• Show Date: 19/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tony Allcock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Whitehaven & District Canine Association

Whitehaven & District Canine Association Open Show

Sunday March 19th 2023

I enjoyed a super day. The H & H Exhibition Hall in Carlisle proved to be an excellent find and a perfect venue for a dog show. The organisation was first class and there were many quality dogs for judges to adjudicate. Thanks to my three hard working stewards and to the Officers and volunteers for their hard work. It all certainly paid dividends!

Best In Show Alcorn & Ingram’s Irish Setter. Sh Ch Gwendariffs Red Light Show Farnfield. The ultimate showman, he knows it and today he owned the ring. Of a super overall type, beautifully balanced throughout. Head gives such a aristocratic expression. Clean well set front; lengthy neck fits smoothly into shoulders, gently sloping topline leads to well angulated hindquarters. In first class coat and condition. Moved with style and panache.

Reserve Best In Show Beard’s Beagle, Kellit Creed Sweeney Tod.. Top quality youngster, presented in beautiful condition. Impressive masculine head, well set leathers; dark eyes. Correct neck, well laid back shoulders and level top line. Tail set was spot on. Extremely well angulated throughout he moved effortlessly with a sense of purpose and determination.

Best Puppy In Show Fearnhead’s Airedale Terrier, Settleback Royal Flush. Really promising in make and shape. Lenghty head containing attractive correctly sized eyes aiding typical expression. Strong dentition. Overall produces a super outline. Clean front and good feet. Ample bone. Good for tail set, bend of stifle with well let down hocks. Totally honest, sound mover. Lovely temperament.

Reserve Best Puppy In Show Geary’s German Wirehaired Pointer, Germanus Hotwyr Minjarra. Lovely head and expression, neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Ample depth and length of rib. Strong loins; well angulated hindquarters proved sound, accurate movement. Super textured jacket.

Best Veteran In Show Collier’s Schipperke, Ch Stoney Burn Banna. Winner of the Utility Group, I really admired him. Balanced and shapely his profile is so impressive. Head with a keen foxy expression. Body possesses breadth and depth of chest with a short back and strong loins. Coat texture is impressive. Careful accurate mover. Presented in immaculate coat and condition.

Reserve Best Veteran In Show Hick’s Affenpinscher, Ch Carmichan Heidi Hi. Another worthy champion. She was on top form in the big ring showing off her many virtues. Her overall balance is correct. Her expression is cheeky. Presented in fabulous condition, she thoroughly deserved this award in a top quality line up.

AV Special Vintage 11.4

1. McDonald’s Sh Ch Donurie’s Quantum Of Solace, Hungarian Vizsla. 10 years of age and in super condition. Beautifully balanced and elegant on the move. Present in first class condition. Moved superbly.

2. Gaskell’s Ch Hi-Lite Bulldobas Wild Child Of Memetuka (Imp Fin) SHCM, Basenji. Another lovely one. Feminine, balanced and very fit. Super for head neck and shoulders. Moved effortlessly with proud deportment.

3. Donaldson’s Fivannte Krystal Raindrops ShCM

Spaniel (Cocker)

Graduate 4,1

1. Bacon’s Timbric Doris Day. 8 months and very promising. Particularly liked her overall balance and construction. Attractive feminine head. On the move she made full use of well laid shoulders and excellent rear assembly to drive around the ring, producing the best movement in the entry. BPIB & BOB.

2. Walton’s Annaside Lets Dance, Dance. Quite a lot of her. Black and presented in gleaming coat and good overall condition. OK for neck. Moved steadily.

3. Davies’s Annaside’s Star Turn

Open 4,2

1. Davies’s Annaside Winter’s Moon. Feminine head on this black 2 year old bitch. She is of a balanced size. Well constructed hindquarters. Good for body and substance. Held a secure topline. Very close call in the challenge for BOB she just lost out on forehand extension.

2. Thomson’s Colenda Chasing Rainbows. Masculine head which was well balanced. Carrying a little too much weight which detracted. Moved with positive rear drive from well-constructed hindquarters.

Irish Setter

Open 1.

