• Show Date: 28/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tony Paczkowski Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/02/2024

Leicester City Canine Society

LEICESTER CITY CS OPEN SHOW 28th August 2023 UTILITY GROUP Many thanks to the Officers & Committee for the kind invitation to Judge , my efficient Stewards and the Exhibitors for entering their dogs. GERMAN SPITZ(KLEIN) O:(1:0) 1st Serman’s WYCHLEA LADY IN THE MIRROR BY TYMY. 12 year old black b. with a compact square outline with good head proportions and pigment. Profuse coat of good texture and moved soundly. BOB LHASA APSO. P (5:1) 1st. Harris’s VONSTRY WHAT A STUNNER. 10 month old brindle b. who is balanced with a free easy movement . Feminine head of good proportions with a dark oval eye and wide jaw. Straight forelegs, level top line and good length of rib. In well presented coat BP. 2nd. Adam-Slomkowski SKYLAX BE LIKE YOU. 8 month old cream b. giving a balanced outline. Feminine head and expression with dark eye and good length of muzzle . Level top line, well ribbed and muscular hindquarters in well presented coat . Well handled. 3rd. Lewis’s DEELAYNE DEELIRIOUS J.(3:1) 1st. Ferguson’s CULVERSAPSO PLZ PLZ ME. Masculine headed 14 month old giving a balanced outline . Good head proportions and furnishings with dark oval eye and reverse scissor bite. Nicely arched neck and level top line with a beautiful presented coat. 2nd. Adam-Slomkowski SKYLAX DARE TO BELIEVE JW 13 month old cream dog with a pleasing outline . He has a masculine head with a dark eye and wide jaw. Well ribbed and muscular hindquarters. Well handled. PG.(3:0) 1st. Considine’s GALLERIO I’LL TAKE YOU DANCIN FOR DENZKA JW. 2 year old dog with a good balanced outline. Masculine head with good furnishings .Nicely arched neck and level top line with a sturdy body. Moved freely . RBOB 2nd. Adam-Slomkowski KENTWONE DEREK JEWEL BY SKYLAX. Well balanced dog with a masculine head and expression. Sturdy with strong loin. Moved well. 3rd. Hayes RAUSHANARA BLUE SKY OVER SAKSFIFTH O:(4:1) 1st. Lewis’s DEELAYNE JENNIFER JOY. 17 month old B. Lovely shape and balance with a feminine head head and expression. Moderate narrow skull, dark eye and correct wide jaw. She is well constructed with a well arched neck and level top line and keeping her shape on the move . Her beautiful presented coat completed the picture. BOB & Group 1 2nd. Considine’s GALLERIO I’LL TAKE YOU DANCIN FOR DENZKA JW. 3rd. Harris’s VONSTRY MR SUNSHINE. MIN. SCHNAUZER. P(2:0) 1st. Curtis’s DERGENAS GRACIE JOAN 10 month old Pepper & Salt.b. with a balanced outline . Good head proportions and whiskers with a sturdy body, good depth of chest. She moves with ease with good drive from behind. BP 2nd. Butler’s BROWN SUGAR LADY FOR DEVORASJOY. 8 month old Pepper & Salt b. She has a nice shape with a good head , dark eye and scissor bite . Well ribbed and sloping top line. A little unsteady on the move. J.(1:0) 1st. FOLLOWS TIK TOK. 15 month old Black & Silver with good head proportions, dark eye, eyebrows and chin whiskers.She has a deep chest, well sprung ribs and straight forelegs.Very stylish keeping her shape on the move showing good reach and drive. Well handled. BOB. O(3:2) 1st. Philllips MULIEBRITEY WILD ORCHID AT SUMMERVIEW. 15 month old b. Black & Silver of a good balance. Strong in head with dark eye and bushy eyebrows and strong jaw. Moved well. RBOB. SHAR PEI. P.(2:1) 1st. Poole’s TERRA DOS CELTAS TELL ME EVERYTHING NAF TAF. 12 month old red b. Compact with large head carrying moderate wrinkling. She has clean, dark eyes, scissor bite and good pigment. Strong neck ,straight forelegs and well laid shoulders. Free and easy movement. BOB & BP & PUPPY GROUP 4. TIBETAN SPANIEL P.(2:0) 1st Blackshaw & Robert’s CLYDUM FIELD OF DREAMS. 12 month old dog giving a balanced outline He has good head proportions with a slight stop, moderate muzzle length and sufficient cushioning. Dark oval eyes and wide chin enhances his expression. Well laid shoulders and well ribbed and strong hindquarters. Well feathered forelegs and good furnishings on tail. Well handled. BP. RBOB & PUPPY GROUP 3 2nd. Stevens & McKnight’s MULLAGH MY IRISH IVY AT TIBBYGOLD(IKC) 9 month old with a feminine head. Dark oval shaped expressive eyes and good depth of chin. She has a balanced outline with a level back and high set tail. A little unsteady on the move. J.