• Show Date: 16/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: WENDY MANNING Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 06/09/2023

Oswestry & District Kennel Association

OSWESTRY & DISTRICT KENNEL ASSOCIATION Sunday, 16th July 2023 _____________________________________________ Gordon Setter Grad. 3(2) 1st Fudge’s FIELDBERRY SECRET WEAPON AT RUFUSMOOR. BOB 14 month old male of good size for his age, well balanced throughout. Head showing all the characteristics of the breed. Decent clean neck into well placed shoulders. Good flat boned front legs, with upright pasterns. Nicely fitting elbows with good depth of brisket. Short coupled. Good markings and feathering to body. Tail carriage good and moved well. Open 2(1) Repeat Pointer Grad 5(1) 1st Colins COLLHOLME ANGELIQUE RBOB Mature near 3 year old lemon and white bitch. Good overall balance to this dog. Kind expression to head with good pigment in line with colour of bitch. Neck springing cleanly from shoulders, good depth to brisket, on straight and firm forelegs. Ribs carried well back, short coupled, with well turned stifles. Won over second on movement. 2nd Scales RIOWOOD BLACK TIE OF SALOPLASS BP PGP 3 Really liked this 6 month old black and white dog. Portraying strong example of the breed. Liked his head which was balanced and to type. Nice markings to correct coat. Strong clean neck with decent topline leading to good tail. Good spring of rib with well turned stifles, with well let down hocks and straight when viewed from the rear. 3rd Astbury RAIGMORE LEAP OF FAITH TO DORBURY Open 3 1st Colins COLLHOLME BALTHSAR BOB Two and a half year old lemon and white dog who was of good size. Very nice in profile. Head and skull proportions good with good ear placement and eye colour. Movement gained him his place over 2nd and eventually Best of Breed over his litter sister. 2nd Tregaskis MOENFAIR SANGUINE LUNA JW Another dog of good size. This dark liver and white 4 year old was strong in neck with good spring of rib. Movement on the day caused him to lose out to winner. 3rd Collins/Brigden BRAITHWAITE LOVE IN THE AIR Flatcoat Ret Open 5(2) 1st Shelley/Lutner TELURN FAME AND FORTUNE WITH RIVAGE BOB Different types of dogs here with this dog winning on general conformation and liking him in profile. 20 month old mature looking dog, who showed very nicely for his handler. Head nicely moulded. Chest deep, with good defined brisket. Would prefer a little more length to upper arm, good bone to legs with neat feet. Good feathering to coat and tail. 2nd Burrough’s I KNOW HIM SO WELL AT ROKANESS RBOB 17 month old dog of different stamp to winner. Still yet to mature fully. Decent head with good angulation to front, level topline and tail carried well on the move. Preferred winners hindquarters and length of neck, 3rd Mantle’s ALMANZA AIN’T NOBODY’S BUSINESS AT RHIEWVALLEY (IMP SWE) Cocker Spaniel Grad 3 1st Coombes TOMARISROAN STAR MAKER BOB GP 4 Blue roan bitch a little over 1 year but maturing well. Good balance in profile and on the move. Good scissor bite. Head balanced, good eye colour, clean neck, level topline and tail set correctly. Moved out well. 2nd Prydderch DARTEMIS TANIA BOREALIS BP Black and tan 11 month old bitch who was nicely marked to head, which was well balanced, good scissor bite. Not quite as compact as winner but earned her place over 3rd for hind quarters. moved out well for handler. 3rd Prydderch ROCKLLOCERS SOUL SINGER English Springer Spaniel Grad 3 1st House GLEADSBURY DESTINY BELLE BOB BP PGP1 9 month old sweet bitch who is still yet to fully mature. Although giving a lot away in age won the class on typical breed type. Very balanced throughout. Head and skull also typical of the breed with good eye colour, gentle expression and well placed ears. Good angulation to front and rear, good width to thighs, stifles moderately bent. Moved out positively. 2nd Le-Clerc HUNTERHECK FADE TO BLACK Not so typical head to this black and white 16 month old, who won over his litter sister on better balance. Would have liked to see him better settled. 3rd Le-Clerc HUNTERHECK LOST IN A SPELL Welsh Springer Spaniel Grad 4(1) 1st Lewis/Moore KIDENOAN BEHIND MAREK VON TRANNON BOB 12 month old dog just over 12 months, who was presented well, good condition and muscle tone. Liked his outline, balanced with matching balanced head. Good angulation to front and rear. 2nd Moore KEDENOAN MARK THAT BIRD 21 month old bitch who had quite similar attributes to winner but just preferred winners length of muzzle and eye colour. 