1. Alcorn & Ingram’s Irish Setter. Sh Ch Gwendariffs Red Light Show Farnfield. Best In Show.

English Setter

Open 2,1

1. Smettem-Minson’s Lucksheray Zenith Of Fame at Chywood (Imp RUS), Dog, 2 years. Clean head and neck. Well laid shoulders with straight front and elbows well in. Deep well ribbed body; firm short couplings. Movement needs to settle. Well coated. BOB


Special Yearling 2

1. Bush’s Piasharn Garrik. Male 22 months. Admired his head qualities, OK for neck. Active mover and looked impressive in profile but a little exuberant in front which needs to settle. Presented in excellent condition. BOB.

2. Radcliffe’s Sniperay Mattiboo Killer Queen. 11 months. Bitch. Good for size and shape. OK head. A little on the lean side at present. Held a correct topline on the move. Well assembled rear proved strong drive. Front to settle. Giving a lot away to maturity. BPIB

German Wirehaired Pointer

Post Graduate 3

1. Geary’s Germanus Hotwyr Minjarra. BOB & Reserve Best Puppy In Show.

2. Geary’s Germanus Black In Bizniz. 10 month old Dog puppy. Well grown. Powerful in appearance. Head well proportioned, clean neck of balanced length. Deep chest. Hindquarters with well-muscled thighs and being of good overall width. Smooth, positive mover. Not the forehand reach of 1.

3. Davis’s Rudishaw Good On Ya.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Post Graduate 4,2

1. McCafferty’s Thorscrag Hades. 7 month old smart puppy dog of lovely size, stands over plenty of ground. Clean head with good finish of muzzle. Excellent dentition. Lengthy neck, well set. Chest well set, secure topline and ribs deep. Well angulated hindquarters. Smooth, accurate mover and produced a super shape in profile. Very promising. BPIB.

2. Seilski’s Orichistar Missing Link JW. Feminine 9 month old bitch. Half-sister to 1 and very similar comments apply. A touch longer cast than 1 but preferred her tail carriage on the move but splitting hairs between two top quality youngsters.

Open 1

1. Sielski’s Orihidstar Missing Link. Dog. 3 year old and out of the top drawer. Clearly Champion quality. Super coated. Balanced masculine head giving typical expression, clean neck. Forequarters clean; super feet. Ribs well sprung. Correct depth of chest. Secure top-line; tail well set. On the move he was free, accurate and precise. In superb condition. No hesitation in awarding BOB & G2 which was a very close decision behind the eventual BIS winner. Was told afterwards he gained his Champion title at Crufts – Congratulations!

2. Malin’s Keigame Quintessence At Benrae. Feminine nicely proportion 3 year old bitch. In super condition. Attractive head, good for neck, ribs deep, short back. Compact feet of correct shape. Moved OK.

Hungarian Vizsla

Post Graduate 2

1. McDonald’s Donurie’s Hercules. 6 months old and beautifully balanced so very impressive for shape and outline. Good colour and texture to the coat. Well laid shoulder and good return of upper arm, well bodied, close coupled; correct upright pasterns. Moved with accuracy and drive. Happy with it too! Currently, airing on the small size but notwithstanding, a very impressive baby. BPIB & BOB

2. Malin’s Kenzduo Deeply Dallas. Dog. 9 months and rather on the large side. Ok for head and dentition and expression. Good for coat. Movement to settle.

Open 1

1. Legg, Scott & Watson’s Oakswarren Pure Magic. Balanced appealing head giving super expression. Arched neck above well placed shoulders. Correct body proportions with brisket well down. In great condition and well muscled. Strong hindquarters with good turn of stifle. Tight feet. Moved true.


Open 1

1. Balmer’s Mabanika Omega. Feminine head with a kind expression. Strong neck; Clean front and correct topline. Of good bone, well bodied with good spring of rib and correct forechest. Powerful mover. Pity she stood alone. BOB

Spaniel (English Springer)

Open 1

1. Watson’s Sh Ch Bordacity Honey Rider B. 9 years old and in fabulous condition. Liver/W. Attractive on the stand. Pleasing unexaggerated type. Feminine head, good for neck and shoulders. Balanced bone throughout. Correct feet. Moved soundly and this looked particularly impressive in profile. BOB

Spaniel (Welsh Springer)

Open 1

1. Douglas’s Chanangel Yorkshire Gold To Santallina. 4 years old. Dog. Appealing masculine head of good proportions, neck of sufficient length into well-laid shoulders. Body deep in brisket, well-sprung ribs. Well-boned throughout. Correct front assembly; straight sturdy forelegs. Sound accurate mover who would have benefitted from a larger ring. BOB.

