• Show Date: 24/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tom Rigby Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/09/2023

Bedford & District Canine Society


Junior: 5 entries, 4 absent

1st Leech & Moir’s ELGRANDBEAR RAZZ MA TAZZ 9-month-old black dog. A lovely outline on this very promising youngster. Strong head with good width to the skull and a short square muzzle, good eye set and colour. Good dentition. Strong neck into a well laid shoulder. Strong straight front assembly. Super depth of chest with well sprung ribs, well off for bone and substance. Good rear angulation and well-muscled. Moved well. Reserve Best of Breed, Best Puppy, Working Puppy Group 2.

Postgraduate: 3 entries

1st Drakeford’s MISSISSIPPI-MISSOURI WALKING MY ANGEL 19-month-old black dog. Very pleasing outline. Broad skull with a short, square muzzle, dark pigment throughout. Good eye set and colour. Strong neck flowing into a well laid shoulder. Straight front, well off for bone. Good depth of chest, well sprung ribs, short muscular loin. Good read angulation and well-muscled. Moved with ease with great footfall. Best of Breed

2nd Cooper & Robert’s STEPHENSBEAR GOD OF THUNDER AT LYVIDIANS 2 ½ yr old brown dog. Good outline. Head of good size with a broad skull, good eye set though the colour is a little lighter than preferred. Good dentition. Strong muscular neck into well laid shoulders. Strong straight front, good bone. Broad, deep chest with well sprung ribs. Muscular loin a little longer cast than 1st . Loved his topline, beautifully clean from head to tail. Good rear angulation, well-muscled. Moved well.

Open: 2 entries, 1 absent

1st Drakeford’s SASQUATCH ZERO TO HERO 2 yr old black dog. Good outline. Strong, very masculine head with a broad skull and short square muzzle. Good eye set and colour. Good dentition. Strong neck into well laid shoulder. Straight front. Good depth of chest, well sprung rib. Short, well-muscled loin. Moved well.