• Show Date: 03/12/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Will Croxford Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 21/03/2024

Bristol & District Dog Club

Bristol & District Dog Club 3rd December 2023

Afghan Hound

Class 150 PG (2,1)

1st Gunn, Katanga’s God Of Mischief. A nicely made male, with a sound movement. Presented in good condition. A little bit overwhelmed today but his handler did a great job with him. BOB.


Class 152 PG (4,1)

1st Scarlett, Rossut Vestry With Michelroy. A nicely balanced female, with a lovely attitude. A clean front, with a good carriage in profile. A feminine head with good proportions. BOB & G4.

2nd Bell-Thomas, Amorpapaver Hercule. A well muscled male, a strong head with a good eye. Balanced throughout good sound mover.

Class 153 OD (3,2)

1st Bell-Thomas, Amorpapaver Jupiter. Attractive head on well laid shoulders. Good spring of rib, and length of loin. Held topline on move.

Class 154 OB (4,0)

1st Scarlett, Rossut Vestry With Michelroy.

2nd Roberts & Spearing, Linkenless Lyric. A bitch of correct size and nice outline. A Feminine expression with dark pigment. Moved with purpose.

Dachshund Miniature Smooth Haired

Class 155 SY (7,1)

1st Wilkinson & Wakeham, Bronia Gabriel For Wakywilks. This dog took my eye as soon as he walked in. Had a lovely head on a well balanced and proportioned body. Had a good carriage, and sound movement. BOB & G3.

2nd Small, Redteckel Story Maxin For Devondax. A 6 month old with a lot of promise. A noticeable ‘baby’ but held herself well round the ring.

Class 156 PG (2,1)

1st Small, Daxiemoors Hot Shot For Devondax. A very happy puppy who showed it on the move. An appealing head with a pleasing expression. Good pigmentation. BPIB PG3

Class 157 O (6,3)

1st Rose, Pennydach Mystique At Rosencrantz. Created a lovely outline standing and on the move. A good clean head. Nicely made and good mover.

2nd Ashby, Midlandbulls Willow At Jaxinorydax.

Ibizan Hound

Class 159 O (4,1)

1st Carter, CH Afilador Room On The Broom. This 8 year old is in excellent form and fit condition, lovely head and expression, balanced angulation and sound mover. An overall very pleasing picture. BOB.

2nd Carter, Amahte Bewitched Imp Can. 10 year old, who again is in great condition. Slightly longer than 1st. Another good head, and sound mover. Credit to owner.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Class 160 PG (2,0)

1st Smith, Ungowa Here You Come Again. A bitch who had a good head and eye. Had a clean front and rear. Powerful mover and sound. She was balanced throughout. BOB.

2nd Hall, Kenzduo Daffodil. Another nice female. Head wasn’t a strong as 1 but still pleasing to go over. A well muscled girl, with good movement. Head carriage on move was good.

Class 161 O (2,0)

1st Smith, Ungowa Here You Come Again.

2nd Hall, Kenzduo Daffodil.


Class 162 Puppy D/G (1,0)

1st Glithero & Philo, Palmik Against All Odds For Coppershell. A nice typey male, who had a pleasing head into a flowing neck and good shoulders. He was well muscled, balanced and tidy. I will look forward to following his progress. BPIB PG1

Class 163 SY (2,1)

1st Cockwell, Shelsue Tullibardine. A bitch who was good to go over. An appealing head with good eye. A nice moving bitch and on the move in profile created a good outline.

Class 164 PG (3,2)

1st Wayman, Ranveli Beach Boy at Scarletfair. He was attractive boy with a good overall outline, into a nice neck. Handle very well and shown in great condition.

Class 165 O (3,0)

1st Woodward, Bryntreia Whispered Love At Palmik JW. A very pretty bitch who was balanced throughout. She had a lovely head, into a nice neck and shoulders. Flowed throughout. Well angled rear, moved with ease. BOB G2

2nd Wayman, Collooney Charlie Brown At Scarletfair JW. A nice male which I liked for his overall body and proportions with good muscle. Created a great image when stood and in profile.

AVSNC Miniature Dachshund

Class 166 PG (3,1)

1st Small, Kenzduo Monday Mojito At Devondax. Miniature Long Haired, with a pleasing head and good body. Nice shoulder, front assembly and rear. Balanced throughout, sound mover.

2nd Kilroy, Blackvein Rambler At Janacop JW. Miniature Wire. Was in good condition, with correct coat texture. In good muscle, with strong movement.

AVNSC Standard Dachshund

Class 168 PG (8,3)

1st Rycroft, Fantastic Frank At Trisensara JW. 17 Month old, with a good head, neck, shoulders and front assembly. Of good weight and body.

2nd Rycroft, Carpaccio Queen Consult For Trisensara. 6 Month old black and tan puppy. A very charismatic puppy with a fantastic temperament. Great showmanship, and carriage on the move. BP PG2

Class 169 O (3,1)

1st Rowe, Boloria Sugar ‘N Spice. A well balanced bitch. A very pleasing head into good neck, front and feet. A sound powerful mover, with great carriage and help topline. Lovely to go over. BOB G1


Class 171 P (2,1)

1st Adnerbs Won Vision Of Gobannium JW. Sloughi, who was in good body and muscle. An appealing head into clean front. Was a nice sound mover.

Class 172 SY (2,0)

1st Cockbill, Cealdstan Artistic Mystic. Norwegian elkhound, who was in good coat. Pleasing wedge head, into ok shoulders. A pretty bitch. Moved soundly to and from. BOB

2nd Carter, Rangali Booty Licious. A balanced Fauve, who was of good colour and coat. Good head into nice shoulders. Good carriage.

Class 173 O (2,0)

1st Cockbill, Cealdstan Artistic Mystic.

AV Import Register.

Class 174 O (1,0)

1st Gunn, Stonemartin Ailbe With Katanga. An Azawakh who had a lovely head, with good expression. Well curved and angled with good delicate movement. Created a lovely outline when stood. Best Import.

AV Hound Puppy.

Class 175

1st Small, Redteckel Story Maxin For Devondax.

2nd Janacop Magic May.

AV Hound Veteran.

Class 176

1st Rowe, Boloria Trick or Treat JW. Wire Haired with super head, shoulders and front. Correct harsh coat. Sound powerful mover with great carriage. Handled to perfection.

2nd Wayman, Crème Anglais One Knight At Scarletfair VW. Whippet who was in fabulous condition for his age. A lovely head, into good neck and body. Well balanced throughout who was handled so well. A credit to owners.