• Show Date: 18/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Toni Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society

Collie (Smooth)

PD/B (1,0) 1.Jerrett’s Coldelee Eternal Sunshine, well muscled, correct outline. Good angulation and neck of good length. Tail well set and of excellent length. Feminine clean head, lovely almond dark eye of med size, gives alert expression when combined with well set tipped ears. Good development of chest. Moves cleanly and coped well with floor., BP & RBOB. JD/B no entries PGD/B no entries. OD/B (5,1) 1. Benton’s Brackenhaye Queen of Hearts of Oakestelle, tri bitch in very good body condition, well boned. Good outline, well developed chest, good angulation. Loved her expression, clean head, flat skull, good jaw, lovely almond eye, ears correctly placed, head and muzzle show correct parallel planes. Light and easy on the move. BOB. 2. Benton’s Ch Oakestelle Venus De Milo VW ShCex, 9 year old in excellent condition, excellent proportions in outline with firm topline. Stands 4 squared displaying good angles front and rear. Clean head, eye well set and almond in shape. Ears erect but forgave as she was probably the best mover of the day – especially considering the floor. 3. Martin’s Shandlmain Blu Chief.

Catalan Sheepdogs

JD/B (2,1) 1. Fieldsend & Kirkland’s Hollybeck Ticket to Ride to Starwell Del Riu Gost, only 6 months old and very settled in the ring. Excellent angulation, balanced in outline just slightly longer than square. Stands on well boned legs to tight oval feet. Tail is low set and carried low with upward swirl. Head developing well, with good length to skull, and shorter muzzle, correct dark round eye. Moved soundly in all directions, one to watch, BP. PG D/B (2,0) 1. Bland’s Peregos Bordeaux Beauty at Klandra, although younger of the two she was more mature in body. Shown in good rough wavy coat. Ok proportions in outline to well set tail, which is caried well on move. Head is strong, of good length, blunt muzzle. Moved ok in profile , but prefer more drive behind. 2. Hansford & Donnelly’s Peregos Minerva’s Wisdom, strong but feminine in head, dark round eye and well placed feathered ears. Angulation is ok , has strong topline, but needs to develop in chest, which means she moves close in front. OD/B (3,0) 1. Shrieve’s Ir Ch Nl Ch Winarose Wanderin’ Star Cpw19 Cw 22 Bw22 Wow22, one I have done well for before. Stands well balanced, just off square, well developed over withers, masculine through and shown in good harsh wavy coat. Well angulated. Head in correctly proportion, skull just longer than wide, with short blunt muzzle, good eye and ears. Moved well BOB. 2. Pickering’s Ir Ch Starwell Here We Go Again to Bouvibear IrJCh Belg Jun NIJch, rather longer cast than winner, carries big coat. Feminine but strong head of good proportions, good pigment, well set ears, well feathered. Angulation ok, wither well defined. Moved soundly but not the drive of winner. 3. Hansford & Donnelly’s Le Magicien D’oz du Clos Millette at Peregos.

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)

JD/B (2,0) 1. Taylor’s Tamlin Razor Crest, very stead and confident pup. Masculine in head with broad flat skull, ears well placed in relation to lovely dark eye, and rounded at tip. Stands on well boned legs to tight big feet. Well angulated front and rear – super bend of stifle. Firm level top line to tail, which was long and carried low. Moved very well, though slight tendency to crab. 2. Taylor’s Tamlin Rogue Shadow, litter sister, but less mature. Well boned to tight strong feet, firm topline. Prefer more width between ears, which are well set. Good eye. Angles ok, and good neck. Needs to settle on move. PGD/B (2,0) 1. Taylor’s Tamlin Millenium Falcon, litter brother to the Junior class, and tough decision for BP between brothers. Super bone to tight feet. Good length to body, firm topline with excellent angles. Masculine fox like head, good width between well placed rounded ears, dark eye. Tail set well and carried low. Lovely on the move with strength behind – coping well with floor, BP & RBOB. 2. Allen & Hobb’s Grangefield Oberon at Headholme NAF TAF, good proportions, but top line tends to rise, partly caused by straighter stifle than would like. Fox like head, eye rather round. Ears well placed and rounded at tips. OD/B (4,2) 1. Irving’s Twinan Hold my Halo, striking black brindle & white, excellent angulation, and strong in hock. Attractive fox head, feminine but good width between ears, flat skull, good stop, dark eye and good ear. Firm back to tail carried well, and showing true fox like brush. Excellent mover in all directions, BOB. 2. Taylor’s Wildcard Lilibet at Tamlin, blue merle, good length to height and well boned, but prefer more hind angulation. Well developed chest, but topline not as strong as winner. Head feminine and has lovely eye, good stop and well placed ears. Moved well.

AV Pastoral NSC

PD/B (1,1) – Absent, OD/B (2,1) 1. Strong & Clinton’s Ch Ohanaway Having a Blast at Mackjama, Swe Vall, 3 year old, well built strong male. Excellent angulation front and rear, firm level topline, good chest. Broad skull, lovely dark oval eye, ears used well. Good wedge shape to head , with strength to muzzle. Stands well on tight oval feet. Moved well with good drive. BAVNSC.

AV Imported Register

PG D/B (2,0) 1. Dennis’ Shadowshack All Moons, White Swiss, strong built male of good size and bone. Shown in good coat. Well angulated and with good length of neck which is clean. Strong topline and good length of rib. Head clean, chiselled with flat skull, ears used well. Good length of muzzle, lovely dark almond eye, and good pigment throughout. Moved well in a directions. BIR 2. Perera’s Blanchutton Argent Bella, white swiss, good sized bitch, whilst older than winner – found her to need little more tie. Head is promising with good lengt and flat skull, correct ears, dark almond eye. Well angulated front & rear but lacks chest development which affects her stance in front. Moved ok.OD/B (2,0) 1. Wilford’s Int Ch Iffa oira Des Forges De Thor at Cavronscourt, Pyr sheepdog – smooth face, just short of her 10th birthday and in excellent condition, just off square in outline. Dark oval eyes, triangular ears set high and creating alert expression. Good width to skull, muzzle forming triangle when viewed from above. Good length of rib, moderately angulated, well muscled but found pasterns little week, but ok considering age. Moved well, RBIR.

Judged Toni Jackson