• Show Date: 09/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Wendy Pickup Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 23/11/2023

Lothian Canine Club

Lothian Canine Club – 9th September 2023


OPEN (3, 1abs)

1st Torbett’s Kirlinjis Fast ‘n’ Furious. BOB.

Blue roan male just coming up to 13 months of age. Wasn’t settled on the move today, but I preferred his neck set into withers and depth of brisket to 2nd. Well balanced outline, nice angles at each end, well sprung ribs and good depth of body. Good bone and tight feet, did move straight coming and going away.

2nd Torbett’s Kirlinjis Moonlight.

Noticed later she is the litter sister to 1st. Very well presented blue roan coat, feminine head with gentle expression, ideal rib cage which reached well back and had good spring, top line slopes slightly to correct tail set. Quality bone, straight front, cat like feet.


OPEN (5, 1abs)

1st Stevenson’s Banshee White Roll. BOB. G2.

I was impressed by her balanced outline, equal angulation, solid bone, dignified attitude. Head appealed for broad skull, obvious brows, square muzzle, a slightly larger eye would have completed the picture but her eyes were clean and bright. Shoulders long and sloping, deep chest, straight front, round feet. Ribs with good spring and depth and reaching well back, firm loin, deep through flank. Drove well from powerful hindquarters, good quality coat which was well presented.

2nd Hanney’s Maursett Moruisg.

Plenty of coat which was well presented, moved straight coming towards and was impressive in profile movement. Masculine head, muzzle balanced with skull, good stop, intelligent expression from kind eyes. Good length of neck, well laid shoulders, rib cage with excellent spring and depth, well bent stifle, strong bone, large round feet.

3rd Brown’s Maursett Meadie.


OPEN (3, 0abs)

1st Ganarin’s Berkenbar Giovanni. BOB.

Mature male at 5 years old, moved well and gave a good account of himself. Attractive head, slight dome to skull, deep muzzle, kind and alert expression from medium sized eyes. Clean neck which was well set into withers and flowed to strong top line, tail set on correctly. Well laid shoulders, straight front legs, elbows close to body, well sprung ribs. Good bone and compact feet. Not in his best coat today, very well handled.

2nd Wilson & Connor’s Pinereoch No Stunts Larrie.

Beautifully presented clean quality coat. Straight front, good bone, tight feet, Shoulders long and sloping, similar upper arms placing forelegs well under body. Good spring of rib, loin strong and well coupled, well handled, together they made a good team.

3rd Rose’s Pinereoch Amethyst of Rosannoch.


JUNIOR ((1, 0abs)

1st Harris’ Dymexe Outlander at Siancala.

10 month old male who needs to settle, but this will come with more training. Was very interested in what might be in his handler’s hand, which unfortunately made it difficult to assess his head and muzzle. Correct scissor bite. Good length of neck flowed seamlessly into firm top line. Liked his front assembly, shoulders well laid, elbows close to body. Ribs with good spring and reaching well back. Moved freely and with positive attitude.


1st Riach’s Aricdell Kraienkoppe. BOB.

Stood foursquare and wagged, showed herself off to advantage. Longish head, strong jaws. Deep chest and straight front, quality bone, firm pasterns, strong feet with well arched toes. Well angled fore and aft, well sprung ribs, compact loin. Moved straight and true coming and going and was impressive in profile movement. In full shining black coat, excellent condition, well presented and well handled.

2nd Mackessack-Leitch’s Finhamspride Kia.

Typical head, long and well shaped, kind eye, intelligent expression, ears close to her head. Constantly wagging tail showed she was very happy, and pleased to be with her sympathetic handler, they made a great team. Just coming into well kept coat. Not quite the substance of 1st, and would have preferred slightly longer neck.

3rd Williamson’s Hoedun Joy Ride to Sandti.

OPEN (2, 1abs)

1st Flynn’s Simon Says Home To The Castle.

Balanced in profile, was well schooled and well handled. Appealing head, long and nicely moulded, slight stop, muzzle balanced with skull. Angulation equal fore and aft, impressive rib cage with gradual spring and reaching well back, strong and compact loin. Preferred front movement and pasterns of winner of PG for BOB.



