• Show Date: 08/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Wendy Pickup Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 23/11/2023

Portsmouth & Southsea Kennel Association

Portsmouth & Southsea Kennel Association - 8th October 2023


Puppy (2, 0abs)

1st King’s Linthwaite Mathilda. BP. PG4.

Loved the outline of this 8 months old yellow bitch, topline strong and level on the move and when standing on level ground. Loved her head, broad skull with matching muzzle, medium sized eyes expressing kindly nature. Well laid shoulders which were long and sloping, ideal width and depth of chest, well sprung barrel ribs, strong loin and well made hind quarters, otter tail. Straight front with good bone, moved well once settled.

2nd Wallace’s Dreammake For Tiaja (imp DNK).

Another appealing bitch, 10 months old and still has plenty of time to tighten front movement coming towards. Yellow jacket and pleasing substance, straight bone and strongly built all through. Shorter in overall length than 1st, but full of breed type, and could obviously do a days work. Clean cut head with defined stop, kind eye, intelligent expression, ears set fairly well back, powerful muzzle. Well sprung barrel ribs which reached well back to short coupled firm loin. Tail set on level and carried well at all times.

Junior (2, 0 abs)

1st Wallace’s D For T (imp) – please see critique for 2nd in Puppy.

2nd Foster’s Midnight Shadow Magic.

This black male is built on finer lines than some, lighter in bone. At 15 months old there is time for his ribs to develop more spring, but he has good depth to his rib cage and ribs reach well back. Masculine head, biddable nature shines out from kind eye, obviously adores his gentle handler. Good width of chest, short coupled body which slopes off slightly to tail.

Post Graduate (7, 1 abs)

1st Longhurst’s Hurstmeon Just My Cup Of Tea. BOB, shortlisted in the strong Group.

Quality bitch with dense well presented black coat, expertly handled and well schooled, covered the ground well with free stride, straight and true, was a joy to watch. Balanced outline with equal angulation at both ends, shoulders long and sloping, deep through brisket, straight front, strong straight bone, compact feet. Clean cut head with kind expressive eye and strong muzzle, loved her clean neck which flowed smoothly to long and sloping shoulders, level top line, short coupled loin and correct tail set. Pleasing barrel shaped rib cage, nice depth through flank, good width across thigh, well bent stifles and hocks low to the ground. Strong and well muscled throughout, carrying just the right amount of weight.

2nd Hobby’s Icarus Call Me Madam.

Appealed greatly when standing but disappointingly she let herself down by carrying her tail too high on the move. Good shape to head, delightful expression from intelligent eye, displayed a true will to please her handler, was well schooled, active and jn hard condition. Impressive lay back of shoulder, straight front, adequate bone, pleasing body properties, barrel shaped rib cage and strong broad loin, good depth to body, well muscled hind quarters. Felt lovely to go over, had well presented yellow jacket.

3rd King’s, Johnson’s and Johnson’s Cremino Country Charm.

Open (4, 1abs)

1st King’s Linthwaite Saffron.

This yellow bitch moved particularly well, was straight going away and coming back, in profile displayed a free flowing gait and covered the ground with ease. Pleasing lay back of shoulder and matching bend of stifle, short coupled and firm loin, straight bone, compact feet, dense hair on otter shaped tail. Was attentive to her handler, was alert and ready to please. Preferred the PG winner’s substance when deciding on BOB.

2nd Autey’s Chadfrith Alcazaba.

Pleasing outline but can stand over a lot of ground which at times made him look longer than he actually is. Well presented chocolate coloured coat, masculine head with broad skull, neat ears and wide muzzle. Balanced angulation at each end, very good layback of shoulder and complimentary bend of stifle. Pleasing rib cage with good barrel shape. Impressive bone and round compact feet, used tail well to display his friendly nature. Would have liked to see him gaited a bit faster, preferred the straighter movement coming towards of 1st.

3rd Beecham’s Princess Leia at Baileydale (imp ITA).


Graduate (3, 1abs)

1st Stevens’ Hollundex Crazy Horse.

Blue roan male who responded very well to his able young handler. Won here on overall balance and really pleasing angulation both front and rear. Excellent lay of shoulder, blade was long and at correct angle, deep through brisket, chest well developed and forelegs well under body, bone straight and of good quality, well padded neat feet. Ideal spring of rib, short loin, well muscled hind quarters with correct bend of stifle and short hind pasterns which enabled him to move with drive. Appealing well chiselled head, slightly rounded skull, square muzzle, his kind nature shone out from bright eyes. Clean and tidy presentation, positive movement.

2nd Blackley’s & Salero’s Wightroche The Bee JW.

Expertly presented black female, coat of wonderful quality and texture. Feminine head of appealing shape, sweet expression from kind eye, fine leathers which were well set on. Moderate length of neck, clean throat, adequate width of chest, straight front, deep body, well sprung ribs and firm loin, slight slope of croup to tail. Broad hindquarters with good bone. Movement free and active, well handled.

Open (1, 0abs)

1st Blackley’s & Salero’s Cooleela Operation Dynamo Wightroche. BOB. G2.

Quality male, he owned the ring as soon as he entered, he had that “look at me” attitude, was bright and merry, a typical Cocker. Gleaming black jacket was clean and in excellent condition. Gorgeous masculine head, well developed skull, distinct stop, wide and powerful muzzle, appealing expression. Muscular neck leading to good length and lay of shoulders, enough width of chest, straight front, cat-like feet. Level top line and impressive ribcage, short strong loin, rounded hindquarters, well bent stifles. Very well schooled, obviously loves his job, expertly handled.


Post Graduate (1, 1abs)

Open (2, 1abs)

1st Crofts’ Micklemiss Just Looking. BOB.

Strongly made bitch with attractive square shaped head, kindly expression from clean eyes, obvious occiput and stop, nicely shaped muzzle. Longish body, ribs with good spring and carried well back, firm loin, short muscular legs, quality bone, round feet. Well schooled and well handled, at one with her sympathetic handler, attentive and keen to please.

Wendy Pickup