• Show Date: 26/11/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tom Mather Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/11/2023

Great Dane Club

The Great Dane Club Open Show ~ 26/11/2023

 I thoroughly enjoyed my day at this friendly, well run show. The Club is celebrating its 140th anniversary and there was a great atmosphere. The ring was beautifully decorated and exhibitors were given some lovely specials as prizes. I had two excellent stewards who made my job very easy – thank you both.


 Minor Puppy

1 Page & Concannon’s Novavida Livin The Dream. Best Puppy Bitch. Black, 8 months of age with a lovely temperament. Presented a good picture when standing with good head carriage, some forechest and legs well under the body. Well boned. Sound on the move with particularly good rear action.

2 Chappell’s Selmalda Secret Symphony. A little less finished than the winner as yet, Nice, flat bone, excellent feet. Good body with some spring of rib and and some strength and breadth over the loin.

3 Robinson’s Mislok Winky The House Elf


1 Pocock’s Tamzdame Appley Ever After. Harlequin. Pleasing head of good length and strength. Pleasing front assembly, well laid shoulders and good bone. Fairly substantial but still has some elegance. Moved out well both up and down and in profile.

2 Price’s DeVorins Zola Via Leamap. Good head proportions and pleasing expression. Lengthy neck, well balanced, still need to firm up in topline. Strong, well angulated hindquarters. Front action was a little untidy.


1 Dyson’s Primus Bond Girl with Samdice. Brindle. Presents a good outline both standing and moving. Grand head with good planes. Decent forehand with good depth of brisket, well bodied with some cut up.


1 Cranfield’s Zefather’s Kind of Magic JW. Reserve Best Bitch. Fawn. A well made bitch of obvious type and quality. Strongly made yet elegant with a very pleasing head and eye. Clean, nicely arched neck, good forehand with ample bone and good feet. Pleasing balance and she impressed on the move.

2 Owen’s Tyak Golden Jubilee. Fawn. Very typical with some elegance. Attractive head and expression. Well boned with pleasing feet. Decent depth of brisket and strong loin. Strong well muscled and nicely angulated hindquarters.

3 Merwick’s Taradanes Star Vision for Saalan


1 Evans’ Belarosedane Beany Babybel. Black. Scored on maturity. Nicely balanced with decent neck and shoulders. Fair depth of brisket and well ribbed. Good feet and pasterns. Moved soundly.

2 Pocock’s Tamzdane Ooey Gooey Cake. Harlequin. A real baby who rather threw her chances away in the Minor Puppy class but here she was much more settled particularly on the move. Has some substance yet she is still elegant and feminine. Good body and rib, could have a little more cut up. Well angulated.

3 Griffith’s Dinodanes Rose Quartz

 Post Graduate

1 Tyak Golden Jubilee. See Yearling.

2 Skene’s Rimor Brianna. A lovely typical fawn with a most attractive head, good neck and shoulders. Well boned with good strong legs and very pleasing feet. Moved soundly both out and back but not the free action or carriage of the winner. I have a feeling she would look impressive in a bigger ring where she could really get into her stride.

3 Ingram’s Gracia Vom Dwergter Sand of Dainmajik (Imp Deu)


1 Harrison’s Rioco My One and Only to Jasnettdanes JW. A very good quality fawn. Strong, elegant and feminine. Grand head; strong, lengthy neck, good depth of brisket. Good feet. Beautifully balanced. Free moving and sound both ways.


1 Chappell’s Ch Selmalda Oh Lori. Best in Show. Fawn. Strongly made, majestic and elegant with really good muscle tone. Lovely head of good length and strength. Excellent forehand. Stands naturally with legs well set under the body. Good depth of brisket with some cut up and strong loin. Well angulated and moved out well with some drive from her good quarters.

2 Fletcher’s Ch Justinian Bea My Sweetheart. Attractive and feminine with some elegance and strength. Grand head with kind expression, long crested neck and good shoulders. Well ribbed with strong loin. Once she settled moved really well.

3 Ingram’s Zwiebelchen In Flagranti with Dainmajik (Imp Deu)

 Special Veteran

1 White’s Jutlanders Are You Ready JW (Imp DK). Best Veteran in Show. Fawn. Typical and nicely balanced, good head proportions and planes with clear, dark eyes. Pleasing forehand. Good brisket and body with some strength over the loins.

2 Searle’s Ch Droolaakiss Miss Busy Body at Murrayvhale. Brindle. Long, strong head, good ears. Nicely arched neck and good forehand. Well balanced and presents a very pleasing picture when standing.

