• Show Date: 23/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Zoe Adey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 12/10/2023

Okehampton & District Canine Society

Thank you Okehampton & DCS for inviting me to judge at your premier open show on 23/09/23

I must give a mention to the lovely refreshments team who did a great job of keeping the tea & cake flowing all day and to my very helpful ring steward, Chris – thank you.

I would also like to thank all the exhibitors who entered under me today & graciously accepting my decisions.


G (2/2)

1st Barrow’s Redcap Knucklebones at Meganjin. Skull slightly domed with stop well defined. Eyes set well apart with appealing expression. Correct earset. Correct bite. Shoulders well laid back with a lovely level topline which she held on the move. Stifles well bent. Carried her tail in correct position when on the move. Good overall balance.

2nd Breeze’s Dufosse Honestly of Parkbreeway. Head of fair length with correct bite & good earset. Good length of neck with correct shoulder placement. Nice top line when stacked. Good tail set in the right position. She was a little unsettled on the move today which made her unbalanced both coming & going. This was a shame as she is a nice young bitch.

O (3/3)

1st Breeze’s Parkbreeway Wyseman JW. Lovely angulations both front & rear giving him plenty of drive when on the move. Nicely domed head with stop well defined. Ears of correct length. Dark eyes set well apart. Correct scissor bite. Held his topline of the move & moved out well with enthusiasm.

BOB. I was pleased to see him awarded with HG4 under the group judge later in the day – congratulations.

2nd Barrow’s Timamso Magic Flute at Megangin. Lovely tan & white bitch with good front assembly. Correct head with soft expression. Ears of good length. Correct scissor bite. Good topline both stacked & on the move. Correct tailset. Nice tidy and tight feet. I just preferred the overall shape & balance of 1 today.


Basset Hound

PG (1/1)

1st Wilding & Nixon’s Nelgus Chunchie Nut at Brackenacre TAF

6-month-old bitch at her first show & clearly enjoying herself in the ring which was lovely to see.

Lovely head with correct lozenge shaped eyes. Ears set on low with correct length & curling inwards.

Shoulders well laid back with upper arm lying close to the ribs. Lovely long body with adequate chest clearance to the ground. Stifles well bent with hocks let down. Lively on the move as you would expect at this age, but I saw enough to see that forelegs were well reaching well forwards & she has a lovely action. Should have a good career ahead of her.

BPIB & RBOB – I was so pleased to see her go onto Puppy Group 2 under the group judge – Congratulations to her owners. One I will watch with interest.

O (1/1)

1st Wilding’s Nelgus Wild Jasmine

Lovely 7-year-old bitch who looked like she could do a good days work in the field.

Correct head with good length of flew. Large, well opened nostrils. Ears of good length with correct curl. Correct scissor bite. Muscular & long neck leading into a long & deep body. Shoulders were well laid back with prominent breastbone. Elbows neatly against her sides. Well sprung ribs extending well back. Back broad & level. Good muscle on the hind quarters with well bent stifles. Tell well set on. Good powerful action with great drive from behind. Looked lovely both stacked & on the move.


I must take my hat off to this exhibitor today who was showing her dogs with her broken arm in plaster – that’s dedication for you! I wish you a speedy recovery.

Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit)

O (2/2)

1st Fordham’s Elsfie Monsieur Oakley

Celebrating his 4th birthday here today, this lovely young dog was full of ring presence as soon as he entered. Moderate length, slightly domed skull. Stop well defined. Strong underjaw. Wide nostrils. Lips well covered with long hair forming his beard & moustache. Lovely dark eye. Correct ear set. Good scissor bite. Long neck well set into shoulders. Deep chest with moderately rounded ribs extending well back. Good bend of stifle. Tail carried in a sabre like position on the move. Lovely coat in good condition.


2nd Crowe’s Caldewriver Madame Hattie at Elsfie

7-year-old bitch & dam of winner. Very similar in attributes as her son above & most of the same comments apply here. A lovely type with good movement coming & going. Held her topline on the move. Not quite as balanced in her free stand as winner. For me, I preferred the overall outline & balance of 1 today but I’m sure they swap places regularly.


Zoe Adey (Rubeusbay)