1st Ungoed-Thomas’s Afinmore Allium at Murlaggan.

2 year old black bitch with good harsh weather resistant coat, strong and muscular all through. Most appealing head with broad skull, powerful jaws, kind expression from medium sized eyes, head well set into strong neck. Long shoulders well laid back, hind angulation with equal merit, broad hind quarters. Chest with good width, pleasing spring of rib but a bit longer in the loin than some. Active movement with accurate footfall, straight and level coming and going, well handled.

2nd Pollock’s Pollham Saucy Sue.

Nice sized bitch, loved her head, feminine and clean cut, intelligent expression from kind eye. Powerful neck set into good layback of shoulder, straight frontlegs with good bone, round compact feet, correct bend of stifle. More depth of brisket than 1st but unfortunately tended to pace on the move.

3rd Gardner’s Rewari Emeta.

OPEN (4, 2abs)

1st Mullett’s Shaymiloney Schinus Afinmore. BOB.

This 7 year old gentleman showed himself off very well, knows his job and enjoyed being in the ring, well schooled and moved accurately. Liked his overall shape, balanced outline, impressive angulation and good spring and depth of rib. Appealing masculine head which was well shaped, kind eye, correct ear set, used his ears and eyes well to show his strong will to please. Shoulders well laid and plenty of width across thigh, well turned stifle. Good bone and compact feet, correct otter tail which he constantly wagged, and carried correctly.

2nd Pollock’s Pollham Jump For Joy.

2 year old yellow bitch. At first I thought she would be my winner, she has a balanced outline when standing, but tended to carry her tail very high which detracted from her attractive make and shape. Pleasing feminine head, skull, kind eye and melting expression. Shoulders well laid back, good spring of rib and ideal depth of body. Good bone, neat feet. Good coat. Well handled.


OPEN (3, 1abs)

1st Stewart’s & Boyles’ Magregor Amourette avec Levagrad. BOB. G4.

Liver and white ticked bitch who exudes quality all through. Appealed for well proportioned head, muscular neck set into withers, firm top line, excellent shoulder placement and turn of stifle to match. Chest nice and deep, but slightly too wide, sometimes did affect her movement coming towards, straight front legs with good bone, slightly sloping pasterns, compact feet with strong nails. Strong back end, ideal width between hocks, movement straight when moving away. In profile covered the gorund well, with free flowing powerful gait.

2nd Brown’s Montalba Mister Teatime.

Liver and white ticked coated male. Clean cut head, soft expression from intelligent eye. Well angled shoulders, plenty of depth through brisket, good spring of rib, short couplings, well turned stifle, good bone, strong pasterns, close knit feet with well arched toes. Just preferred the overall flow of conformation of 1st. Well handled.


OPEN (3, 2abs)

1st O’Brien’s Caldewriver Storm ‘n’ Teacup for Katillien. B. BOB. G1. RBPIS.

What a star! She didn’t put a foot wrong all day, and deserved her BOB, G1 and RBPIS. Workmanlike, very fit and in hard condition. Covered the ground with ease, excellent reach and powerful drive, a joy to watch in profile, and straight and true coming and going away. Very attractive head, expressive eyes, alert and biddable, wagged, eager to please. Strong neck flowed into firm top line and slightly down to tail set. Deep ribcage with good spring, muscular loin and broad hips, well bent stifles. Excellent bone and feet. Liver and white harsh wire coat, well presented. Well schooled, very well handled, doing so well and only 10 and a half months old.


OPEN (3, 0 abs).

1st Murray’s & Parker’s True Magic Of Skyrocket at Szelkiraly. BOB.

Robust and balanced appearance, strong medium bone, tight cat like feet. Well proportioned head, slight stop, kind eye, powerful muzzle, thin leathers. Muscular neck, shoulders well laid, prominent breastbone, deep through brisket, ideal width of chest, elbows tight fitting. Nice spring of rib, level top line, strong loin, thighs strong and wide. Moved with elegance, well handled.

2nd Denholm’s Roxombury Moonage Daydream of Molheden. D.

