• Show Date: 12/11/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Trevor Kathryn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/01/2024

Merseyside Gundog Club

Sussex Spaniels Puppy 0 Graduate 2 1Hipgrave Lord Of The Glittering Caves a young 13 month old male who was giving his handler a hard time in the ring but enjoying every moment a good head with a wide skull showing the moderate curve with a slight indentation good eye colour ears were thick and well placed neck was strong and long he had a deep chest with deep ribs the with a good strong back and loin his movement was a typical roll that Sussex have although he seemed to enjoy bouncing around the ring 2 Davey Eald Stands with Fist just out of puppy and still looks like a youngster not as much body or feathering but this will hopefully come with maturity a lovely feminine head with a strong neck and well placed ears Limit 0 Open 3(1) 1Davey SH CH Eald Village Scandal JW this 6 year old male with a rich golden coat and full furnishings and was presented to perfection he had a wide skull showing the moderate curve with the slight indentation required with well-defined brows showing his hazel eyes with the soft expression leading to a long powerful neck, on the move this was carried correctly. his shoulders were sloping and free with well boned legs that were short and strong with round feet he had a good depth of chest with the ribs deep throughout, thighs were muscular and his movement showed a powerful gate with a typical roll BOB 2Ashcroft Varya Velikolepnaya Iz Valley Wins At Torsha (imp BLR) 2 year old female who lost out to first place on maturity and lack of coat a very pretty bitch who on another day could easily swap places with first place. She has a lovely head which was wide showing the slight indentation in the middle, good nose colour well set ears with a soft eye expression with correct hazel colour, good length in neck and well developed correct set of ears her chest was deep well developed with a strong and level back and dep ribs throughout legs were heavy boned with good round feet and were not to long good turn of stifle RBOB