• Show Date: 01/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Vonnie Newton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Chelmsford & District Canine Society

Chelmsford & District Canine Society 1st May 2023

Many thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge at this well-run show and my super steward for her support. As always thank you to the exhibitors for allowing me to go over some lovely examples of the breed.


Puppy 2 (0)

1) Marsby’s Kiltondale Hot Favourite For Marsby 9 month bitch. This sweet girl who really appealed for type with a beautiful expression to match. Good head and strong jaw with excellent dentition and pigment. Nicely arched neck into well laid shoulder and good length of upper arm with matching rear angulation. Good chest depth and length of rib. Steady picture on the move with pleasing light and lengthy strides whilst sympathetically handled. BP PG3

2) O’Connell’s Potterdale Royal Sapphire of Atherleigh 11 month bitch. Striking blue with stunning expression. Nice head proportions leading into a moderate neck, well laid shoulder. Deep chest with good length of rib and strong topline. Equally matched rear angulation to produce good overall balance on the move. Beautifully schooled, just preferred the upper arm and length of reach of 1 today.

Special Yearling 1 (0)

1) Bevis’ Beabeardies Xtra Special 15 month bitch. Feminine slate which I have judged previously of good proportions throughout, just starting to go through the typical coat change. Nice head, dentition and pigment. Good length of neck into sound front assembly. Deep chest, nice length of rib and short loin with nicely muscled rear. Showed pleasing movement when settled, but she was certainly giving her handler a hard time today.

Post Graduate 1 (0)

1) Bevis’ Beabeardies Cinammon Girl 3.5 year bitch. Fawn girl I have judged before and she is maturing nicely. Feminine head with strong muzzle and good dentition. Nicely arched neck into a well laid shoulder, deep chest, nice length of rib and short loin. Good rear quarters with second thigh, well bent stifles and neat low hocks. She came into her own as she settled on the move, showing reach and drive. Nice quality coat and well presented. BOB G2

Open 4 (0)

1) Swaby’s Ragellie Tale of Gold For Marsby 3 year brown dog. Not one I have seen before and he caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring. Masculine strong head, good dentition and jaw to match. Deep chest, nicely angulated both front and rear with a strong topline which was held both on the stand and in movement which was easy and balanced to give him the class. RBOB

2) Harrison & Khawaja’s Malandex Xceptional Love At Anfanjo At 11.5 years this slate lad belies his age. Nice head with a lovely dark eye. Good balanced proportions overall, holding his topline well and showing both drive and animation on the move, enjoying his day out. Beautifully handled and presented, just preferred the substance of 1 today.

3) Bevis’ Ramsgrove Sunshine At Beabeardies


Puppy 1 (0)

 1) Noble’s Beldones Hugo Lloris For Tonova 7 month sable dog. Strong head, with correct parallel planes, and expression enhanced by super eye in colour and set, and neat well positioned ears. Nice straight front. Sound on the move and steady, whilst being sympathetically handled on an unusual surface. BP 

Special Yearling 3 (0) 

1) Grove’s Only My Lady In Gold Della Verde Scozia (IMP ITA) 23 month sable bitch. Well presented feminine bitch. Good wedged head, pleasing expression and use of her ears. Nicely angulated front and rear. Won the class on her overall movement.

2) Reeder’s Carrista Bluebell Wood 13 month dog. Nicely up to size with impressive characteristic blunt wedged head. Good overall outline, good bone and neat feet. Moved soundly but another who was a little unsure of himself on the surface. 

3) Noble’s Beldones Hugo Lloris For Tonova 

Post Graduate 2 (1) 

1) Philpin’s Tudorlyn Alice In Wonderland 3 year old blue merle. Really caught my eye when she entered the ring. Lovely head proportions, very feminine with nice eye, good ears, correct neck and front assembly, beautifully made throughout, straight front, tight elbows lovely, correct rear with good bend of stifle and strong well let down hocks, under an excellent coat. She moved soundly and with balance in all directions. Hopefully her confidence will come as she’s a super girl. BOB

 Open 4 (2) 1 

1) Philpin's Tudorlyn A Kind Of Magic 4 year old tri bitch. Another well-constructed bitch from this kennel and I notice the same sire as the BOB winner. Correct head proportions and with well-placed, nicely tipped ears and lovely expressive eyes. Nicely settle on the move. RBOB 

2) Grove’s Only My Lady In Gold Della Verde Scozia (IMP ITA)

Vonnie Newton (Alkibia)