• Show Date: 13/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tony Allcock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Northern Japanese Spitz Club

The Northern Japanese Spitz Club Open Show Saturday 13 May 2023

I was both delighted and honored to receive the invitation to judge this Club Breed Show and especially, a breed I have always admired and followed. The total entry was 44 dogs with 33 present. Numerically, this was a marvellous entry and one full of quality.

Thanks to the Committee for such a prestigious appointment and one which I was looking forward to immensely.

Junior Dog 2

1. Aston & Bowen’s Glamglow’s Just A Crush. 14 months. Most attractive head. Super eyes which are well set, dark and with ample pigmentation; correct amount of stop, all giving a most appealing expression. Good breadth and depth of chest. Tail is well set. Impressive neck and lay back of shoulder aided easy forehand reach which when coupled with drive from moderate well-muscled hindquarters, produced impressive movement. Neat tight feet. Great textured coat. Should have a promising future.

2. Turner’s Mayumi’s Perfect Touch. 13 months old. Just a touch nervous on the table but began to settle and to gain confidence. Head OK for balance and ratios. Ears are small and set high. Body is well developed for age but just a little upright in shoulder which gave rise to a high stepping forehand. Secure topline, tail well set. Presented in muscled condition.

Post Graduate Dog 2,1

1. Turners’s Mayumi’s Perfect Prince. 2 years. Pleasing expression from well-placed oval shaped eyes dark in colour and complimented by black eye rims. Good wedge and finish to foreface. Ears are small and triangular and well placed. Moderately arched neck leading to well-placed shoulders with correct return of upper arm. Sturdy firm backline and strong loins. High set tail which is well plumed and carried over the back. In good coat and condition. Moved very well.

Limit Dog 4,1

1. Aston & Bowen’s Glamglow’s Mr Perfect. Impressive size and overall balance. This dog possesses a quality head being slightly rounded and fairly broad with a defined stop. Dark eyes which are oval in shape and set obliquely to give overall correct expression. Strong jaws, firm lips and neat finish. Body needs a touch more development. Holds a secure top-line, good for croup and tail set. Broad loins. Well bent stifles without being excessive. Firm hocks and strong pasterns. Well cushioned pads. In superb coat and condition. Rather excited on the move but on the occasions he settled, it proved accurate.

2. Turners Mayumi’s The One and Only. Mature 4 year old. Balanced head of medium size and well proportioned, but I preferred the overall expression of 1. Ears are small, triangular and well set. Very nicely put together throughout with excellent angulations fore and aft. Super topline and nice broad loins. Neat feet and strong slightly sloping pasterns. Well textured coat.

3. King’s Llwyni Cupid’s Bow and Arrow

Open Dog 5,2

1. Aston & Bowen’s Aust Ch Daesdaemar Romancing The Stone Glamglow. 18 months. This exciting young dog really appealed for type, size and balance. Sightly rounded skull, proportional muzzle, excellent dentition, containing dark lustrous eyes which are oval in shape, set obliquely to give required expression. Head contains the darkest of pigmentation set against a pure white coat. From a construction perspective, there is just so much to like. Neck is balanced in length, set above well laid sloping shoulders; elbows well fitting, straight forelegs and small round cushioned feet. Body is well ribbed. Broad strong loins; high set tail. On the move he was an absolutely joy to watch, demonstrating such a precise, light, easy forehand supported by strong rear drive. He will be a joy to watch in a much larger ring. Presented in excellent coat and condition. I had no hesitation in awarding him top honours and he is, clearly, a force to be reckoned with. BD & BIS

2. Aston & Bowen’s Glamglow’s The Gifted One. Mature 6 year old, clearly scoring in eyes, pigment, ear shape and size. Neck is moderately arched and strong. Straight legs set well under a well ribbed body, strong secure back and broad loins. Good for tuck-up. High set tail. He presents a balanced outline when standing. Lovely reach of forehand but preferred hindquarters of 1.

3. King’s Glamglow’s Wish Upon A Star For Zurramad

Veteran 4,1

A lovely class to judge

1. Jones’s Ch Llwyni Simba Stop N’Stare JW ShCM. Beautifully presented and well-handled 7 year old male. Text book head which demands attention. Body of pleasing depth and length, balanced construction throughout. Good for rib, coupling and croup. Good tail set and carriage. In absolute A1 Condition – just lovely. RBD & BVIS.

2. Aston & Bowen’s Glamglows Such A Charmer. Another lovely Veteran 7 ½ years and also in super condition. Profuse coat of excellent texture. Strong masculine head containing dark pigmentation and lovely eyes portaying a soft but masculine expression. Good for neck, topline and tail set. Well bodied. Looked a picture when standing. Moved OK.

3. Aston & Bowen’s Glamglows The Devil In Me For Aethyia

Minor Puppy Bitch 1

1. Aston & Bowen’s Glamglow’s Icing On The Cake NAF TAF. 8 months old and an extremely pretty quality young baby. Her head is gorgeous being wedge shaped, having neat lips and a dark round, small black nose. Dark, appealing oval eyes which are set obliquely to boot! Neat high set ears. Ideal length of neck. I admired her overall construction and proportions. Due to her tender age, a little extravagant on the move which will settle with maturity. Full of promise.

