• Show Date: 09/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tony Allcock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Swedish Vallhund Society

The Swedish Vallhund Society Single Breed Society – Breed Open Show – 09 April 2023

Due to lockdown, my original appointment to judge this show some three years ago had been cancelled. I was therefore, so looking forward to this assignment and was duly rewarded with a fabulous entry of 38 (with only 7 absentees) and included 10 UK Champions. I would like to express my grateful thanks to all the exhibitors for the wonderful opportunity to judge so many lovely dogs. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and appreciated the kind hospitality of the Officers and Club committee.

Veteran Dog 2

1. Pallentina’s Ch Starvon All Eyes on Me at Valltieya. 7 years and presented in glorious condition. Masculine and well boned but not overdone. Super for head planes and muzzle. Flat skull. Dark oval shaped eyes. Excellent dentition for age. Good for neck, shoulder placement and ribbing. Deep chest. Dark red coat texture of exemplary texture. Powerful mover. Stands so well, giving 100%. A very worthy Champion. BVD & BVIS

2. Fithern’s Hurstfield Renen Dasher Rusern. 8 years. Lovely disposition and presented in excellent condition. Well boned throughout. Head is well balanced containing attractive eyes. Correct ear set. OK for reach of neck. Held a sturdy topline on the move.

Junior Dog 1

1. Perry & Etches Starvon Easy On The I Edison. 13 months old. Super for head balance, muzzle, and dentition. Great expression from beautiful eyes. Lengthy neck set above well angulated shoulders. Well ribbed and chest developing. neat front. Secure topline. Harsh coat presented in super condition. Moved with accuracy and style. Certainly, a Prince in waiting!

Graduate Dog 1

1. Cliffen’s Mystarz Muzik McCoy. 6-year-old. Clearly at one with his handler. He is balanced throughout. OK for ribbing. Attractive head; eyes could be a shade darker. Moderately angulated throughout and presented in great condition. Stylish, accurate mover. Well textured coat.

Post Graduate Dog 2, 1

1st Cliffen’s Mystarz Muzik McCoy

Limit Dog 3,1

1. Linney’s Cecil Vom Fruggener Land Mit Aescwine (Imp DEU). 3 ½ years. Liked his overall size and substance. Head well balanced with excellent dentition. Expressive eyes of good colour. Lengthy neck and well-laid shoulders; tidy front. Perhaps could be a touch shorter in loin. On the move he was stylish in profile.

2. Cliffen’s Mystarz Muzik McCoy

Open Dog 9, 1

A star-studded class.

1. Pallatina’s Starvon Dark Night At Valltineya. 6 years. I will start by saying that yes, I would like him with less body weight - BUT… he caught my eye from the moment he entered the ring. Super head and finish giving typical expression. All male but not course. Great for neck, well laid shoulders, fore chest, and ribbing. Strong short loin. Super rear angulations. Coat texture is exemplary. His body ratios are spot on. His movement is an absolute joy to watch. In a class containing many superb examples of the breed, I had no hesitation in awarding him BD, BOS & RBIS.

2. Perry & Etches Ch Starvon Cyptic Spyda. Another beautiful mature dog, being so balanced throughout. Masculine head which is so appealing being correctly marked containing correct dentition and strong finish. Such captivating eyes. Strong neck of OK length into good shoulders. Chest is well developed, body strong being well ribbed. Secure level top lin. Super coat and condition. Well-handled and moved with style. RBD

3. Peacock-Jackson’s Ch Starvon Double Agent At Kirkholme

Veteran Bitch 4,1

1. Dodd’s Hurstfields Renen Vixen At Tanellis. 8 years old and in great condition. Ultra feminine head, containing lovely eyes and correct bite. Great for neck and shoulders. Well-muscled hindquarters. Most impressive on the move. BVB & Reserve BVIS

2. Cameron & Wood’s Starvon Valkyrja Mist For Bowkol 12 ½ and another presented in beautiful coat and condition. Nicely made throughout. OK for neck length. Nicely angulated front and rear which produced accurate free movement. Close call.