Handy sized dog with good bone and short dense coat. Fairly wide skull, deep muzzle. Medium length of neck, deep through the heart, good spring of rib, slightly longer loin than 1st, prefered head shape of 1st. Active and fit, well muscled throughout, free striding and graceful, well handled. Happy handler and happy dog presented a great team.

3rd McCulloch’s Dinnsearmor’s Glenlochy.


OPEN (3, 1abs).

1st Harris’ FitzroviaGideon’s Way. D. BOB.

Masculine appearance with balanced properties. In superb hard condition and looks as though he could do a day’s work, excellent coat. Attractive well proportioned head, profuse eyebrows, liked width and depth of muzzle, kind expression demonstrating a sense of loyalty. Slightly arched neck, deep through the heart. Straight front, good bone, moved straight and true coming towards and going away. Strong pasterns with slight slope, tight oval feet. Hocks well let down which enabled driving action, moved freely and with power, flowed around the ring.

2nd Harris’ Fitzrovia Take A Chance. D.

Untidy movement, and I preferred the head and expression of 1st. Needs to tighten but this should come with more muscle tone. Smaller frame but balanced, good reach of neck, ideal width between forelegs, straight front, strong bone Level back, ribbed well back, tail set correct and rather low. Good wire coat with waterproof undercoat, well presented.


POST GRADUATE (4, 3abs).

1st Tait’s Forester’s Northern Lights of Darkmoor. BOB.

Beautifully presented coat of quality texture. Loved his head, masculine without any sign of coarseness, clearly defined stop, broad muzzle with depth, intelligent expression from kind eye. Clean neck of good length to lay back of shoulder, straight front, good bone, oval feet. Good width of thigh and well bent stifle, short and strong hind pasterns enabling excellent drive. At just 14 months of age his elbows have time to tighten.

Open (2, 1abs).

1st Millar’s & Scobie’s Yennadon Calvay JW. D.

Very nice make and shape, balanced outline, equal angulation fore and aft. Good coat which was well presented. Well shaped head, appealing expression, would prefer a more definite scissor bite, long powerful neck, good bone and feet. Moved very well with free flowing stride, well handled.


POST GRADUATE (4, 2abs).

1st Vallance’s Lynwood Rather Ravishing at Corcencone.

Won here on balance of outline. Loved her head, feminine, proportionate, well sculpted, kind and intelligent expression, ample depth to muzzle. Well laid shoulders, deep chest, straight front, good bone with obvious sinew, small firm feet. Pleasing rib cage and depth of body, muscular loin, tail set on slightly lower. Lots of length from hip to hock. Unfortunately was not very active on the move today.

2nd Vallance’s Glencarron Second Edition to Corcencone.

18 month old bitch with glorious coat. Kind expression showing intelligence and demonstrating sweet temperament. Feminine all through, excellent bone and substance, plenty of width across thigh. Would prefer slightly more length of neck, and a bit more padding on feet but a quality bitch who was well handled.

OPEN (4, 2abs).

1st Murchison’s Kerryfair Please Please Me Corphin. BOB.

Beautifully presented 5 year old male with good quality coat and very good bone. Long and lean head of equal proportions, obvious brows, deep muzzle, appealing expression. Muscular neck with slight arch, well laid shoulders, a hand’s width of chest, straight front, very good length of rib cage with good spring, strong loin. Lots of length from hip to hock, well bent stifle, muscular hindquarters. Very well handled, together they were a pleasure to watch.

2nd Walker’s Gwendariff’s Flags Are Flyin.

Skull slightly rounded in shape, attractive expression from kind eye, deep muzzle, would have preferred a more definite scissor bite. Chest not as deep as 1st, elbows well let down, straight front and firm feet with slight arch to toes. Adequate spring of rib cage and turn of stifle. Tail set on just below the level of his back and carried level.


OPEN (1, 1abs).


OPEN (4, 1abs).

1st Vallance’s Rowanmyle Was A Skellum. English Setter. BEST AVNSC GUNDOG. G3.

