• Show Date: 22/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tom Mather Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

South Yorkshire Hound Society



 Despite the atrocious weather conditions, it was a great pleasure to judge at this friendly, well run show which was held in a great location. I was impressed with the quality of the hounds entered in all three of my breeds and thank the exhibitors for their support. My thanks must also go to my two lovely stewards who worked so hard in difficult circumstances.



1 Dawson’s Mischran The Sequel for Stubbylee. Best Puppy. Just 6 months old, assured and confident and stepped out well with an easy, effortless action. Attractive head and expression, good depth of brisket for age and some breadth over the loins. Well angulated. Very promising.

 Post Graduate

1 Dover’s Palamedees Arian Khrysos at Keanver. Grand head, of good length. Good veining. Decent forehand, adequate depth of brisket. Impressed on the move both out and back and in profile.

2 Wheatley’s Takatori Legally Blonde. Very typical and well balanced with a pleasing, feminine head. Keen intelligent expression. Good neck, just a shade flatter in topline than the winner. Well angulated with very good hind action and free moving in profile.


1 Dawson’s Steppdance Pintel at Stubbylee. BOB. The star of the day, I was delighted to learn that he eventually won BIS over some top quality hounds. Masculine, powerful and elegant, beautifully balanced with a good length of head with evident veining. Good body with depth of brisket and some breadth over the loins. Sound and typical on the move with a light, easy action. Presented in first class order.

2 Harropine Odin at Padztar. Reserve BOB. A good quality dog with a very hadnsome head, evident veining, neat ears. Nicely arched neck and good depth of brisket. Presents an excellent outline and doesn’t disappoint upon handling with good curve to topline and some breadth over the loins. Well angulated and most impressive on the move.

3 Wheatley’s Ch Russkiy Azart Ambassador Reality Rondo


Cirnecco Dell’Etna


1 Anderson and White’s Whitglen Gregale. Absolutely typical and very nicely balanced with a clean, square outline. Nicely proportioned head with some chiselling. Arched neck and decent forehand. Good legs and feet. Despite his recent trauma, he was steady and easily handled on the table and his movement was accurate and very typical. BOB.


1 Anderson & White’s Cyrenensis Khaleesi of Whitglen. Dam of the BOB winner and perhaps just a little matronly in outline! Very nicely balanced with a typical, attractive head and expression. Good topline, moderately angulated hindquarters and good muscle tone.


Norwegian Elkhound


1 Brown’s Graythor Captain Hook. A very promising baby. Presents a good outline with his high-set, well-carried tail. Attractive head with keen expression. Decent bone and feet. Good body for age. Moved well out and back with just a tendency to pull on the lead which a little more practice will correct. Excellent temperament. Best Puppy.


1 Maun’s Bowerhinton Bright Lady. Reserve BOB. Feminine yet strongly built. Grand head and expression, powerful neck and good forehand. Compactly built with breadth and depth of chest. Moved out well with an easy fluid stride.

2 Clarke’s Graythor Cosmopolitan. Very typical just carrying a fraction more weight than the winner. Masculine, good head with a very pleasing expression. Good depth and breadth of chest. Well ribbed, moderate angulation. Particularly good hind action.

3 Tress’ Treshka Tanqueray


1 Maun’s Ch Bowerhinton Bassanio. BOB. A really handsome dog. Lovely wedge shaped head with neat, well carried ears. Excedllent forehand with good bone and pleasing feet. Compactly made with good depth and breadth of chest. Moved soundly with a very easy, effortless action. Shown in good coat.

2 Tress’ Treshka Just The One. Another high quality exhibit. Not quite in the fullest of coats and perhaps a fraction longer in loin. Excellent forehand. Very attractive head and expression. Good forehand. Firm, level topline with some breadth over the loins. Moved out well in typical fashion.

 Judge: Tom Mather