• Show Date: 04/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Valerie Mann Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Riddings & District Canine Society

Riddings & District Canine Society Open Show


Terrier Group

Border Terrier

P (3)

1 Heathcote Fevstone Polar Ajax At Saxheath. 10mth Blue & tan dog. Good head for his age with a correct bite, well set on a good reach of neck. His angulation is balanced with a good return of upper arm. Firm topline held on the move. Narrow all through, spannable with a thick loose pelt. Good coat texture. Moved well. BP & PG2

2 Foreman Billy Boy Mayhem 7mth Grizzle dog. Good head showing width of skull & small neat ears. Good angulation, neat feet. Spannable with a good thick pelt & coat texture. Moved OK.

3 Foreman Caught In A Pickle.

J (1)

1 Taylor Nottorg Nekesa. 16mth Grizzle bitch. Good feminine head with neat ears. Moderate length of neck. Balanced angulation all through. Not in the best of coats. Spannable with a thick loose pelt. Moved OK.

O (2,1)

1 Matthews Tojamatt Lacemaker. 20mth Grizzle bitch. I was impressed by this bitch. She has a lovely balanced feminine head with a keen expression. Dark eyes & well set ears. Lovely reach of neck flows into close bladed shoulders. Narrow all through with a good length of rib. Firm level topline held on the move with balanced angulation. Well set & carried tail. All this was completed by her harsh jacket with close undercoat & thick loose pelt. Easily spanned she moved out soundly here to take BOB & later Group 2.


J (1)

1 Thornley Dancing In The Dark At Robythorn. 9mth rough coated dog. Good head shape with keen dark eyes & well set ears. Strong neck well set on, leads to firm topline with well set & carried tail. Nicely angulated all through, he stands on straight legs & neat feet. Easily spanned, he moved out well showing plenty of drive. BP BOB PG3

2 Thornley Fast Love With Locheil Shcex. 3yr old dog with a good head. Well set ears with tips level with eyes & keen expression. Well angulated all through with a strong neck & level topline. Slightly longer cast than his kennel mate he has a good length of rib & was spannable . Good coat texture. Moved well.


PG (1)

1 Knight Just Top Russell To Pacolito (Imp Blr) 5 yr old dog. Good wedge shaped head with correct eye shape & shallow stop. Straight front, good length of neck, firm topline held on the move. Spannable. Moved OK.

O (2)

1 Baker Pacolito Resurrection. 14mth dog. Super dog from any angle. He has a masculine wedge shaped head with correctly set neat ears. Lovely dark eye with a keen expression. Good reach of neck flows into close bladed shoulders. Nicely angulated fore & aft he stands on straight legs & firm compact feet. Correct depth of chest, ribs reach well back, easily spanned. Firm level topline held on the move with well set & carried tail. Sound up & down, he showed great reach & drive in profile. Pleased to award him BOB & later GP1.

2 Knight Woldlincs Just Bookie 3yr old bitch with a decent head. Good reach of neck leads to firm level topline & well set & carried tail. Balanced angulation, spannable. Moved OK.

Glen of Imaal

J (1)

1 Green Borderglens Dougie Maclean. 6mths dog very much the puppy with a happy disposition. Decent head shape with a well-defined stop. Good angulation fore & aft. Moderate length of neck leads to broad shoulders. Strong forelegs with the desired turn of feet from the pasterns. Good length of rib with a slight rise in topline to loin. A little unsettled on the move. BP & BOB.


PG (2)

1 Tilley Brynhir Born To Boogie At Starzak JW. SCW. 16mth bitch. Balanced bitch with a good head. Strength of muzzle, dark hazel eyes, well set & held ears, lying close to cheeks. Strong muscular neck of good length runs into close bladed shoulders. Firm short back, deep loin, well set & carried tail. Stands on straight legs & compact feet. Good coat texture lying close to the body. Moved well. Gp3

2 Hudson Brocolitia Pedal Power. WFT. 2yr old bitch who gave her handler a hard time. Feminine head. Straight front. Short coupled. Moved Ok when settled.

AV Veteran (5)

1 Thompson Alport Hallo Man. 9yr old black SBT dog with a well-balanced head, well developed cheeks, short fore face & distinct stop. Short muscular neck broadens to withers. Firm short back. Straight legs, well angulated all through. Moved very well.

2 Heathcote Wadesleia Lady Madonna Saxheath. Feminine 7yr old Border bitch. Good eye colour & correct bite. Well angulated all through. Good firm topline. Easily spanned with a good coat texture. Moved well.

3 Tilley Janeyjimjams Jubilee Star At Starzak SHCm.

Terrier Group


2 Border Terrier


4 SBT Miller Skyland Imperial. 8mth black dog with a super balanced head. Short strong muzzle, full cheeks well set round eyes. Straight limbs, good feet. Short coupled with a firm topline held on the move. Moved soundly up & down showing a free, powerful stride in profile.

Terrier Puppy Group


2 Border Terrier


4 Glen of Imaal

Roger Mann ( Judge )