Spaniel (Field)

Open 3

1. Taylor’s Sh Ch Elgert Take A Bow With Tayowen JW. 8 year old Dog. Classic in type. Masculine head, super eyes and well placed ears, aiding typical expression. Body deep in rib cage. Strong neck, secure top-line. Correct height to length ratio. Presented in typical coat. Impressive deportment on the move. Easy winner & BOB

2. Shipton’s Mishules Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Dog, 7 months old. Good for head, chiselling and a dark eye. Correct reach of neck. Ribs well sprung. Flat bone and neat feet. Secure topline. Moved steady; front to settle but has time on his side. BPIB

3. Shipton’s Broomeece Fire Cracker Over Mishules

Retriever (Labrador)

Puppy 6,4

1. Williamson’s Inspector Gadget, 10 months. Dog. Well made. Typical masculine expression from a well-balanced skull. Super reach of neck, impressive depth of brisket. On the stand he is clean and balanced in outline which attracts. Well angulated. Excellent rear movement from well-turned stifles and muscled width of thigh. For a youngster he moved impressively. BPIB.

2. Smith’s Flyenpyg Amy Swinehouse. Bitch. 8 months. Black. Well balanced. I thought her a tad short in foreface. Good for reach of neck, depth of ribs and straight topline. Well ribbed body. Moved well enough.

Junior 4,2

1. McGill’s Deniangill Almost Had It All, Bitch. 12 months old and a lot to like. Well constructed head giving such a kind expression. Clean neck into well placed shoulders. Barrelled rib of good depth, correct turn of stifle. Strong second thigh. Liked her overall balance on the stand. Moved well.

2. Smith’s Hurstmeon Hey Look Its Me At Flyenpyg. Another nice youngster. Feminine in expression. Impressive front. Well sprung ribs. Correctly angulated strong hindquarters. Produces a balanced profile on the stand. Not quite the movement of 1. Close call.

Post Graduate 9,4

1. Parker’s Bruadarach Baile Eilidh. 2 year old Chocolate Bitch pleasing type. Produces a pleasing outline. Well angulated front and strong hindquarters. Strong neck into well placed shoulders, barrelled ribs. Would prefer her slightly shorter coupled. Won the class over 2 on movement.

2. Hullock’s Scotsdyke Marchbank Boy. Large upstanding boy. Extremely good showman and attentive to handler. Well bodied, liked his bone and substance. Also a positive mover but just lost out to the very precise movement of 1.

3. Smith’s Hurstmeon Hey Look Its Me At Flyenpyg

Open 8,3

1. Smith’s Flyenpyg Porky Pig JW OSW. Dog 5 years old. Yellow. Happy character. Kind masculine head, clean in neck; Well-proportioned shoulders, straight secure top-line with correct tail; well sprung ribs. Super Otter tail. In great condition and coat. I felt he demonstrated lovely old fashioned breed type. Movement was a joy to watch. BOB. In a hotly contested Gundog Group I was pleased to award him Group 4.

2. Hopkinson & Kleinhans Rocheby Hazelberry, 3 years old Bitch. Another lovely one. Different in type to 1. Feminine head, enhanced with dark pigmentation which attracts. Endearing dark brown eyes. Has a good reach of neck with well placed shoulders, secure topline complete with a correct tail set. Perhaps a touch disappointing on the move today.

3. Smith’s Hurstmeon Hey Look Its Me At Flyenpyg

Retriever (Golden)

Open 1

1. McGuffie’s Milltimber Moonriver. Dog 8 years old. Noble head giving a lovely expression. Clean and muscular neck, good front angulation. Level back with excellent tail set. Body with plenty of heart and lung room. A touch narrow going away. In excellent coat and condition. BOB.

Retriever (Flat Coated)

Open 1

1. Chipperfield and Higginbotham’s Islstrom All Of A Storm At Howlingate. 7 years old. Of pleasing size and overall balance. Appealing head giving typical expression. Lengthy reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Well bodied. Correct feet. Moved OK. BOB

Italian Spinone

Post Graduate 1

1. Duncan’s Diggmere Struffoli At Larhuly. 2 years. Bitch. Appealing profile when standing. Lean head of good length and shape. Short neck. Shoulders well laid. Chest of good depth. Correct topline and well ribbed back. Coat of excellent texture. OK rear movement. Presented in good condition.