Puppy Bitch 1

1. Turner’s Mayumi’s Summer Breeze. 10 months. Presents a balanced picture when standing. Amazing construction for her age. Wedge-shaped head, neatly finished and containing expressive dark, oval eyes correctly set. Neck is of moderate length and slightly arched. Upon further examination she is well put together, well ribbed and of good bone. Tail high, well set. Needs to settle on the move, but another demonstrating early promise and should do well. BP & BPIS

Junior Bitch 4,2

1. Aston & Bowen’s Glamglow’s Cotton Candy. 14 month old high-quality young bitch who I admired very much. Beautiful feminine head with attractive dark eyes, neat ears and lovely dark pigment. Neck moderate in length. Well-made body, well ribbed. Secure, level topline and well set tail carried well. Her front assembly is impressive. Hindquarters are well angulated with firm hocks and neat round well padded feet. She produced excellent movement in all directions. A touch out of coat but this is elementary in the junior stage. In the bitch challenged her movement stood out. BB & RBIS

2. Turner’s Mayumi’s Lil Miss Dynamite. 14 months. Another impressive looking youngster when standing. Balanced head giving a beautiful feminine expression from super eyes of correct shape and colour. Sturdy well ribbed body with good depth of chest. Well-muscled and conditioned. Strong moderately angulated hindquarters. Movement was a tad disappointing, but she has plenty of time.

Yearling Bitch 1

1. Jones’s Llwynis State Of Grace JW. Just out of puppy and another top quality exhibit. I loved her head and expression. Great balance of skull and muzzle. Super ears for size, set and shape. Amazing depth of pigment complemented her snow white well textured coat. Neck is moderately arched and leads into well laid shoulders. Super for bone and feet. Well ribbed. Broad loins. Hindquarters have adequate turn of stifles and defined hocks. Presented in wonderful condition and an exemplary show girl. RBB

Post Graduate 4

1. Turner’s Mayumi’s Sweet Harmony This 3 year old bitch has a lot to like. Slightly rounded skull with correct wedge shape and finish. Dark pigment. Eyes being dark but perhaps a tad too full. Excellent shoulders and upper arm. Great chest, being fairly deep and broad. Sturdy loins. Hindquarters possessing well angulated stifles with firm well defined hocks. High set tail. Excellent mover.

2. McPhee’s Glamglow’s Blushing Bride for Maihimekai. 2 years and possesses many of the same attributes as 1. Good front with well boned legs and nice well cushioned, small feet. Good for ribbing; tail high set. Beautiful coat and condition. Pleasing on the move. Close up on and a very close call.

3. Aston & Bowen’s Glamglow’s Made You Blush

Limit Bitch 9,3

1. Turner’s Mayumi’s Too Hot To Handle. 5 years old. I enjoyed examining this beautifully put together bitch. Head gives a sweet feminine expression and contains deep pigmentation. Eyes are dark and obliquely set. Ears are small, triangular and set high. Adequate neck leading into excellent shoulders. Good bone. Deep chest. Secure topline. Firm hocks. High set tail with great plume. Super mover.

2. Jones’s Glamglows’s Perfect Senorita of Llwyni. 3 years. Nice to examine and everything fits neatly into a well proportioned body. Lovely head giving a pleasing expression. I liked her bone and substance. She held a secure level topline on the move. Coat coming back. Admirable forequarters and lay of shoulders. In a close call I just preferred the movement of 1.

3. Aston & Bowen’s All Eyes On Me Glamglows NAF TAF

Open Bitch 5

A hotly contested class.

1. Aston & Bowen’s Glamglow’s Precious Gem. 4 years. I admired her head which was very feminine, containing dark pigmentation and obliquely set, oval eyes. Well set small correct ears. Adequate neck. Super Body being of excellent proportions, broad and deep with firm loins. Well plumed, high set tail. In the class she moved well which just gave her the edge over 2 but unfortunately, in the challenge she did not maintain this precision which was disappointing.

2. Ch Glamglow’s Butter me Up. Initially, I thought she would be my winner. She presents a fabulous silhouette when standing and is an exemplary showgirl. Gorgeous head which demands attention. Well bodied and presented in superb condition. Moved a touch wide coming back to me. Happy showgirl. Close call.

3. Jones’s Llwyni Sky’s The Limit

Veteran Bitch 2

1. Turner’s Melinas Viva La Vida At Lilryecontye. 8 years. Feminine head, slightly rounded skull finished with good wedge. Ears are set high and complimentary in size and shape. Arched moderate length of neck. Well angulated forequarters. Correct feet. Secure topline, well ribbed with sturdy, broad loins. Moved impressively.

2. Jones’s Masami Ske O Llwyni. 10 years and presented in fabulous condition. She clearly loves every minute in the ring. An upstanding bitch being well proportioned. Head is well balanced containing very dark eyes but perhaps a touch full. Steady, purposeful mover.