• Show Date: 01/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tony Allcock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Pontypridd & District Canine Society

Pontypridd & District Canine Society Open Show

Monday 01 May 2023

Best In Show, Pask’s Baronglen The Nobleman, JW. Irish Wolfhound

Reserve Best In Show, Evans’s Amazon She Is Adored, Dobermann

Best Puppy In Show, Evans’s Amazon She Is Adored, Dobermann

Reserve Best Puppy In Show, Beach’s Beachdax Sweet Melody, Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired)

Best Veteran In Show, Morris’s Zaltana Cwnhapas Tegan (Imp Pol) JW ShCM, Siberian Husky

Reserve Best Veteran In Show, Rice’s Ch Ricox Somebody To Love JW ShCM ShCEX OSW

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Puppy 2,1

1. Harris’s Annemstaffs Queen Bee. 7 months Black Bitch. Pleasing head, correct eye shape and neat rose ears. OK for neck. Tidy front. Adequate bone, neat feet. Level topline into nicely angulated hindquarters. Tail set correct. Moved well when settled. BPIB & Puppy Group 2.

Junior 2,1

1. Payne’s Elhastaffs Dark Knight. Black dog 14 months. Liked his head which contained correct bite, good eyes, neat tight lips aiding typical keen expression. OK neck. Ears thin and rose shaped, placed well. Strong front, secure topline with correct tail set. Adequate bone, well-muscled and moved well.

Open 3

1. Payne’s Auchdaran Kiss Full Of Fire. 2 year old bitch. Head is correctly shaped; eyes a touch light. OK front assembly. Ears well set nicely onto the head. Body was well ribbed. Correctly shaped and padded feet. Goodly amount of bone for size. Level topline and well developed hindquarters. Best mover in the class. BOB & Group 3.

2. Mayers’s Maynestaff Smooth Criminal. 22 month old dog. His head shape, width of muzzle, clean finish, dark eyes, neat rose ears are admirable. Straight clean front, ample bone. Well ribbed but a touch long in loin. Moved well but not the hindquarters of 1. RBOB

3. Mayers’s Maynestaff The Girl Is Mine

Bedlington Terrier


1. Jones’s OBE, Tcheria Tydfil Of Pengerrig. Such a sweet character. At 9 years she is in super condition. Being of a lovely size she is also well proportioned. When standing portrays typical outline with the required topline. Excellent coat and colour. Moves soundly. BOB & Group 4

Jack Russell Terrier

Junior 1

1. Bailey and Huseby’s Mrs Flinstone. 7 months and learning the ropes! Good for head balance. Lovely eyes. Wide jaws, good dentition. Correct neck, fair front. Chest developing. Enough ribbing, excellent forequarters. In the class, she moved low to ground which made her look a little short on leg. However, in the Terrier Puppy Group she gained so much confidence this significantly made a difference to her shape and profile. Puppy Group 1.

Open 1

1. Bailey and Huseby’s Hunterhawk Bjorn Borg. Male almost 2 years. Appealing head, and ears set well up & carried close. OK for neck. Excellent ribbing and topline correct, with a slight rise over loin. Well angulated rear. Sadly, was a reluctant mover which was a pity. BOB.

Border Terrier

Junior 3,1

1. Smith & Holland’s Drachenhaus Ariel. 10 months old Bitch. Attractive, and well grown for age. Liked her head which had correct finish, super eyes and strong jaws. She has a good neck, correct front and easily spanned. Ribs nicely carried back. Excellent coat. Moved well. Best Puppy In Breed & PG3

2. Bevan’s Daeargi Heatwave. 9 months old, Bitch. Presented in well textured jacket. In profile she is a touch longer in body than 1. OK for topline. Balanced head with short strong muzzle, neat well placed ears all aiding a pleasing expression. Moderately angulated, racy, hindquarters and correctly assembled front proved steady movement.

Graduate 3,1

1. Greenway’s Foxchapel Perfect Day with Foxcourt. 19 months old with a pleasing head and expression. Overall of good size, well balanced and with good body proportions. Nice in shoulder. Topline fell away a touch at the croup. Well-muscled with strong hindquarters correctly angulated. Super feet and balanced bone. BOB & Group2

2. Bevan’s Rhozzum Wood Lark At Daeargi. 3 year old Bitch. Appealing head. Spanned well but a touch longer in loin than ideal. Excellent jacket. Secure backline with slight rise over the loins and well set and carried tail. Hindquarters correctly angulated. Moved steadily.

