• Show Date: 28/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Yvonne Cannon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 06/09/2023

Leicester City Canine Society

Leicester City Canine Society 28th August 2023 I would like to thank the officers and committee for the invitation to judge, and to my ring stewards Alison and John. Airedale Terrier Junior (1,0a) 1st Hall’s Muliebrity Purple Heart Aven Tonerrier. 15-month-old male with a masculine head and expression of good proportions. Strong jaws with the correct bite. Well balanced in outline, level back, well ribbed back. Angulations reasonable, good depth of chest. Excellent coat texture, moved soundly behind, front action not to his advantage, more forward movement would benefit. Presented and handled well. BOB / Group 4. Cairn Terriers Junior (3, 1a) 1st Ballinger’s Cloverbrook Game Set NMatch. 15 month old male, with good head proportions, excellent eye, with strong jaw and correct bite, well balanced in outline, with good angulations and level back. Stands well on all four paws. Good depth to ribs and well ribbed back. Harsh coat. This male showed to his best advantage. BOB 2nd Udova’s Barry Burton The Brave. 14-month-old male with masculine head with excellent bite. Level back. Would prefer more angulation fore and aft. Good dept to ribs and well ribbed back. More reach and drive would be to his advantage. Harsh coated and handled well. Open (9, 3a) 1st Keeves Seveek Guilded Dream. 2-year-old male with head of good proportions, strong jaw and excellent bite. Good dept of ribs, well ribbed back. Stands well on all four paws. Good length of neck, level back, a shade short in back. Moved soundly fore and aft. Very much on his toes. Harsh coat. Well-presented and handled. Res BOB. 2nd Bubb’s Wandris Please Yourself JW. 20-month-old female. Feminine head and expression, with strong jaw and excellent bite. Good dept of ribcage, level back and well ribbed back. Stands well on all fours. Moved soundly behind, had a slight tendency to toe in in front. Harsh coat and well-presented and handled. 3rd Metcalf-Sault’s Cannwood Quiet Reflections. Smooth Fox Terrier Open (3,2a) 1st Brookes Zetamaz I’m Your Man. 2-year-old male. Head of good proportions with correct bite. Short back, standing well over ground with good bone and feet. Good depth of chest. In excellent condition, well-muscled behind. Moved soundly. (BOB) A.V.N.S.C Terrier Puppy (3,0a) 1st Gee’s Watercroft Mood Dust (Norfolk) 7-month-old, small, smart and compact, full of character which he used to his advantage. Excellent type with correct head proportions and expression. Well-proportioned in outline with level topline. Angulations good fore and aft and moved soundly in all aspects. Well-presented and handled. I was delighted to hear he continued to win BPIS (Best Puppy, Best Puppy in Group) 2nd Davis’s Watercroft Cosmic Dust (Norfolk) 7-month-old, little brother to 1. Excellent type, full of character, with good head proportion and expression. Level topline. Good angulations fore and aft, moved well but not as settled on the move as 1. Well-presented and handled. 3rd Parker’s Dinglebrooke Heart and Soul (Sealyham) Junior (3,0a) 1st Gee’s Watercroft Billy The Kid (Norfolk) 14 month old male of an excellent type, small and compact with correct head proportions. Level topline, good ribcage and angulations fore and aft. Moved well in all aspects. Well-presented and handled. 2nd Hannington’s Boudievella Rosie (Glen of Imaal). 13-month-old of an excellent type, feminine head of good width. Correct balance in outline, with well sprung ribs, well ribbed back. Angulations good fore and aft. Moved soundly but would benefit with a shade more drive behind. Well-presented and handled. 3rd Wilson & Winson & Harrison’s Jenkir Artemis. (Bull Terrier) Open (5,0a) 1st Bradbury’s Ch Nunneley Hopscotch Over Ornella (JW). Sealyham. 3-year-old female, with feminine expression and head of good proportions. Good substance and balanced in outline. Angulations good fore and aft. Broad chest with well sprung ribs, well ribbed back. Level topline. Moved soundly. Well-presented and handled. (Best AVNSC and Terrier Group 1). 2nd Bradbury’s Ch Fourastay Fontayne JW. (West Highland) Four-year-old male, with head of good proportions carried correctly on neck. Good angulations, level back, good depth to chest and well ribbed back. Good coat texture and moved well. Well-presented and 3rd Gee’s Watercroft Gin Fizz A.V. Terrier Veteran (10, 4a) 1st Rowe & South Illori Akinlana JW ShCM VW (Staffordshire Bull Terrier). 9-year-old male, of good type, with good head proportions. Good depth of chest, well sprung ribs spring of rib, well ribbed back. Stood soundly on all fours, fore legs straight and hind legs parallel. In excellent body condition and musculature. Moved soundly. Well-presented and handled. (Best A V Terrier Veteran). 2nd Bett’s Ch Ornella Country Living ShCM ShCEx. 7-year-old male. Well-made and of a nice type. Good front, depth of chest well ribbed back. Angulations good, moved soundly, he could use his tail more to his advantage. Soundness and type scored. 3rd Hannington’s Ch/Bel/NL/ESP Ch Boudivella Osca (Glen of Imaal) Terrier Group 1st Bradbury’s Ch Nunneley Hopscotch Over Ornella (JW). 2nd Munn’s Snowmeadow Suzy Sixpence. (Soft Coated Wheaten). 6-year-old with head of correct proportions. Correct outline and good angulations fore and aft. Well sprung ribs with deep chest. Strong in constitution with level back. Her coat is correct in texture and colour. She moved soundly with good reach and drive. Well-presented and handled. 3rd Symons Olliesorchids Vintage Fizz 4th Hall’s Muliebrity Purple Heart Aven Tonerrier. Puppy Terrier Group 1st Gee’s Watercroft Mood Dust (Norfolk) 2nd Miller’s Skyland Consort. (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) 10-month-old, feminine head and expression, with a lovely dark eye. Level topline with well sprung ribs. Stands well fore and aft with good angulations. Moved soundly and shown in excellent condition. 3rd Sneddon’s Ravenaisw Play The Game Kersfell. (Border) 4th Kinchin’s Kulawand Mini’s Mischief (JRT) Judge: Yvonne Cannon Corrloughl/Cloughlea