3rd Astbury LEOMONA TYNFEDW ISAF Open 4 1st Moore KIDENOAN SECOND FLITE RBB 6 year old bitch who had good confirmation, good depth to brisket, nice proportions to body and leg. Good bone to legs, with elbows nicely tucked in. 2nd Philipson MENSTONIA METEOR 5 year old dog with similar qualities as winner, I just preferred body/leg proportions of winner 3rd Astbury LEOMONA TYNFEDW ISAF AVNSC Puppy 7(3) 1st Charles GUNALT THE HANGOVER BP PG2 I thought this near 7 month old male Weimaraner was very well constructed and displayed typical qualities of the breed, incorporating power with balance. It was unfortunate he played the handler up when moving for the challenge for the puppy group. 2nd Hutchins FOXRIEVER MOON DANCER 11 month old liver Curly Coated Retriever bitch. Good shape and balance to head, good eye colour to harmonise with coat. Good body proportions, decent angulation to front with moderate bend of stifle on rear, which I preferred to litter sister who was third. 3rd Inman FOXRIEVER SILVER WING AMONG KEAMAROLA C.C.R. Junior 3(2) 1st Tilston STONIELEA TOAST This 1 year old male Clumber Spaniel stood alone in his class but was a worthy winner. Good head width on skull and square to muzzle, with deep stop. Sloping shoulders with well boned straight legs. Decent width to hindquarters, hocks will let down. Good feathering to tail. Moved well and efficiently round ring. Post Grad 7(4) 1st Connolly / Guest BARDANTOP WITCHWAY BENMORBRY Near three year old H.W.Vizsla bitch, good proportions to body and length of leg, strong in neck, with level topline, sloping nicely to croup. Ribs well laid back. Feminine head, nicely proportioned with nose harmonising with coat. 2nd Dear ALDOM DOUGLAS FIR Hung. Vizsla dog, 2 years old, with good head planes, decent proportions to body, with strong hocks which assisted in his good movement around the ring. 3rd Siddens A FOXY GOZER UUT’T VOSSEBELTEVELD (Imp NLD) Large Munsterlander. Open 7(2) Moore’s ELGERT SWEET LITTLE LIES AT GADHELIC VW Best AVNSC GRP 1 An 8 year old Field Spaniel who belies her age when moving around the ring which won her the class and group. One I have judged before, 4 years ago and she still has that quality 4 years later. A very good example of the breed, 2nd Bradbury / Preston HARASTEORRA BIG BEAR JW Res AVNSC, 4 year old Sussex Spaniel. Nice example of the breed. Shame to come up against the first, but was a close decision between the two. Just preferred the movement of winner. 3rd Connolly BARDANTOP RUMBABA WITH BENMORBRY AV Import Register Open 5 (2) 1st Davies YELLO VOM ZULIMO MIT BARBAMOR (IMP CH) Best Import Barbet bitch just over a year old and still a little bit of a handful in the ring, but has a lot of ring presence. Like her overall balance/ratio with typical head, good pigment matching coat colour. In good coat displaying that rustic appearance. Good tail set which was held nicely on the move. 2nd Davies BARBAMOR STARTING ON MONDAY Res Best Import Another Barbet bitch of 4 years old. Lost out to winner as preferred the balance/ratio of body and tail carriage on the move. 3rd Botterill AWELYMOR MAELEE AVEC MUDDIWARX RL1 Gundog Veteran 10(2) 1st Tragaskis MOENFAIR TINPENNY TOD TAILS Best Veteran Black and white Pointer bitch,of 9 years. My notes say ‘all Pointer’ Feminine head, good eye colour and well placed ears, with strong well proportioned body, nicely marked. Good angles front and rear. Moved round the ring with elegance and power which just tipped the 2nd placed dog. 2nd Millington’s CARNEVAL OF GOLDEN DUCK-COBEY AT JARABEES (IMP SRB) Golden Retriever of 8 years, another who was in good form for his age. Thought it was my winner but just pipped at the post on movement. Nevertheless a good example of the breed, lovely masculine head but not overdone, good angulation to front and rear, good straight forelegs, on good feet. I believe this placing gave him his VW, congratulations. 3rd Connolly AMBIKA TRANQUIL SPIRIT FOR BENMORBRY Gundog Group 1. Field Spaniel 2. Riley’s WYLLOH LOST IN TRANSLATION Good sized dog, with pleasant head, dark eye and masculine head with gentle expression. Clean reach of neck into good front angulation, with equally good strong hind quarters. Presented well and moved out well. 3. Springer Spaniel 4. Cocker Spaniel Puppy Group 1. English Springer 2. Weimaraner 3. Pointer 4. Stokes FLYNGALEE ONLY OAKLEY AT JOBEKA Golden Retriever bitch of nearly 1 year old who I have seen her from a distance outside the ring where she can play up to her handler, but she was on form today. Lovely feminine head. Still maturing but overall a nice outline and moved out well. WENDY MANNING (OVERMARSH)