Open 3,1

1. Smith & Holland’s Glenaig First lady Of Drachenhaus. Femine, workman like 3 year old bitch, with appealing head, expression and finish. Well placed shoulders. Perhaps a touch larger than ideal but spanned OK. Correctly, narrow all through and put down in good hard condition. Excellent jacket. Super mover.

2. Greenaway’s Foxcourt Amber Spirit Gambler Bitch, 6 years. Of a lovely size. Head with correct muzzle and dark eye. Correct harsh double coat. She is spannable with ribs carried well back. Secure backline; well set tail. Moved OK

AVNSC Terrier

Puppy 2

1. Jones’s Wyeafon Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Australian Terrier. Lovely colour and in good coat. She is quite a raw puppy at this stage. She took some time to settle. Excels in neck and balance of head. OK expression but through lack of confidence she obviously was not using her ears. Good dentition. Fair length of neck. Secure backline. She needs time but has promise. Best AVNSC Terrier Puppy.

2. Hughes’s Lindcoly Lucky Lyra (NAF), Cairn Terrier. 9 months old and gave her handler a hard time. Upon examination she was well bodied, had a strong backline and excellent textured coat. Perhaps a touch short in neck. Glimpses of correct movement identified. She clearly needs time.

Open 6,2

1. Warner’s Ch Talanors Time For Fun, Manchester Terrier. Mature masculine, compact dog. Head being well filled with correctly shaped dark eyes, portraying his keen and alert attitude. Strong jaws and teeth; correct dentition. Clean strong forequarters. Body with well sprung ribs. Excellent coat and presented in muscular condition. Moved soundly. Best AVNSC Terrier and Group 1.

2. Grainger’s Black Cuillins Catriona (Imp Deu), Skye Terrier. 13 month old Dog. Lots to like and maturing nicely. Pleasing in outline and overall balance, nice head, good bite and teeth, dark eye. Well ribbed. Well angulated throughout. Presented in super condition. Moved really well.

3. Jones’s Wyeafon Eternity Flame

Terrier Group

1. Manchester Terrier

2. Border Terrier

3. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

4. Bedlington Terrier

Terrier Puppy Group

1. Jack Russell Terrier

2. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

3. Border Terrier

4. Australian Terrier


Post Graduate 3,1

1. Tanner’s Felinoak FFansi Nansi, Bitch 7 months. Promising puppy, lovely for make and size. Body slightly longer cast. Sturdy legs; Good feet. Shown in super condition and coat which adds to the attraction. Excellent hindquarters supporting impressive rear drive. Sympathetically handled. BB, BP and BOB.

2. Murphy’s Davidcard Picsasso At Rhosyndu, Dog 22 months. Attractive head. Impressive front with good legs and feet. Well ribbed body but alike 1 a touch longer in loin. Secure topline and excellent tail set. Close up on 1 but just lost out on movement.

Open Dog 2,1

1. Murphy’s Black Royal At Rhosyndu VW. Dog 8 years. Very fit and well built. OK for head and expression. Pleasing neckline; secure topline. Tail well set and carried. Well-muscled, angulated hindquarters aided sound true movement.

Open Bitch 2

1. Tanner’s Felinoak El Koko Loko, 19 months. Beautiful head and expression. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Well angulated front and rear. On the move, held a spirit level topline and demonstrated impressive reach and drive.

2. Anthony’s Ospreagle Jamaica Me Crazy, 5 years. Good head, neck and shoulders. Teeth need attention. Good forechest and well ribbed boddy. Nicely angulated without being overdone. Moved OK.


Post Graduate 4,2

1. Thomas’s Mischran Asherah At Mournebrake. 2 years old. Good dentition, lovely dark eye, arched neck, OK top line, excellent hindquarters. Produced accurate movement and despite being bang out of coat deserved to win the class along with BOB.

2. Giblett’s Mischran Cherokee. 3 years old. Preferred head of 1. Arched neck into well laid shoulders. Very unsettled on the move. In full coat but preferred overall breed type of 1.

Open 2,1

1. Lee-Brown’s Palamedees Anais Tanith. 4 years old. Fair head and dentition Dark eyes if a little full. Small rose ears, fair neck. Body well ribbed with good depth of brisket. Well angulated hindquarters produced powerful drive.