Open 2

1. Bennett’s Testaverde Irma Capece Del Hochhopepa JW. 4 year old well bodied bitch and perhaps a tad too much. Head of good length and shape. Short neck leading to well laid shoulder. Good depth of chest. Well ribbed back. Well muscled hindquarters. Correct coat texture. Moved well. BOB

2. Duncan’s Diggmere Strawberry Heart At Larhuly. 7 year old bitch with a lovely head and well set ears. Correct neck and shoulders. Well laid shoulders. Good length of ribcage. Hindquarters I felt were rather over angulated and therefore not the movement of 1. Excellent coat.

AVNSC Gundog

Puppy 4,2

1. Elders Enryb Pink Panther, Hungarian Wirehaird Viszla. Well grown 11 months. Excellent shape and exudes in breed type. Well-proportioned all through. She has a most impressive head. Straight and true in front with good angulation fore and aft. Good length of ribbing. Best AVNSC Gundog Puppy.

2. Inman’s Foxriever Silver Wing Among Keamarola Retriever (Curly Coated). Young bitch. Lovely size for age having a well-balanced typey head, containing a kind eye which is dark in colour. Good depth to chest well sprung ribs, moderate bend of stifle. With maturity she should strengthen and settle in rear movement.

Open 1

1. Elders’s Sh Ch Enryb Skye Blue, Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla. 2 ½ year old Bitch. Really impressive. Super for bone and overall balance. Attractive feminine head containing expression. Head complimented by correct amount of furnishings. Her front and rear angulations produced impressive forehand reach and strong rear drive. Correct textured coat and presented in top class condition. Best AVNSC Gundog & G3.

Gundog Group

1. Irish Setter - Alcorn & Ingram’s Sh Ch Gwendariffs Red Light Show Farnfield

2. German Shorthaired Pointer - Sielski’s Orihidstar Missing Link.

3. Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla - Elders’s Sh Ch Enryb Skye Blue

4. Retriever (Labrador) – Smith’s Flyepyg Porky Pig JW OSW

Gundog Puppy Group

1. German Wirehaired Pointer – Geary’s Germanus Hotwyr Minjarra

2. Hungarian Vizsla – McDonald’s Donhurie’s Hercules

3. Retriever (Labrador) – Williamson’s Sharouns Inspector Gadget

4. Spaniel (Cocker) – Bacon’s Timbric Doris Day

AV Gundog

Veteran 12.4

1. McDonald’s Sh Ch Donurie’s Quantum Of Solace, (Hungarian Vizsla)

2. Watson’s Sh Ch Bordacity Honey Ryder, Spaniel (English Springer)

3. Taylor’s Sh Ch Elgert Take A Bow With Tayowen JW Spaniel (Field)

Boston Terrier

Post Graduate 1

1. Roulston’s Ivy Jewel Dare To Dream, 9 month old Dog. Attractive in profile, with very appealing square shaped head, having a square muzzle, round expressive eyes and well set ears of correct shape, Slightly arched neck well set on. Short and lustrous coat well marked. Smart positive mover. BPIB, BOB and Utility Puppy group 1.

Open 1

1. Roulston’s Kenxtwen Beauty Bluebell At Ivy Jewel NAF, Bitch, 2 years. Blanced outline when standing. In excellent coat and condition. Appealing ears, muzzle could be a little fuller. Body, relatively short and well together. Ribs deep and carried back. Forehand movement was graceful and accurate but rather narrow behind.

French Bulldog

Post Graduate 1

1. Sproat’s Pappardelle Prize. Dog. Sturdy and compact. Good for bone. Nose well placed and good nostrils. Would have preferred more width and depth of muzzle. Ears well set and of correct size and shape. Powerful neck. Fine textured coat. Moved OK. BOB

Shih Tzu

Post Graduate 1

1. Stevenson’s Bishopspark Holly. 2 years. Attractive head containing, large round attractive eyes. Body with fair chest. A touch longer in loin. Moved really well. BOB


Junior 1

1. Wilkins’s Jasquarella Cosmopolitan For Salvadorada . 7 month bitch puppy. Liked her overall profile. Attractive head and eyes. Excellent neck of correct length and well set. Chest is broad enough and has sufficient depth. Ribs well sprung. Moved very well. Just needs to gain confidence. BPIB & BOB

Post Graduate 1

1. Wilkins’s Gloriandus Urania of Salvadorada. 2 year old dog. Head is balanced with good finish; excellent dentition. Neck of fair length. Slightly longer in loin than ideal. Moved OK but lacked confidence.