3. Drinkwater’s Ch Candace Sea of Dreams At Trykeira

Minor Puppy Bitch 1

1. Amon’s Pepperthyme Wild Fire. 8 months. Sweet feminine expression from a balanced head containing appealing eyes of good colour. Ears of correct size and shape. Neck of good length. Well-proportioned body which adds the attractive profile. She is accurate on the move and stands attentively. At one with her owner. Promising baby. BPB & BPIS

Puppy Bitch 2

1. Dodd’s Chipmakers Fredrika Stenhammar of Tanellis (Imp SWD) 10 months. Pleasing head and expression. Correct eyes and ideally sized ears to boot. Well-marked. OK for coat and bone substance. Lengthy neck into a well laid shoulders; holds a secure topline. Extremely accurate, showy mover, both coming and going which just gave her the edge over 2.

2. Cameron & Wood’s Bowkol Awesom Yggdrasil. 9 months. I admired her bone and overall shape. Pleasing head of correct proportions with depth to muzzle and finish. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulders. Correct front and depth of chest for age. Rather shy so just needs to gain confidence but has plenty of time. Close decision.

Junior Bitch 1

1. Barnes & King’s Starvon Fame Awaits For Izllou. 13 months, just out of puppy classes and clearly quite lovely. Pretty, feminine, balanced head portrays a beautiful expression. Liked her overall ratios, bone, and substance. Lengthy neck, body developing well with ample ribbing, spirit level topline and tail well set. Impressive rear angulations. Jacket was of a great texture. Presented in fabulous condition and moved effortlessly. Clearly one to watch and has her name suggests, ‘Fame awaits’! RBB

Graduate Bitch 3,1

1. Sibley’s Thorjakker Jaska Jarfalla. 13 months. Another youngster with a lot to like. Feminine, balanced head giving an endearing expression. Produces a balanced outline when standing and has sufficient bone and substance. Sound, true mover she holds her head proudly with a spirit level topline. Admirable rear drive. Another youngster with a bright future.

2. Linney’s Aescwine Ampelograghy. 19 months. A touch finer in bone and substance than 1. Produces a balanced outline when standing. Attractive feminine head containing lovely eyes and correct dentition. Secure level topline. A touch uncoordinated on the move but this will settle as she is perfectly sound and true.

Post Graduate Bitch 3,1

1. Borlinghaus & McCann’s Pepperthyme Star Watching. 3 years. Possesses a very feminine, balanced head containing expressive eyes. Neck of correct length, well set. Well-constructed body: impressive front and rear angulations so it was not surprising she was impressive on the move.

2. Neish’s Tryfahmeeb. 2 ½ years. Another nice one to examine and I particularly liked her bone and substance. Similar comments apply here and was splitting hairs, but just lost out on forehand reach of 1.

Limit Bitch 2

1. Amon’s Pepperthyme A Star Is Born. 3 years old, well put together but maintaining femininity. Head has correct ratios, lovely eyes. Well set ears of good size. Neck is well laid above impressive forequarters. Body well ribbed. Chest well placed. Excellent coat qualities. Moved with determination and accuracy.

2. Cameron & Wood’s Bowkol Am Buachaille. Has appealing eyes and correct finish to head. Body ratios are admirable having the ideal length of leg. Secure, firm topline. Well coated. Just preferred the movement of 1.

Open Bitch 9,2

1. Dodd’s Ch Tanellis Ch Bloomin Primrose. 5 years old. Caught my eye immediately as her balance and rations present an eye-catching picture. Attractive wedged head finished by strength of muzzle. Well angulated both front and rear. Well ribbed. Appealing eyes and uses those well-placed ears to advantage. Firm topline and muscled throughout. Excellent coat. A fabulous mover. BB & BIS

2. Cameron & Wood’s Ch Bowkol Akasha Fire. Stunning to examine on the table and as my hands went over her I appreciated how much she excels in breed type. Attractive head giving a pleasing expression. Body proportions are well angulated. She is at one with her owner and gives 100%. A worthy Champion.

3. Zbilut & Yacomen’s Ch Ohanaway Shes A Rebel