• Show Date: 29/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tom Mather Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 31/10/2023

Japanese Shiba Inu Club Of Great Britain

The Japanese Shiba Inu Club of Great Britain

Open Show 29/10/2023

Thank you to the Officers and Committee of The Japanese Shiba Inu Club for the invitation to judge their Open Show. I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon with your lovely dogs, I thank all the exhibitors for their support and good sportsmanship. Numerically, it was a good entry and I thought there was some high-quality exhibits present. Special thanks to my two excellent stewards.


Puppy Dog

1 Vormund Can’t Wait To Be King. Reserve Best Puppy in Show. I admired his head and expression, well-shaped eyes, good ear set and carriage. Good, slightly arched neck. Well bodied for age with good depth of chest and short loin. Sound and typical on the move and in very good coat.

2 Takeshi Du Bpois De Compiegne at Marilouvale. Another with a very typical, pleasing expression. Good forehand with cat like feet and black nails. Casting his coat currently and this optical illusion, made him look a little weak in topline compared to the winner. Well made and pleasing to handle.

3 Amivike’s Baloo Bear from Miamilady

 Junior Dog

1 Marilouvale Rebellion. A little reluctant on the table but steady and happy on the floor where he moved very well with a light, brisk action. I really liked his head and expression, good eye shape, well developed cheeks. Beautifully balanced with good feet and dark nails.

2 Kantaro Go Sapporo Kagasout at Ayupduck. Good breadth of skull, nicely pigmented eyes, well set ears. Decent depth of chest and well ribbed. Good quarters with well defined hocks.

 Yearling Dog

1 Marilouvale Eddie Murphy. Grand head with breadth of skull, neat well furred ears which are correctly set. Lovely eyes with good pigmentation. Pleasing forehand. Deep check and veery nicely balanced. Pleased on the move both out and back. Good quality coat.

2 Lacsar Tic Tac Tayto. Good skull and ears. A shade fuller in eye than the winner. Nicely balanced and well ribbed with a high set tail. Shown in good coat and condtion. Very good profile action, brisk and light.

 Post Graduate Dog

1 Jaidev Snap Back To Reality. Has some quality. Pleasing head and grand eyes, good ear set. Decent forehand with neat feet and dark nails. Good body proportions. Strong, moderate hind quarters. Moved well with an easy, light action.

2 Tapena No Ryuu Tomodachi at Trixwood. Typical in all respects and pleases for both balance and type. Not quite the feet and pasterns of the winner. Good depth of chest, short loin and well set tail. Moved out well with an easy fluid action.

 Limit Dog

1 Vormound Lebron James. Good breadth of skull; thick, well placed ears and a pleasing eye. Good forehand with well-developed withers, decent feet and dark nails. Good body proportions and presents a lovely outline. In good double coat and moved in a most typical fashion.

2 Tiblha Im A Conkarah. Good skull, well carried ears and well-developed cheeks. Pleasing forehand. Well ribbed with depth of chest and short loin. Good quality coat.

3 Zhguchiy Perchik Iz Pridemen

 Open Dog

1 Ch Ken Go Shun’you Kensha. Best Dog and Reserve BIS. Presents a most attractive picture with his moderately arched neck, good topline and high set tail. Good breadth of skull; well-set thick ears, nicely shaped eyes. Deep chest, good body and ribbing. Moderate hindquarters with well-defined hocks. Excellent coat and condition. Moved well with an easy, light action.

2 Bearpark Galicia. Reserve Best Dog. Grand head and expression with thick, well-padded cheeks. Good forehand. Pleasing balance with some depth of chest, good withers. Shown in great coat and condition. Moved well with a sound, brisk action.

3 Shiomaru Escape To The Stars at Galvikki

 Veteran Dog

1 Just Take My Heart to Ruthdales. 7 years of age and he has a pleasing, masculine expression, nicely shaped eyes. Very good legs and feet. Well bodied with moderate spring of rib and high set tail. Moved soundly.

 Puppy Bitch

1 Lacsar Real Or Fantasy. Best Puppy. I thought this was a lovely youngster with lots of potential. Really attractive head and expression, good ears and eyes, thickly padded cheeks. Quite mature in body and rib and this gave her the advantage today. Beautifully balanced and impressive on the move. Lovely coat. A good prospect.

2 Vormund Turn Back Time. Unlucky to meet the winner on such good form. Feminine and very typey with a really attractive and typical head and expression. Good forehand with decent feet. Excellent topline with high withers and well-set tail. Moved well with an easy, light brisk action. Good quality coat.

3 Doriken Royal Gem

 Junior Bitch

1 Marilouvale Dolly Parton. Feminine with a very pretty head, good cheeks and eyes. Deep chest, moderate ribbing and very good tailset and carriage. Moved really well in profile with an easy, fluid action.

2 Bearpark Candy. Good breadth of skull, nice thick ears. Pleasing forehand with some forechest. Good body and tailset. She has a light brisk action but did appear to limp very slightly at one stage.

 Novice Bitch

1 Afterglow Flamenco. I was surprised to see a bitch of this quality in a Novice class at three years of age. Very typical head and expression, nicely balanced with excellent topline and tailset. Good body. Shown in good coat and condition. Soound, brisk and lively on the move. Well handled.

 Post Graduate Bitch

1 Vormund Voodoo Magic. Most attractive head and expression with slightly hooded ears; thick, crested neck. Good body with depth of chest and short loin. Good tailset and carriage. Moved with a light, nimble action

2 Bearpark Femme Fatale. Very typical but not in quite the good coat of the winner. Pleasing expression, good forehand, high withers and good body. Moved well in typical fashion.

3 Jaidev’s Smooth Criminal

 Limit Bitch

1 Rina Wakimi Del Cazador Bianca at Trixwood. Not in the best of coats today but she does have some quality and is very nicely balanced with a good topline and well set tail. Good quarters with well defined hocks. Moved out soundly with an easy, flowing action.

2 Rahima I’m Seren at Xenora. Attractive head and expression, handles well on the table with good body and ribbing. Good double coat. Her hind action let her down slightly today.

 Open Bitch

1 Vormund Vivienne Westwood. Best in Show. She has a really pretty head with full cheeks, good eyes and nicely placed ears which are a continuation of her arched neckline. Excellent forehand with lovely tight feet. Good depth of chest, well bodied with moderate spring of rib. Excellent double coat. Moved beautifully with an accurate, light action.

2 Afterglow Kiki. Reserve Best Bitch. In great form and condition and a keen and attentive showgirl. Feminine expression with dark, well shaped eyes and good ear set. Decent forehand with good depth of chest. Strong topline with well set tail. Good hindquarters with pleasing muscle tone. Moved soundly with a light, fluid action.

3 Jaidev’s Velvet Revolver

 Veteran Bitch

1 Almolka For Eva In Blue Jreans at Xandaloo. Best Veteran in Show. Wow! Eleven years of age and could teach some of the youngster how to move! Attractive ehad with a clear, dark eye, good dentition. Moderate forehand with some forechest. Sturdy, well ribbed body. Excellent coat. A great credit to her owner.

2 Ch Ir Ch Miamilady Warrior Zivva ShCM Gold W18. Lovely eyes, nicely padded cheeks and good neck. Well balanced, just a shade softer in topline than the winner. Very impressive on the move.

3 Ch. Shiomaru Aurora Beautiful Soul at Marilouvale

 Judge: Tom Mather