• Show Date: 15/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Vonnie Newton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Nuneaton & District Canine Society

Nuneaton & District Canine Society 15th January 2023.

I’d like to thank the committee for my appointment, their hard work and kind hospitality. Thank you also to my organised stewards and to the exhibitors who allowed me to go over some lovely examples of the breeds, with some close decisions and good sportsmanship.


Puppy 3 (0)

1) Richards’ Wildan’s Dark Sky At Elemark 11 month old slate bitch. Sweet, feminine girl, pleasing head of correct proportions, excellent dentition and pigment with an enquiring expression. Nicely balanced as predicted by her construction. Well laid shoulder and length of upper arm, with correct angulation both front and rear. Deep chest, good length of rib with short loin, nice second thighs and neat hocks. She moved confidently, yet steadily around the ring with light and lengthy strides. BP PG3

2) Bevis’ Beabeardies Xtra Special 11 month bitch. Another feminine slate of good proportions throughout. Nice head, dentition and pigment. Good length of neck into sound front assembly. Deep chest, nice length of rib and short loin with nicely muscled rear. Showed pleasing movement when settled, but preferred the balance and front extension of 1.

3) Kennedy-Jackson’s Wildan’s Sky Catcher

Yearling 6 (0)

1) Rivers’ Orora’s French Silk At Merrimak JW 15 month old dark slate bitch. Pretty young slate with a stunning expression. Good strong head, dentition, pigment into a slightly arched nice length of neck. Lovely well laid shoulder placement and length of upper arm into good depth of chest, long ribcage and short, strong loin and level topline. Nicely muscled rear and second thighs, with well let down hocks. She moved out positively in all directions with drive and displayed a pleasing outline both on the stand and on the move. Beautifully presented. BOB GRP3

2) Sale and Lewis’s Potterdale Peace Rose 2 ½ year slate bitch. Soundly constructed throughout and in full coat. Good head shape, correct bite, kind and alert expression with a lovely dark eye. Good deep chest, well angulated front and back which showed her fluent and steady movement.

3) Bevis’ Beabeardies Cinammon Girl

Open 3 (0)

1) Edward’s Kelham Like Dreams Do At Roxilyn 20 month slate bitch. Correct head, strongly made, yet elegantly feminine with correct pigment, dentition and strong jaw to match. Lovely arch of neck, good depth of chest, well-laid shoulder placement and length of upper arm. Correct length of rib and short loin, nicely muscled rear with neat hocks. Covered the ground with light, balanced strides in harmony with her handler. Just preferred the drive and outline of my winner in the challenge today.

2) Kennedy Jackson’s Wildan Sky Catcher 11 month brown dog. Strongly made masculine head with correct muzzle and jaw, with eye toning to coat. A raw baby with good overall shape and nicely balanced in profile and on the move when settled. Good angulation in both front and rear. Nicely presented and sympathetically handled-a new team, who I’m sure will develop together as their show career progresses.

3) Bevis’ Ramsgrove Sunshine At Beabeardies

Vonnie Newton (Alkibia)