Happy male with well presented blue belton coat, just coming into his prime at 4 years old, and really looking the part. Loved his head shape, kind eye, good width and depth of muzzle. Balanced outline, lean and muscular neck, level back, well set on tail. Plenty of depth through brisket, ribs well sprung with good depth, strong loin, well turned stifle. Good bone, well padded compact feet. Moved well for his quiet and expert handler, was well schooled, and put on a good performance.

2nd Cummings’ Molokain Enchanted One. Curly Coated Retriever.

Quality coat with tight black curls, feminine head which fits with the rest of her, head appealed for wedge shape and parallel planes, loved her eye and expression. Strong neck to well laid shoulders and upper arm, good bone, straight legs, tight feet. Muscular body with positive top line and pleasing rib cage, enough bend of stifle, hind pasterns short and strong, moved accurately.

3rd McAndrew’s & Boyle’s Gunsyn Wave Runner in Brackenmist (AI). Bracco Italiano.


GROUP 1 – German Wirehaired Pointer.

GROUP 2 – Clumber Spaniel.

GROUP 3 – English Setter.

GROUP 4 – German Shorthaired Pointer.


1st Vallance’s Ennydloc Yorkshire Liason to Rowanmyle. English Setter.

Well presented blue belton male with a good attitude to the ring. Well shaped head which was long and lean, has more work to do but has oval skull and deep muzzle, kind and gentle expression. Shoulders long and sloping, elbows close to body, tight feet with well arched toes. Short back, level top line, tail set on almost level and used well on the move. Has time to make more bone, neck could be cleaner. Very well handled.

2nd Brown’s Montalba Mustrum Ridcully. German Shorthaired Pointer.

Liver and white ticked coat, slightly coarse to the touch, clean and well presented. Very promising male, just 6 months old, has time to develop more angulation and drop into his stifles. Clean cut head, intelligent expression from medium sized eye, fine leathers set on high and hanging close to head. Slightly arched neck, ideal width of chest for age, straight legs with strong pleasing bone, close knit feet, well arched toes. Positive top line, well sprung ribs, tail set on slightly lower than level of back, moved actively.

3rd Johnstone’s Affric Lass. B Hungarian Vizsla.


1st O’Brien’s Caldewriver Storm ‘n’ Teacup for Katillien. G1. RBPIS.

Please see critique for German Wirehaired Pointer 1st Open.

2nd Stevenson’s Peaseblosson Brogan at Gaolachcara. English Springer Spaniel.

9 month old male with well presented liver and white coat. Quality throughout, symmetrical from every angle, attractive body properties and equal angulation fore and aft. Loved his head, fairly broad skull and matching muzzle, chiselling under eyes, well feathered ears which were close to head. Strong neck leading to sloping shoulders, deep chest, impressive bone and straight front, tight feet. Well sprung ribs and firm loin. Short hind pasterns which allowed strength to back end and sound movement. Moved with excellent reach and powerful drive, kind, happy, willing and eager to please his able handler.

3rd Gardner’s Rewari Edwardo. Labrador.


1st Williamson’s Thornywait Atomic Betty for Sandti. Golden Retriever.

Cream coated bitch, very nearly 9 years old and not showing her age at all, well muscled and moved actively with reach and drive, straight coming and going. Nicely shaped head, kind dark eye. Shoulders long in blade and well laid back, good return of upper arm which placed front legs well under body, excellent bone, neat feet. Deep through brisket, good spring of rib, tail level off back. Strong hind quarters, short hind pasterns. Happy disposition, wagged, biddable, keen to please her able handler.

2nd MacLaine’s & Dickson’s Greyspirit Purdue JW, ShCM, ShCEx, VW, CJW17, CW22. Weimaraner.

7 and a half years old bitch, fit, hard condition, firm muscles allowed her to move particularly well, strode out and covered the ground with ease. Feminine head, length of skull equal to length of muzzle, kind expression from medium sized eyes, long thin leathers. Strong clean neck to well constructed forequarters, straight front legs with strong bone, compact well padded feet. Level top line, hindquarters with equal merit to the forequarters. Very well schooled and expertly handled.

3rd Murchison’s Pawsword Paperback Writer for Corphin VW. Irish Setter.

Wendy Pickup