Open 1

1. Wilkins’s Gloriandus Ursaline Of Salvadorada (Imp RUS). Another one rather on the shy side. OK for head and expression. Clean neck. Medium width to chest as required. Rather heavy in statue. Accurate mover but lacked confidence.

Lhasa Apso

Special Yearling 5,2

1. Moran & Holmes’s Aibrean Jenga. Bitch Puppy 7 months and a little charmer. She has a sweet expression from dark appealing eyes. Beautifully constructed throughout which was ably demonstrated on the move. I loved her ‘look at me’ attitude and I did. Admired her forehand extension and body proportions. Should have a bright future. Pushed the Open Class winner hard for BOB. Best Puppy in Breed, Utility Puppy G2.

2. Schckardt Black Opal At Frenchlands JW. Black, presented in first class condition. Well balanced head, giving a feminine expression. Good for neck. Would prefer her a touch shorter in body. Proud mover with excellent tail carriage.

3. Chesterfield’s Phareal Heartbreaker Into Burnsett

Post Graduate 3

1. Chesterfield’s Burnsett Lunata, Bitch. Appealing feminine head. Good mouth and finish. Well set neck, nicely arched and well boned throughout. Moved well with reach and drive which just gave her the edge over 2.

2. Taylor’s Kelankin Purple Raynedrop At Billkenstar, Bitch. Balanced throughout and of a good size. Pretty head containing attractive eyes. Good pigmentation. High set tail, well carried over her back. Close call.

3. Thompson’s Toynbee’s Touch Of Silver

Open 1

1. Schuckardt’s Elmichapel Walk My Way In Shoes At Frenchlands. JW 4 year old Bitch. Firstly, I would like to congratulate this exhibitor on the condition of her dogs. Attractive, appealing in head giving a super expression. Forequarters are well constructed; good for neck. Body with good rib and strong loins. High set tail. Super coat. Confident, accurate mover. BOB.


Open 4

Best class of the day

1. Colliers Ch Stoneyburn Banna. Dog. 7 years. BOB, G1 and Best Veteran In Show.

2. Reed’s Stoneyburn Maia, Bitch. Litter sister to 1 so very similar comments apply. Loved her feminine head and body proportions. Lovely size. Super textured coat.

3. Reed’s Stoneyburn Arbeia

AVNSC Utility

Puppy 3.1

1. Thorman’s Namroht Sushi. Chow Chow. Head was well balanced with fill under dark oval eyes which aided the attraction . Strong neck. Good colour to flews. Deep, Broad Chest. Would have preferred her a touch more square in outline. Moved very well. Best AVNSC Utility Puppy & Utility PG4.

Open 1

1. Thorman’s Peter Parker Namroht. Well balanced masculine head. Broad skull, Solid black mouth/bluish tongue. Excellent ears. Eyes OK. Sturdy legs and good feet. Well bodied. Correct coat. Moved really well. Best AVNSC Utility.

Utility Group

1. Schipperke – Collier’s Ch Stoneyburn Banna

2. Japanese Shiba Inu – Adey’s Burwen Pink Cadillac

3. Poodle Standard – Gleave’s Ch Montravia Enchanted Code By Ryneco JW

4. Boston Terrier - Roulston’s Ivyjewel Dare To Dream

Utility Puppy Group

1. Boston Terrier – Roulston’s Ivyjewel Dare To Dream

2. Lhasa Apso – Moran & Holmes’s Aibrean Jenga

3. Poodle (Standard) – Edmondson’s Smart Connection Afterglow Impulse

4. Chow Chow – Thornman’s Namroht Sushi

AV Utility Veteran – Open – 9,2

1. Schipperke - Collier’s Ch Stoneyburn Banna

2. Lhasa Apso – Schuckkardt’s Timazinti’s Peppermint At Frenchlands JW ShCM ShEx. Super Dog. Almost 8 years and in lovely coat and condition. Masculine head, containing appealing dark eyes. Excellent detention. Nicely angulated throughout. Good for topline and tail set. Moved beautifully.

3. Schipperke – Reed’s Stoneyburn Maia