Irish Wolfhound

Open 1

1. Pask’s Baronglen The Nobleman, JW. A ‘Handsome young pretender’ At 21 months he has an air of maturity. A noble, masculine head, with dark eyes portraying such a soft gentle expression. Strong arched lengthy neck. Superbly constructed throughout having bone, substance and muscle tone. Body with depth and spring of rib with plenty of daylight underneath. On the move he demonstrates both power and accuracy in his smooth strong strides complimented by strong rear propulsion. In the BIS ring his performance was most impressive and from the reaction of the ringside, a popular and deserving recipient of BOB, Group1 and BIS.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Open 1

1. Raymond’s Sofala Lightening Strike. 4 ½ year old mature looking dog. Clean lines in appearance, with a handsome head to boot! He is lean, muscled and fit being presented in excellent coat and condition. An easy accurate mover and light on his feet. Stands so well and moved true and steady. BOB


Puppy 3,1

1. Taylor’s All Eyes On Me (IKC) NAF, Bavarian Mountain Hound. Promising 6 ½ month old. Body, correctly, is slightly longer than high. Head is balanced with excellent dentition. Eyes well placed giving alert expression. In super coat being short, close and shiny. On the move, head was carried correctly but overall movement to settle. Presented in beautiful condition. Best AVNSC Hound Puppy.

Open 8,4

1. Baker’s Silverbriar Safiya, Basenji Bitch. 2 years old. Smart Basenji tricoloured bitch. Really appealing feminine head. Lengthy neck above well laid shoulders. Secure level topline. Forelegs straight with correct feet. Tail well set. Moved with power and determination and accurate with it too. Well bodied and in A1 condition. Best AVNSC Hound.

2. Taylor’s Cotherstone Dalmore, Deerhound 5 years. Dog. Decidedly mature and of balanced angulation. OK for bone. Well-muscled and moved beautifully.

3. Smithson’s Sunnusteins Safaniyah Jamel Chisobee (Imp ISL), Suluki.

AV Hound

Puppy 6,3

1. Mitchell & Wrights Felinoak Fizz At Huntshill, Beagle Bitch 6 months. Very promising. I admired her overall size and shape. Lovely for head, neck and shoulders. Well balanced when standing. Good for body and ribs. Secure lebel backline. Well set tail. Moved well when settled.

2. Hoskin’s Shelsue Jingling Jennie. Whippet Bitch. Feminine head, lengthy neck and well off for body. Lots to like but has a fear of the table but at 8 months has time. Moved very well.

3. Jones’s Piece of Cake Dachshund (W/H)

Veteran 6,1

1. Beach’s Beachdax Duchess Daisy Doo Dachshund (Min S/H). 9 years. Quality bitch, Feminine head, excellent dentition. Attrative dark eyes. OK neck and rib length, strong loin. In great condition. Confident purposeful mover but front a tad untidy at times.

2. Murphy’s Black Royal At Rhosyndu VW. Beagle Dog Class winner

3. Snelgrove’s Huntinghill Jazzmatazz, Whippet.

Hound Group

1. Irish Wolfhound

2. Whippet

3. Dachshund (Miniature Wire Haired)

4. Dachshund (Long Haired)

Hound Puppy Group

1. Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired)

2. Beagle

3. Whippet

4. Dachshund (Miniature Wire Haired)

AV Mervyn Richards Memorial Stakes

Puppy Dog 7, 4

1. Stephen’s Farnfield Pickpocket For Brightmeadow. Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla. Dog 10 months, of a lovely size, beautifully balanced and this shows in his wonderful movement. Great coat. He certainly is distinguished in style and deportment. Moved with power and drive. He must have a very bright future ahead.

2. Kaal’s Schunikka Ifor Dream, Dalmatian, Dog. 10 months. Perhaps erring on the larger side. Nice head containing eyes of good colour, well set ears, balanced reach of reck. He is well proportioned and looks impressive on the stand. Holds a secure topline on the move. Presented in great condition.

3. Hawkins’s Lexody Pandemonium CKCS.

Puppy Bitch 13,8

1. Stephens’s Ravenho Up Town Girl For Brightmeadow. Retriever (Curly Coated) Bitch. My notes record ‘OMG’. I thought her something quite special. Feminine head giving such a beautiful expression. Body posses a super ribcage. I admired her overall proportions but just loved the way in which she moved. It was with freedom and determination and so accurate too. One to watch!

2. Rice’s Ricox I Love My Mini Me. Tibetan Spaniel bitch. 11 month. Skull of correct size and shape. Feminine expression from well set eyes. Shapely neck into level topline. Correct feet with good amount of feathering. Moved steadily.

3. Reynold’s Austmans Barb Dwyer With Shardlow, Australian Cattle Dog.