• Show Date: 24/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tom Rigby Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 26/09/2023

Bedford & District Canine Society

Great Dane

Junior: 1 entry

1st Pocock’s TAMZDANE APPLEY EVER AFTER a 9-month-old Harlequin bitch Super outline on this young bitch of good size and substance. Pleasing, feminine head of good length and width showing great promise, good eye shape and set. Well set ears. Good dentition. Long, clean neck flowing beautifully into super shoulders. Strong, straight front that is well off for bone, finishing with neat cat like feet. Lovely flowing topline, good spring of rib and depth of chest, moderate tuck up. Her hindquarters are well angulated with a good turn of stifle and muscular throughout. Good tail set and carriage. Moved freely with purpose displaying great reach and super drive. Best Puppy, working puppy group 3.

Postgraduate: 2 entries, 1 absent.

1st Harrison’s RIOCO MY ONE AND ONLY TO JASNETTDANES JW 22-month-old Fawn bitch with black mask. Oozing femininity, very pleasing head of balanced length, clean and elegant throughout. Dark, well-set eye with well-fitting lids. Good dentition. Strong neck of good length leading to well placed shoulders. Straight front with neat cat like feet. Well sprung rib with a good depth of chest and moderate tuck up. Strong topline both on the stand and on the move. Well angulated hindquarters with plenty of muscle, straight well let down hocks. Moved freely with reach and drive. Best of Breed.

Open: 3 entries

1st Pocock’s NORDIC GIANT’S LEOPOLD AT TAMZDANE (Imp NOR) 3 ½ YR OLD Harlequin dog of good size and impressive substance. Shorter in length giving a squareness to his outline. Masculine head of good length and width, with equal length to muzzle and skull. Good eye shape and set. High set ears. Clean, muscular neck of good length into well laid shoulders. Straight front with well tucked elbows. Well sprung ribs with a great depth of chest. Well ribbed back with a short strong loin. Good angulation to a well-muscled rear. Moved well with good foot fall, reach and drive. Reserve Best of Breed.

2nd Bourton-Thorne’s VERANO VIVACIOUS 2 ½ YR OLD Fawn bitch with black mask. Feminine head of balanced proportions. Good eye set and colour. High set ears carried very well and used to complete a captivating expression. Good dentition. Long clean neck with beautiful arch flowing into a well laid shoulder, a little steeper in upper arm than 1st. A little more depth to the chest would be ideal. Good topline, moderate tuck up. Rear angulation ok with good muscle to both thigh and second thigh. Straight hocks. Moved ok but would prefer a little more reach.