she goes away.

Class 1252 OB (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3465 COWLEY, Mrs. L & Mr. K Flindattie Cherry Blossom By Kashbeluli –5 yr. black. Feminine, compact girl. She has a lovely head of correct proportions with excellent pigment. She has a good length of neck leading into correct front. Short loin, good body. Rear angulations correct. Her balanced build shows in her movement, she has a correct short stepping action and is sound in all directions. I really like her, and she is very much like her mum, I just wish she had a bit more confidence. RBCC.

Class 1253 VB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

Lovely class of veteran ladies.

1st: 3474 KNIGHT, Mrs. C M Ch Weetoneon Polly Flinders. Unbelievably, she is now 11 ½ yrs. Black. I judged her a good few years ago now at a show with no CCs and she was my BOB then. I was very happy to see her enter the ring today. Super feminine, correct outline. Feminine, small head, correct slightly domed skull, excellent proportions. A short, strong neck leads into correct front. Tight elbows. In very good condition all through. Good bend of stifle. Just a very nice balanced Puli. On the move, she is very typical and positive. Light, short stepping, agile. In the BOB challenge, she really stepped it up too, so ended up BCC, BOB & BVIB. Congratulations on Veteran Group 2.

2nd: 3483 WEBSTER, Miss Lucy & TOPPING, Mr. P Hampatong Head Of State – another nice veteran. Larger all through than 1, although I don’t mind that. She has a lot of virtues, good head proportions, correctly angulated, excellent pigment all through. She is lacking in body condition under that coat and on the move, she is just not quite as agile as 1. The coat is in excellent condition, and she was handled well.

3rd: 3479 THOMAS, Miss H L Mournebrake Flower Child VW

Amanda Mills