• Show Date: 13/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Toni Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 22/08/2023

Redditch & District Canine Society

Alaskan Malamute

PD/B no entries, JD/B no entries PGD/B no entries OD/B (2,1) 1. Blaney’s Viking Fenrir Kin of Kiyara’s Wolf Pack ShCex VW, correct wedge head, broad in skull and strong muzzle , good eye and ear. Moderate angles moved very well especially for 10 year old. Good firm topline with correct slope.


 PD/B (2,1) 1. Wilson’s Pursang Shimmy Shimmy Ya, mature brown, nearly 12 months old. Correct round bone to well arched tight feet. Good angles front and rear well developed neck, topline is straight and slopes to croup and smoothly to tail. Good width to chest. Head is clean wedge with parallel planes, eye oval, but would prefer tighter rims, clean flat skull, with neat ears set on high., BP & RBOB & PG2 JD/B (2,1) 1. Pursang Shimmy Shimmy Ya. PGD/B (1,0) 1. Maciejewska’s Ballerina Rock Monolith, only 15 months, and needs to mature. Correct bone and feet, but needs to develop in chest. Prefer more hind angulation. Head is attractive, correct almond eye of dark brown, good length to muzzle, flat skull and well-placed ear. Moved ok in profile but would like to see more rear drive. OD/B (2, 1 W/D) 1. Bromwich’s Rafthouse Kickback, good boned masculine dog, well developed in chest. Good reach of neck and firm slope to topline. Pasterns could be firmer. Head of clean lines to give blunt wedge, dark almond eye, flat skull and well set ears. Moved soundly, BOB & G4.

French Bulldog

PD/B (1,) 1. Bulanova’s Eastonite Colourful Love, pied, compact and well rounded. Head is square in outline, flat skull, dark round eye, reluctant to use ears but set high and of correct size. Good underjaw and well covered by lips. Moved well, BP. JD/B (1,0) 1. Eskrett’s Katakia’s Light the Way, dark brindle, compact outline, broad across shoulders, well defined loin. Attractive square head of good size, typical bat ears set on high and used well, dark round eye. Front feet could be more compact. Moved soundly, BOB. PG D/B (2,1) 1. Eskrett’s Katakia’s Minnie the Minx, pied, strongly built with moderate angles, good bone, broad chest Head slightly rounded, large round dark eye, skull flat between well placed bat tears. Moved well, RBOB

Neapolitan Mastiff

PD/B no entries, JD/B no entries PG D/B (1,1) Absent. OD/B (2,1) 1. Drake & Bishop’s Elena, well boned , longer than tall to give rectangular outline, moderate angles, firm topline. Large head with shorter muzzle, eyes rather dep set and rims could be tighter. Ears set on high. Moved well with ambling gait. BOB

St Bernard

PD/B no entries JD/B (1,0) 1. Lloyd & Grubb’s Snowfordhill Nimrod, good size and with strong bone to tight feet. Prefer little more neck. Broad through body and holds topline. Large head with short blunt muzzle and good stop. Prefer more hind angulation, on move felt lacked drive behind. PG D/B (1,0) 1. Bell & Jeffries Bellfries Miss Armarni, strong and impressive in outline. Moderately angulated with good length of neck, stands on good feet. Found eye and lips rather loose affecting expression. Unhurried movement – but prefer more positive hind action. OD/B (3,1) 1. O’Reilly’s Fantagira Wielkopolski Bernadyn at Streillys, attractive in outline, excellent bone and coat and well presented, stand on tight round feet. Holds topline well. Broad in head with short square muzzle, well paced ears, easy unhurried movement. BOB. 2. Kimberley & Doherty’s Chedham Boys are Best, not fully mature yet, needs to develop in chest and is a shade long. Good neck and holds topline well, strong boned and with good sized skull and strong muzzle, eye little deep set. Rather erratic on the move.

AVNSC Working

JD/B (1,1) absent OD/B (2,0) 1. Reddin, Williams and Newton’s Ch Rarjo Quicksilver, PWD, eye catching B&W dog, well balanced and excellent on the move. Well presented and handled. Good strength to head and muzzle with dark eye, noticeable furrow on skull. Strong short neck to back. Deep chest, and well developed rear. Tail carried well. BAVNSC & G1. 2. Bratchie & Baillie’s Essenceera Turn the Magic on at Skookumbull JW, Bullmastiff, strongly built without coarseness, firm back, well boned legs to tight strong tight feet. Well developed neck to square skull, dark eye well placed. Chest is broad but could be deeper. Sound on the move. RBAVNSC

AV Working Veteran (3,1) 1. Bailey’s Articice Qimmiq Jackson at Akna (imp Can) Ir Jun Ch, CED, strongly built dog with weatherproof harsh coat, Good depth to check and well boned, would prefer more bend of stifle. Strong wedge head with broad skull, ear proportionally small, well set eye. Holds topline well and moved positively. 2. Bolsover’s Elleonia New Moon for Charmedkelz, Sibe, good size and well coated with good double coat. Wedge head, fox like and tapered muzzle. Would prefer more drive on move.

AV Rare Breed Working Veteran (4,2) 1. Wakefield’s Int/Multi Ch Hickson Matrix of Milo at Brintala, Ger Pins, excellent condition for 11 years, great character, alert to handler and happy tail, clean chiselled head, dark oval eye and ears set well and used well. Well arched neck to firm sloping back. Sound on move in all directions. 2. Articice Qimmiq Jackson at Akna.

Working Group

1. PWD, Ch Rarjo Quicksilver, oozed quality and not surprised to see has his title, in the big ring excelled on move. Well proportioned head, good length. Firm in body, strong rump. Lovely coat for texture and presentation.

2. BMD Bird’s Ch Cullumbern Milano JW, impressive dog of good bone, well presented and sound on the move. Strong head with good stop and dark eye. Excellent coat and presentation.

3. Greenland dog, Blaney’s Esp Ch Fenrirkin Can’t be Late Sui JCh,

4. Dobermann, Bromwich’s Rafthouse Kickback

Working Puppy Group

1. BMD, Miles’ Jaybiem Noah Fence, strong built, compact pup, flat skull and good stop, free flowing n move with lovely reach.

2. Dobermann, Wilson’s Shimmy Shimmy Ya, in the bigger ring, was lovely to see him stride out, and put his good angulation to good use. Elegant yet powerful.

3. Siberian Husky, Kendall’s Shyllar Fizzy Feet of Kendartic

4. CED Bailey’s Devils Food Made for Akna