 Special Open Brindle

1 Taradanes Star Vision For Saalan. Stood 3rd in the good Yearling class. Excellent temperament and shows to best advantage. Good length of head, pleasing expression. Well muscled and nicely angulated and impressed when moving.

2 White’s X-Foot’s Dagas Hildur NAF. Elegant with a super head and expression. Good forehand and bone, decent depth of brisket. Dips a little in topline. Sound both out and back.

 Special Open Fawn

1 Rimor Brianna. See Post Graduate.

 Special Open Black

1 Page & Concannon’s Novadiva Purple Calla Lily JW. Has some substance and elegance. Strong, lengthy attractive head and expression. Good forehand with strong flat bone and good feet. Some depth of brisket and well ribbed with good loin. Free moving and sound.

2 Evan’s Belarosedane Beany Babybel. See Novice.

 Specia Open Blue

1 Hayter’s Taysca Stele Mici with Stevarah. Has much to commend her. Strong lengthy head with a kind expression. Soundly made with decent depth of brisket and good forehand. Well angulated. Free moving and sound with some drive going away from me. Just a little proud of her tail.

2 Brookes’ Danemorr Penny Lane. Another pleasing expression, good length of head. Well laid shoulders, adequate depth of brisket and well ribbed body. Good feet. Pleasing profile action.

 Special Open Harlequin

1 Tempest’s Adoreadane Licence to Kill (AI). Feminine and elegant yet strongly made with really positive and pleasing hind action. Good bone legs and feet. Well marked. Good body. Has a real look of quality and balance.

2 Ingram’s Gracia Vom Dwergter Sand of Dainmajik (Imp Deu). Presents a really pleasing pictuyre when stacked with her good head, lengthy arched neck and good forehand. Good marking. Well bodied. Not the positive hind action of the winner.

3 Pocock’s Tamzdane Appley Ever After

 Special Open Mantle

1 Hayter’s Damarkann Raydiance with Stevarah. Grand strong head of good length. Pleasing expression. Good bone, could be firmer in pasterns. Nicely balanced with a good body. Well angulated. Very good profile action.


 Minor Puppy

1 Palmer’s Adoreadane Charlton. Best Puppy in Show. A really promising harlequin baby. Masculine and strong with good length of head, good expression. Lengthy arched neck, excellent forehand with good bone, legs and feet. Good depth of brisket for age, well ribbed back. Good hindquarters. Moved well with a free, easy action.


1 Munro’s Roucandane Stolen Kisses. Fawn. Very typey with an attractive head, masculine expression. Deep chest and good ribbing. Good topline with some strength over the loin. Free moving and sound both out and back.

2 Mackenzie’s Islandrose A Nod To Vincent at Carsan (Imp Ire). Blue. Tall, handsome and majestic, excellent neck and shoulders. Good body and nicely balanced. Moved soundly but I would like to see him in an outdoor setting where he could really get into his stride.

3 Pendelton-Watkins’ Goldania’s King of Drago


1 Bartley’s Nikami Papa Smurf Atelib. Brindle. Handsome and well grown with a strong lengthy head and good expression. Decent neck and shoulders, just needs to firm up a little in front. Good depth of chest and well ribbed. Moved soundly both ways with an easy fluid action.

 Post Graduate

1 Robinson’s Droolakiss Tripe Miner. Fawn. Strongly made, masculine yet with some elegance. Presents a good outline when standing with his good neck which could be cleaner for perfection, well laid shoulders, some forechest and strong well ribbed body. Good feet. Once settled, he moved well.


1 Searle’s Murrayvhale My Main Man, Best Dog and Reserve BIS. Fawn. Strong, lengthy head, kind expression and lovely ears. Arched, lengthy neck. Stands with legs well under himself and has depth of chest and a strong, well ribbed body. Just out of Junior and not overdone in any department I thought he was rather special. Sound and free moving. The maturity of the bitch and her excellent muscle tone just gave her the edge in the challenge for BIS.

 Special Open Brindle

1 Nikami Papa Smurf Atelib. See Junior.

 Special Open Fawn

1 Cranfield’s Zefather’s Ralph Lauren JW. Reserve Best Dog. Fawn. Tall and upstanding with great department and carriage. Lovely head and typical expression. Arched neck. Deep brisket and strong, well ribbed body. Impressed on the move both out and back.

2 Droolakiss Tripe Miner

 Specia Open Blue

1 Islandrose A Nod To Vincent at Carsan (Imp Ire). See Puppy.

 Special Open Harlequin

1 Pocock’s Nordic Giant’s Leopold at Tamzdane (imp Nor). Strong and masculine with a grand head, excellent forehand with good bone. Well bodied with good ribbing. Strong, well angulated hindquarters gave him some drive on the move.

 Judge: Tom Mather