(3:0) 1st. Short’s MALIA MISS DIOR. 13 month old cream with a balanced shape and outline. Very feminine with a dark eye, good mouth, defined stop and enough chin. Free moving positive movement. 2nd. Keepence & Keyte’s OLDCHARM PEAKY LOVE FOR ALANDOBEL. 16 month old dog a pleasing outline. Masculine, but not coarse, lovely head and expression. Dark oval eyes, slightly undershot and good width of chin. He has a good depth of fore chest, well ribbed and good bone . Moved well. 3rd. Blackshaw & Robert’s SOUSKA DANCE WITH YOU. O.(5:1) 1st. Short’s MALIA HARVEST FLOWER. 3 year old cream b. Very feminine with a balanced outline with good head proportions . A defined stop, blunt muzzle, enough cushioning and well set ears gives her a feminine expression. Well laid shoulder and level back. She carries her head proudly on the move.BOB & GROUP 4. 2nd. Blackshaw & Roberts SOUSKA SIGHT FOR SORE EYES. 2 year old b. if a good size and shape. Lovely dark eye , slightly undershot and depth of chin. Well bodied with spring of rib and level back. Good mane and tail furnishings. 3rd. Stevens & McKnights CH: RHUBISK DRESSED TO IMPRESS AT TIBBEYGOLD. TIBETAN TERRIER. P(1:0) 1st. Thomas’s KELMORESPITZ FINDING MAGIC. 9 month old G &W dog with a balanced outline with good head proportions. Dark round eyes, strong muzzle and excellent bite. Good body for age , compact with deep brisket and well ribbed back . He still has plenty of time to develop. Straight forelegs and well muscled hindquarters for age. He moved effortlessly around the ring. BP. PG(3:0) 1st. Thomas’s KELMORESPITZ SMOKIN STORM. 21 month old black dog of a good size and square outline. Medium length of skull,dark eye and excellent bite. Strong neck ,well laid shoulders, level top line, good depth of brisket and well sprung ribs. Moved freely with driving action . Well handled.BOB 2nd. Luckman’s PINROW SPRINGTIME STAR. 2 year old black b. Nice shape with a square balanced outline. Lovely head with a dark round eye,strong muzzle and good head furnishings. Level top line, well ribbed back and well set tail. Moved freely around the ring. RBOB. 3rd. Johnson’s TYNGELI GIVE US A TWIRL. O(4:1) 1st. Meakin’s LAYOLI FIRECRACKER AT MIKSANG. 5 year old black dog with a square outline. Lovely head with round dark eyes ,scissor bite and good head furnishings. Strong neck of a medium length,level top line and good tail set. Free moving with good reach and drive. 2nd. Luckman’s PINROW SPRINGTIME STAR. 3rd. Thomas’s KELMORESPITZ DAZZLED STAR JW. AVNSC UTILITY P(3:2) 1st. Burgess’s COLMILLOS RISING SUN (Akita) 10 month old male with good bone for age. Broad head with strong muzzle with a scissor bite. Strong neck,level back,straight forelegs and muscular hindquarters. Shows a balanced shape on the move. BP J.(2:1) 1st. Hutton & Walker’s COLMILLOS STILL AS A MOUNTAIN (Akita) 16 month old brindle & white male. Large head with clean almond shaped eyes,strong muzzle and scissor bite. Good depth of chest, straight forelegs and tight elbows . Moved powerfully around the ring. BOB. AV UTILITY VETERAN (14:5) 1st. Jenkins & Ridgway’s LUCCOMBE STRAWBERRY KISSES (Dalmatian) 8 year old black spotted quality female. Balanced and strong in outline with a feminine head. Strong jaw with scissor bite. Nicely arched neck, level back and muscular hindquarters. Move around the ring in a smooth easy action. 2nd.Hayes ARCHIRONDEL NASA AT SAKSFIFTH (Lhasa Apso) 7 year old masculines headed dog in well presented coat. Firm in body with level top line. Typical free flowing movement. 3rd. Massey’s RISTINE TWEEDLEDEE ( Schpperke) AV IMPORTED BREED REGISTER UTILITY. P(1:0) 1st. Lord’s SANGREREAL CRIMINAL ( Xolo) 12 month old black male of a larger size with a wedge shaped head ,straight muzzle and strong jaw. He has a lovely arched neck , level back ,good length of ribs. Free moving balanced movement. BP. O.(1:0) 1st. Cunningham’s YULYEONG ROCK DEE JAY (Korean Jindo) 3 year old red/fawn male . Medium sized head , straight muzzle, defined stop,erect ears and scissor bite .Forelegs straight,tight elbows, level back and good spring of rib. Moved well. BOB. UTILITY GROUP G1: DEELAYNE JENNIFER JOY (Lhasa Apso) G2: KAILIERBELLE CEITHIR JW (Dalmatian) G3: LECHAN LIVIA (Chow Chow) G4: MALIA HARVEST FLOWER (Tibetan Spaniel) UTILITY PUPPY GROUP PG1: JANQBU FAWKES (Chow Chow) PG2: DALLYADOR WHITE MAGNOLIA (Dalmatian) PG3:CLYDUM FIELD OF DREAMS (Tibetan Spaniel) PG4: TERRA DOS CELTAS TELL ME EVERYTHING NAF TAF (Shar Pei) Judge: Tony Paczkowski