• Show Date: 07/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Vanessa Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 12/10/2023

Birmingham & District Gundog & Terrier Club

Birmingham & District Gundog & Terrier Club open show 7th October 2023

Sealyham Terrier

J (1) Howel's Dinglebrooke I Can. This young man is just out of puppy and still has lots of developing to do. Good bone and substance for age, ribbing needing to develop further. I liked his overall shape, pleasing well shaped head with good ear set on, and dark eyes. Strong neck, level topline and correctly set tail and carriage. A little naughty on the move, sniffing the ground, but once he put his mind on the task in hand he has good rear and profile movement showing some drive from behind, just needs to tighten in front as a little loose at elbows at the moment. His well textured coat could do with a bit of tidying up to show him off to his potential, particularly around the legs and feet.

PG (1)

1.Rumney & Dooley’s Rowanrae Dream Weaver. Promising young lady who appealed for her overall shape and balanced outline. She is good to go over with her strong thick neck leading into a good front assembly. Well sprung ribs and level topline with good tail set. Super head, strong and feminine, with very good bite. Her jacket was well prepared and of good texture. Moved out steadily, the door banged setting off the dogs ringside just as she was starting to move which initially put her off her stride, when she settled, I could see that she is sound and has plenty of drive from behind, happy to award her RBOB.

O (3)

1. Bettis’ Ch Nunneley Hopscotch Over Ornella JW. Impressive and very smart 2 year old bitch in full bloom. l liked her overall type and shape. Balanced head which is strong yet feminine, good neck, fore chest is well let down, firm level topline, well sprung ribs and strong hindquarters with good muscle which she used to advantage on the move. Her coat presentation and texture was spot on. She really came alive on the move, lovely up and back, her super profile action, brisk and free with plenty of drive, really swung it her way today, very much the show girl too, no hesitation in awarding her BOB.

2. Rumney & Dooley, Rowanrae Dream Weaver. See PG notes.

3. Curtis’s Jolihem Lene Joe Badger.

Cairn Terrier

J (3, 2 abs)

1.Tester’s Airytykes Just Mischief. A 15 month red brindle girl with a bit more developing to do. She has a feminine headpiece with decent breadth to her skull, well defined stop, dark expressive eyes and scissor bite. Neck of medium length, firm level back, good length to her ribcage which is still to develop fully and good tail set on. Moved well enough and soundly with good propulsion from behind and pleasing side gait, just felt that today she didn’t quite put her all in as she was slightly dropping her tail on the move.

PG (5,4abs),

1.Tester’s Airytykes Socialite. 2 year old grey brindle girl, I liked her type and balanced outline. She has a really lovely feminine head and expression with neat well placed ears, good eye shape and colour, and strong muzzle. Her neck is of moderate length fitting nicely into well laid shoulders, firm topline and good tail set. Shown in well presented harsh jacket. On the move she was not always concentrating and tended to sniff the ground, but when settled, I saw that she is sound and can cover the ground with propulsion from behind whilst retaining her topline and tail carriage. Happy to award her RBOB.

O (4, 2abs)

1.Hiam’s CH Carradine Arfa Pint JW. Mature red brindle, my notes say my type of Cairn! He is so nice to go over with everything fitting nicely into place with good body and substance. Super head and expression, neat well set on ears, powerful muzzle and very good bite. Medium neck, well laid shoulders, level back and tail set on correctly. His harsh double coat was expertly presented. In the challenge, he never put a foot wrong holding his topline and tail well at all times and moved with verve around the ring. Pleased to award him BOB.

2.Tester’s Airytykes Excuse Me. Mature red girl, smaller in build than winner but all in proportion with a balanced outline. Her feminine head gives a good expression, dark eyes and well placed neat ears. Good reach of neck fitting nicely into well laid shoulders, level topline and she has a well set tail. Her harsh jacket was well presented, not quite as profuse as the winner. She has sound typical movement both coming and going, just preferred the attitude of 1.

Smooth Fox Terrier

PG (2, 1abs)

1.Dolman’s Zebec Ice Crystal. A very nice 20 month girl who was good to go over, with a pleasing well shaped feminine head, neat placed ears and small dark eyes giving a keen expression. She has a good reach of neck, well sloped shoulders, her chest is perhaps still to fully develop, level back and she has well muscled hindquarters. Held her topline and tail well at all times. Moved out soundly with good propulsion from behind and pleasing side gait, today she was just toeing in slightly coming on.

O (2,1abs)

1.Nichols’ Zetamaz Just Inked TAF. A smart mature male who appeals for his cobby balanced outline. I liked his masculine head and small dark eyes giving him a keen expression, and with strong jaws and correct bite. Ample bone, good neck and well laid back shoulders, deep chest, short back and a good tail set and carriage. Lovely up and back on the move with good propulsion from his strongly made hindquarters and a super profile action too. Happy to award him BOB.

Wire Fox Terrier- no entries

Kerry Blue Terrier- no entries

Vanessa Cox (Judge)