• Show Date: 26/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tracy baoyles Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Yorkshire Gundog Club

GSP, Flatcoated Retriever, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Weimaraner, Irish Red & White Setter

The Yorkshire gundog club


German ShorthairedPointer

P 0

J 2. 1 Sielski Orchidstar Missing Link JW Smart youngster. Head developing well. Sound in every department. Elegant neck into sloping shoulders. Straight front and tight feet. Firm topline. Good angulation front & rear. Moved well. 2. Staley Jomeel Olivias Choice Nice head. Good reach of neck into well layed shoulders held topline on the move. Balanced front and rear angles.

PG 5. (2) Nixon Quintana Luna Eclipse Lovely type. Feminine head. correct layback of shoulder. Straight front with enough bone. Balance throughout. Well-muscled quarters and moved soundly BoB 2. Hill Cielloch Russian Decent head with good lay of shoulder, moved out and back well, longer cast than one.3. Staley Jomeel Olivias Choice

O 4. Sielski Orchidstar Bolts of Speed this is a dog full of type and absolutely balanced all through. Did not disappoint on the move. Masculine, quality head and expression. Pressed hard in challenge Res BoB 2. Staley Jomeel Naughtylicious. Loved this bitches head, correct depth of chest, super bone, correct height body ratio, lovely coat, moved well 3. Staley Jomeel Now I‘m Here

Retriever (Chesapeake Bay)


PG 1. 1 Rigby Chesepi Ulysses dead grass dog, well developed body. He has strength to his head, broad in back skull, eyes toning well with coat colour Strong neck, very deep in brisket and well developed in forechest, Ribs carried well back with a short strong loin. Showed plenty of drive in his profile movement, very exuberant, this was apparent when on the move. Presented with a good short harsh oily coat. Res BoB

O 2. (1) 1Rigby Chesepi Waco brown dog. balanced and unexaggerated. He has strength and substance. Masculine head, that is well proportioned, correct amount of stop and clean in the flews. Has a strong muscular neck, he has good depth of chest and a well-developed forechest. correct underline, short strong loin leading to his well-muscled hindquarters. Demonstrated reach and drive. Has a good dense harsh coat. BoB

Retriever (Flat Coated)

P 4 1 Wild Bicton Alliance with Bluewaters (AI) very well-made puppy, correct head and eye shape, good angles through-out, moved well BP. 2 Buckley Blacktoft Brindisi by Buckleyhill another very nice puppy with similar remarks to one, the winner was steadier on the move today. 3 Prior Blacktoft Avelino

J 1. 1Walker & Roberts Gloi Dubh Kristofer Robin JW Very appealing plenty of bone, well molded kind head, good eye colour and shape, good length of neck leading into a well-constructed forechest with plenty of depth, moving out confidently. Res BoB was close to the BoB.

G 1. 1 Stott Hameldowntor Amontillado with Lorosiettie correct head proportions, I would prefer a little more length of neck, good depth of chest well ribbed back, moderate in angulation throughout.

O 2. 1Walker & Roberts Gloi Dubh Just one look classic molded head with correct eye shape and colour and a soft expression. Good length of neck, well layed shoulders correct front construction with deep chest, flat ribs and short loin. He is well-muscled throughout. He is sound and true on the move keeping a level topline BoB. 2. Buckley Steelriver Hit the Beach with Buckleyhill A balanced boy. Good head with dark almond eye, good bone and feet, Lovely spring of rib and moderate hind quarters, moved well but preferred the drive of the first place dog.

Irish Red & White Setter

J 2. 1. Jakins Coolfin Murchard upstanding boy, who moved stylishly, good islands of colour, good bone, needs time to mature into his frame Res BoB. 2. Heslop Klarnein Lake Side by Bonisla domed skull with correct stop and square muzzle, dark brown eyes. Shoulders well laid back, well bodied with nice angulation, front needs to tighten a little.

O 3(1) 1 Tait SH Ch Talintyre Winter Shadow well-proportioned head, correct eye shape and colouring, beautifully balanced throughout, , good front assembly and powerful quarters muscular and athletic in build, moved with style, shown in excellent condition. BoB 2. Coolfin Ailbhe has a pretty head with nice eyes and a square muzzle, ribbed well back, good topline. Went well, well off for bone.


P 2(1) 1 Longbottom & Milby Gunalt Curtain Call A very promising quality youngster, everything in the right place, BP, will watch with interest.

J 4(2) what super quality these two youngsters are,1 Isherwood Gunalt Schweppes at Caleydene Well balanced and good bone. Developing nicely for his age. Head planes correct and nothing exaggerated all over. Well ribbed, correctly proportioned body and lovely tail-set so creating a lovely picture in profile. Good feet. Moved with purpose. Level topline, BoB delighted to see him take Res BIS. 2 Cain Schondhund Show me a Star at Lustamusk correct head, deep chest well-proportioned throughout. Moved with purpose and drive unlucky to meet the winner today res BoB.

PG 5(3) 1Pilatova Sabsky Svratka JW very feminine, pleasing outline and head of correct proportions. Straight front with well-developed forechest, level topline which she held on the move. Covered the ground easily showing drive from her strong quarters. Her flowing movement won her the class.2 Longbottom Gunalt Mcqueen full of quality, a little rangier than 1st, I feel he needs a little more time to mature, loved his head, masculine but kind expression, well set ears, set high and of good length, clean neck of moderate length, ample front angulations with equal rear quarters. Moved well.

O 3. 1 Yewdall SH Ch Gunalt Adorable from Ladwey ShCM another of super quality. Feminine head, kind eyes. Straight and strong forequarters. Good depth of chest well sprung ribs, level top line into slightly sloping croup. Moved true with purpose. 2 Cain Schonhund Show Tallulah at Lustamusk. Pretty head, with a nice expression. Well balanced, good length to the neck, beautiful forechest and straight front, correct rear angulation, she covered the ground with ease.

3 Pilatova Sabsky Sasanka


Tracy Boyles