• Show Date: 21/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tony Allcock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 30/10/2023

North Western Poodle Club

North East Poodle Club Open Show – Saturday 21st October 2023

My grateful thanks to the Officers and Committee for this appointment, which I had been looking forward to immensely. I appreciated this was the last show of this society before amalgamation with another to form a new club and wish it every success in the future. Thanks to the exhibitors for braving the elements and those further North that kindly sent their apologies due to the adverse travel conditions. It was a super show with a sporting and friendly atmosphere, superbly organized. Thanks to my steward, Melanie Harwood, for keeping the ring and my paperwork in order!

Veteran D/B (All Varieties)

1. Hall Harwood and Spoors, Ch Minarets Heres Looking At You At Darmistic. Miniature. 8 years, black B. Lovely head giving a beautiful expression, nicely chiselled with a good chin. Dark eye. Good neck, topline and tail. Moved soundly and presented in superb condition.

Poodle (Standard)

Minor Puppy Dog 1

1. Jones’s Royaldeniz Springintheair, Dog. 6 months and obviously still a baby with some growing to do. Head containing beautiful eyes aiding a lovely expression. Good reach of neck. Excellent chest and ribs. Liked his front and rear. Happy showman.

Puppy Dog 1

1. Eburne’s Highla Not Justa A Dreamer For Shirgasei. 10 months. Black. I liked his masculine head, super chiselling, eye and expression. Good for reach of neck, chest and shoulders. Compact body. Occasionally can stand untidily in front. Hindquarters are well angulated. Moved very well and presented in tip top condition. Should have a bright future. RBD. BPD and BPIB.

Graduate Dog 1

1. Moores & Speakman’s Ataraksia Blue Lagoon For Sachemic JW. Well grown at 17 months. Impressive masculine head with correct chiselling. Dark eyes. Well-made body proportions. Secure backline. OK tail. Whilst he moved well in this class, unfortunately it became a little untidy coming towards me in the challenge.

Limit Dog 1

1. Eburne’s Carristina Silver Starlite From Shirgasei. 3 years. Silver. His head is most attractive being lean, with good finish and chin. Expressive eyes of correct shape. Well set ears. Secure top-line. Well bodied. OK front. Moved very steadily with excellent drive from impressive hindquarters.

Open Dog 1

1. Kendall’s Magin The Great Escape. 15 months. I thought he was most impressive. Coat of excellent texture. His head is long and lean with good chin. Dark expressive eyes; tight lips and correct dentition. Well off for ribs and depth. Excellent top-line and tail. Neat tight feet. Positive, sound, and accurate mover. I was delighted to learn afterwards he had just been awarded a RCC. BD, BOB and RBIS.

Minor Puppy Bitch 1

1. Preston’s Duanalbanach Mellow Yellow To Brooksberry. 7 months and a lot to like. Lovely shape. Attractive refined head, dark sparkling eyes. Good for chin. Straight front with ample depth of chest. Balanced neck. Holds a secure level top line. Shows so well moving free and accurately.

Puppy Bitch 2

1. Moores & Speakman’s Sachemic Mischief Managed.10 months. Pretty black girl with a lovely, refined head of good length. Dark eyes. Good for chin; tight lips all contributing to that sweet expression. Ok for neck length. Well laid shoulders. Excellent body. Good tail set and carriage. Well angulated throughout. Positive mover. RBB, BPB

2. Allegretti Insane Affair Avec Funkypp. 10 months. Another with a lot to like. Her coat was well presented. Super to go over and has everything in the right place. Moves out well holding her impressive outline. Not quite the body of 1 as yet, but close call.

Junior Bitch 1

1. Preston’s Volgarus Be My Guest At Brooksbeauty, 16 months. Full of quality and beautifully presented. I loved her head and expression, and she has an exceptional front. Well bodied. OK for chest. Well angulated hindquarters. Moved out with precision and is impressive in profile. Must have a promising future.

Open Bitch 1

1. Kendall’s A Work of Art. 15 months. Lovely for size and shape and so well made. Dark well set almond shaped eyes. Firm body of excellent proportions with deep chest well sprung ribs; short loin. Correct feet. Tail is high set tail. Accurate mover and produces a lovely outline when standing. BB

Poodle (Miniature)

Minor Puppy Dog 3,1

1. Dyer & Grindey’s Regulas Black. 8 months. Good size for age. In good coat & well presented. Masculine head with correct eye shape. Lengthy neck and well laid shoulders. Secure backline. Well bodied. Just to strengthen a touch in hind movement. Very promising.

2. Volgarus Febus Flaming Star (TAF) 7 months. Squarely build dog, head of good length, pleasing eye. Straight forelegs. Nicely bodied for age with good ribcage. Just to develop in chest. Excellent rear movement.

Puppy Dog 1

1. Cherry’s Shanandi Leonardo. 9 months. Correctly textured Black coat. Bright expressive dark oval eyes, good length to skull; correct chiselling. Strong neck with good front angles. Chest still to develop. Well bodied. Short strong loins. Holds a secure topline. Impressive forehand and strong rear drive.

2. Volgarus Febus Flaming Star (TAF)

Junior Dog 1

1. Byrne’s Rory Crimson King. 14 months. Lean skull with slight stop. Good dentition. Harsh coat. Tight compact feet. I liked his shape but needs to develop in body and rib. Low set hocks; balanced rear. Tail set OK. Moved very well.

