• Show Date: 18/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Toni Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 22/08/2023

Whitstable & District Canine Society

Siberian Husky

Super entry on paper but sadly one exhibitor was held up in traffic on route so missed their classes. JD/B (5,4) 1. Cruttenden’s Mongun Taiga a Call of the Wild for Nativespirits, good size, firm level topline, just off square in profile, still to drop in chest Good angulation and neck. Head of clean lines, with well balanced muzzle, dark oval eye, ears could be a shade closer set. Moved soundly, RBOB. PG D/B (3,2) 1. Cruttenden’s Siberiadrift Secret Dreams, correct proportions in outline, level topline, well angulated and good neck. Foxi head, with clean lines, well placed ears, eye could be darker, and prefer more oval shape. Prefer more drive behind. OD/B (4,1) 1. Nicholl’s Ch Articskies Black Truffle for Shyllar, shade longer cast than other winners, well boned to oval feet. Good angles, being picky would like more arch to neck. Lovey head an expression, chiselled, with clean face, skull and head create fox like wedge. Excellent eye and ear set. Moved very well in all directions. Presented in excellent condition and coat. 2. Cruttenden’s Nativespirit’s Legacy, good size, and preferred his reach of neck to winner, but today wasn’t as positive on the move. Has good angles and bone, firm topline. Well chiselled head, defined stop well set ears, eye could be darker. 3. John’s Azgard Kastella for Alepenkye.


JD/B (1,0) 1. French’s Tamilandia Instant Envy, strongly built male, stands well balanced, just off square, firm back. Clean head, defined stop, flat skull of good width and muzzle is balanced to skull. Oval dark eye. Chest still to drop. Moved ok but needs more ring to show off drive, BOB. PGD/B (2.1) 1. Tamilandia Instant Envy. OD/B (3,1) 1. Healey’s Dalmark The White Witch at Hebemor, 8 year old bitch, in good condition, excellent teeth! Feminine head, skull & muzzle balance, flat skull, oval eye of good colour for liver. Prefer more angulation and neck. Moved ok, but tail carried low. RBOB 2. Graham’s Dotlun Sorellas Phancy at Ravold, another veteran in great condition, especially teeth! Good size and body proportions, angles balanced. Good eye and flat skull, prefer more strength to muzzle. Little close behind on move.

French bulldog

JD/B (2.1) 1. Timms & Henderson’s Budbulls Maximum Impact for Olijah, brindle bitch of 9 months lovely cobby pup, already has good width to chest with well placed straight frontlegs. Firm muscular back and good arch of neck. Balanced moderate angles, good loin. Attractive square head, large eye and well placed ear. Good strength of lower jaw. Moved well in all directions. BP & PG3. PGD/B (2,0) 1. Jennings & Duff Cossy’s Dua Lipa, attractive fawn with black mask, well boned, and good width to chest. Feminine head of good proportions and dark round eye. Moved soundly. 2. East’s Valumar Nothing but Black Magic at Jiankang, longer cast and not quite so firm in topline. Very broad in chest which means less positive in front on move. Correct eye and ear. OD/B (2,0) 1. Timms & Henderson’s Ir Ch Olijah Total Knockout JW OSW, heading nice class of two quality dogs, strong cobby male of ex bone, tight feet. Lovely arched neck, firm back and broad across withers. Good angles, broad chest and legs well placed. Attractive square head, well proportioned ears and dark round eye, good jawline, flat clean skull, good nostrils. Strong mover, BOB and please to hear he topped Utility group and went onto BIS. 2. East’s Valumar Cvetana Narla at Jiankang, attractive feminine bindle bitch. Strongly made, cobby in proportions with good neck and angulation and broad chest. Legs are well placed and straight from front. Square head, with flat skull, large dark eye, correct ear, good square under jaw. Short strong loin. Moved well. RBOB.

Miniature Schnauzer

JD/B no entries PG D/B (1,1) absent OD/B (2,1) 1. Bishop & Evan’s Nujax Storm Warning at Bishond, lovely balanced bitch, square in body, firm topline and broad chest. Good angles and well set hocks. Head is of good length and clean with good width to skull, dark oval eye. Moved soundly, BOB and G3.

Lhasa Apso

JD/B (4,2) 1. Gillman’s Mytilene Pumpkin Spice, very promising Black & white pup in mature coat. Very good angulation and head carried on well arched neck. Feminine head good skull and stop and short muzzle. Strong topline, firm loin and high set tail. Well developed in chest. Moved well in all directions. BP & BOB 2. Hill-Lonergan & Duff’s Jodak’s Party All Night with Barnlou, lovely happy puppy – attractive head and eye – good skull and muzzle proportions. Topline held well, tail set on high and with good hind angles. Not quite as fluid on move as winner. PGD/B no entries. OD/B (2,1) 1. Gillman’s Aintshe Permission to Fly From Mytiline JW, 2 years old, pleasing in outline with good height to length ratio. Attractive head, good stop and muzzle. Preferred front angles on younger bitch. Moved well in all directions. RBOB.

Judge Toni Jackson