• Show Date: 26/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tom Graham Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Consett Canine Society


26th MARCH 2023

I / Setters

O Krskova's "Ch Be Mine From Redweed (ATC AZ52505CZE)" 3 yrs, feminine balanced head, ample neck, stood true on good feet, good bone & depth, well ribbed with substance, in good coat, moved positively. BOB


O 1 Whittingham, Bexon & Wright's "Diggmere Cortona Sofia Del Riccini" 10 mth, very promising youngster, lovely balanced head, good bone & feet, ample depth for age, correct topline, strong in rear, moved out true & positive for age, must have a bright future. BOB / BPIB, pleased to see her take PG3.

B.I.S - Pearce & Francis' "Longsdales Wonderful World" (Lhasa Apso) lovely shaped head with ample stop, well proportioned muzzle, good pigmentation, straight front, well ribbed, strong rear, balanced all through with super coat, shown in excellent condition, moved out true with level topline.

R.B.I.S - Black's "Ch/Lux Ch Gunnersnewfs Black Desire For Blackcoast" (Newfoundland) lovely broad head with short muzzle, good depth & bone, stood true on good feet, super ribbing with broad back & good topline, well muscled rear, excellent coat texture, very stylish mover covering the ground with ease, pushed hard for top spot.

B.P.I.S - Mason's "Crownlakes Denis The Menace" (L/C Chihuahua) full of character, lovely rounded head with good stop, good dark eye & ear set, straight front, ample depth & ribbing, strong in rear, shown in lovely condition, moved out well at one with handler.

R.B.P.I.S - Pearce & Francis & Rollston's "Kelham Kind Hearted Longsdale" (German Spitz- Mittel) well balanced head with ample stop, good pigmentation & ear set, straight front with good bone, compact body, lovely tail set, good coat texture, moved out true with good topline.

B.V.I.S - Chandler's "Sh Ch Chanangel Sticky Wicket JW ShCM VW" (WSS) this chap is getting better with age, balanced head, good bone & depth, stood true on good feet, well ribbed, in super coat & condition, moved out true & steady, at 12 a credit to his owner.

R.B.V.I.S - Nolan's "Talraz Nuts In May" (Bearded Collie) lovely broad head with strong muzzle, good pigmentation, straight front with lovely bone, strong pasterns, well proportioned body, strong rear, moved out true.


AV Sp Vet Stks (6) 1 Robson's "Sh Ch Kalimor Armani At Robricci JW" (Wei) well balanced all through, lovely head, strong neck, good straight front, correct depth, well ribbed with strong rear, moved out well. 2 Hall's "Kenquince Pisonia Of Cynami ShCM VW" (R/Ridgeback) in super condition for 8, lovely balanced head with ample stop, good pigmentation, strong in muzzle, straight front with lovely bone, deep in chest, well ribbed, strong rear which helped her free movement. 3 Ferguson's "Mellowdee Moriarty With Lexalby ShCM ShCex" (OES)

AV Sp Vintage Stks (2) 1 Proudler's "Kimapa Kinda Krazee VW" (Cocker Sp) a free merry mover, good head with ample stop, clean in clean, ample ribbing & substance, stood & moved true. 2 Jay's "Ch Talraz Fleur De Lys JW" (Bearded Collie) balanced head with good muzzle, straight front with ample bone, chest deep, well ribbed, not as free on the move as winner today.

AV PD Stks (4) 1 Morris's "Chandlimore Pass The Buck To Mycalleys" (JRT) well balanced youngster, full of character, balanced head with good muzzle, strong & clean in neck, well proportioned body, moved out freely. 2 Wright's "Palton Platino" (G/Ret) lovely head, strong neck, stood true on good feet, well ribbed with substance, in good coat, moved out steadily. 3 Nugent's "Hilltopprides King Koba" (Chow Chow)

AV PB Stks (9) 1 Moran & Holmes' "Aibrean Jenga" (Lhasa Apso) quality youngster, good balanced head & muzzle, straight front, ample ribbing & substance for age, presented well, moved positively. 2 Urwin's "Vickstock Wow Aneeva" (Min Pin) lovely out going youngster, full of character, well shaped head with good ear set, ample depth, straight front with ample bone, well sprung ribs, strong rear, moved out well. 3 Morris' "Norrayshas Madam Cholet At Mycalleys" (Am Cocker)

AV J Stks (5) 1 Ritchie & Graham's "Renascent Bleaberry At Slapestones (Imp USA)" (WSS) this youngster is improving at the right pace, quality head, ample depth, true front with lovely bone, well ribbed, strong rear, moved out positively, one to watch. 2 Urwin's "Vickstock Wow Aneeva" (Min Pin). 3 Alexander's "Coquetmoss Princess Leia" (Welsh Corgi- Pembroke)

AV PG Stks (9) 1Thorman's "Peter Parker At Namroht" (Chow Chow) lovely broad head, strong neck, straight front with ample bone, deep chest & good ribbing, moved freely with good head & tail carriage. 2 Cox's "Cushatlaw Athena JW" (GSP) balanced head, ample neck, good front with ample bone, good depth, well ribbed with plenty of substance, well muscled rear, moved out true. 3 Thomson's "Tibbiestars Shady Lady" (Tib Sp)

The Prosser AV Memorial Stks (9) 1 Mowatt's "Iotastar's Brave New World" (Papillon) lovely head with alert expression, good ear set, stood true with sufficient bone, deep chest & good ribbing, lovely free mover. 2 Mowbray's "Gainsmill Lilly Luna Potter At Crumbledor" (Sussex) well balanced all through, feminine head with good frown, ample bone & substance, in good coat moved positively. 3 Morris's "Churchill Moser Dog At Mycalleys" (Am Cocker)


Tom Graham