Graduate 2

1. Byrne’s Rory Crimson King.

2. Cherry’s Arrowflight Arristocrat with Shanandi. 12 months. Black dense coat. A touch larger than ideal. Balanced throughout with a detailed head piece. Well placed oval eyes. Moderate length of neck. Not front extension of 1.

Minor Puppy Bitch 3,2

1. Mcintyre & Smith’s Kayth’s Carte Blanch 7 months and a touch overawed today. Her pretty head is long lean with a slight stop; lovely eyes giving a nice expression. Tight feet. Good leg length aiding her nicely balanced profile. Level back with high set tail. Moved OK and will gain confidence.

Puppy Bitch 4,2

1. Pearce’s Darmistic Sugar Plum. 10 months and thought her most promising. Eye catching and in great coat for age. Excellent pigment. Super finish to head which contains beautiful dark oval eyes full of expression. Good bone and substance, neat feet. Great lay of shoulders and lengthy neck, well ribbed, short back and strong loins. OK tail. She holds her shape on the move, and I admired her style. In the challenge she really excelled to capture BB BPB BOB & BPIS.

2. Byers’s Nymphadora Tonks. 8 months. Lovely size. A feminine head of good proportions and containing beautiful eyes. Good mouth and chin. Well ribbed body. Steady mover but could not quite match the rear and drive of 1.

Limit Bitch

1. Reeve-Kettle’s Kimedee Hot Love Vadisima JW. 17 months old. I admired her overall proportions. Her feminine head has a great finish. Eyes well placed and full of expression. Coat of exemplary texture expertly presented. Body is well ribbed with short loins. Good length of leg aiding such a balanced profile. Well laid shoulders and correct front demonstrated excellent forehand reach. Strong nicely arched neck with fair fore-chest. Impressive on the move and a close call in the challenge. RBB

Poodle (Toy)

Junior Dog 3

1. Kinson’s Greatleaves Sultan 12 months old. Super deep Apricot coat of great texture. Balanced head of excellent length containing dark well shaped eyes giving such a captivating expression. Great pigmentation too! Lengthy neck and well-laid shoulders, great ribbing and short sturdy loins. His overall proportions prove a stunning picture when standing. On the move he is purposeful and determined. Handled to perfection he took the ring by storm. I was told afterwards had just been awarded his first CC. BD, BOB & BIS.

2. Bull-Harris’s Starianna Midnight Rider at Pendream. 16th month Black and nicely balanced. Preferred the the head proportions of 1. Super for eye shape and expression. Good dentition. Lengthy neck. Body was well ribbed. Well angulated hindquarters. Moved very well. RBD.

3. Holroyd’s Afterglow Brutus Beefcake at Silvadeane

Post Graduate Dog 1

1. Bull-Harris’s Starianna Midnight Rider at Pendream

Minor Puppy Bitch 1

1. Clark’s Lynchams Ivory Iris. Sweet baby. Well balanced throughout. Correct head proportions; attractive eyes. Already has a good chest with width. Short back. Correct high set tail. Topline to settle. Moved confidently with powerful rear drive.

Puppy Bitch 3

1. Pretty’s Norwelston Remember Me. A quality puppy with a pretty head, enhance by those lovely eyes. Defined chin. Ears well placed. Short, well ribbed body with a high set tail. Elegant and sound on the move. PBB, BPIB & Reserve BPIS

2. Clark’s Lynchams Ivory Iris

3. Berrington’s Tinkalula Bambina Suzetta

Junior Bitch 3

1. Laws & Lynn’s Afterglow Jellybaby. 12 months old. Lovely Black coat. Impressive on the stand and equally so upon examination. Head is of a great shape, refined and balanced. Eyes giving a super expression. Evident chin. Well ribbed body; strong short loins. Well set tail. Moved very well. BB

2. Marston’s Seldoop Xclusive. 16 months. Such a beautifully feminine head with good chin. Almond shaped dark sparkling eyes. Straight front with well laid shoulders. Body with good depth to chest. Moved well but just needs to strengthen a tad behind.

3. Clark’s Lynchams Ivory Iris

Graduate Bitch 3,1

1. Dyer & Grindley’s Malricey’s Women In Black. 20 months and beautiful to examine. Super black coat. Appealing head with attractive eyes, some chiselling and decent chin Ears well set. Compact, sturdy and well ribbed body. Harsh jacket presented to advantage. Moved really well. RBB.

2. Bakewell’s Norwelston Nut Kracker. Approaching 2 years and another of correct size. Produces an attractive profile when standing. Well balanced throughout and fills her frame well. OK for finish of head. Deep in chest and well ribbed with correct lay of shoulders. Good for coat. Close up on 1 but in the final ‘go around’ was touch careless and not therefore, as collected.

Post Graduate 1

1. Howard’s Denroma Roses are Red. Liked her balanced profile when standing. Typical head with good chin and finish; moderate stop. Almond shaped dark eyes giving a lively expression. Well laid back shoulders; clean front. OK for chest. Good ribbing. Muscular rear with good bend of stifle and sturdy hocks produced strong rear drive.

Open 1

1. Howard’s Denroma Roses are Red