• Show Date: 02/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tom Gorrian Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Chippenham & District Canine Society

Chippenham & District Canine Society 2nd April 2023

Many thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge the Gundog Group. It was a very enjoyable day with lovely dogs to go over. I found no bad mouths in my winners, many thanks to the exhibitors for entering and allowing me to judge their dogs and for accepting my decisions on the day.

English Setter

Open (2 0abs)

1st Bishop Mr K & Mrs J, Dyrham Desert Storm. 4-year-old boy of good size, correct in skull, deep muzzle with wide nostrils, long arched neck, laid back in shoulders and deep in chest, good width between shoulder blades, straight front with correct short pasterns, level in back, with good width to loin, long from hip to hock, tail of correct length with good feathering, overall, in good coat, moved with drive. BOB

2nd Harris & Hoeksema Mrs P & Mr G, Bridgella’s First Edition with Konakakela JW ShCEX OSW, lovely in head, with defined stop, good depth of muzzle, clean long neck, into well laid-back muscular shoulders, straight front with tight feet, preferred topline of 1, well-muscled in rear with correct tail set carried correctly on the move. RBOB

Italian Spinone

Puppy (1 0abs)

1st Shaw Mrs S & Mr E J, Stowledge Matilda. 9mth old girl not at all happy in the ring, head to develop, good depth to muzzle, neck of short length into well laid-back shoulders, topline looked correct into broad loin, rear of good shape, moved erratically. BP

Post Graduate (1 0abs)

1st Monnery Mr S M, Ellisbell Beaufighter, correct in proportions giving the appearance of a square dog, good in head, well-muscled in neck, good front with correct oval bone, topline sloping gently and rising to broad loin, long in thigh muscled ok, feet could be better, moved freely. BOB

Open (1 0abs)

1st Shaw Mrs S & Mr E J, Testaverde Waiting for Anya, 11-year-old girl in good condition for age, good in coat and presented well, moved freely enjoying her day. RBOB

Spaniel (Cocker)

Puppy (3 0abs)

1st Griffin Mrs J, Griffial Make it Count, 11mth old girl presented well, well balanced, correct in muzzle, good length of neck, well placed shoulders into level topline, good spring in ribs, lovely firm feet, true front and rear on the move with good drive. BP

2nd Collier Miss R, Pepperbox Midnight Parti, different in type to 1, still very young, raw puppy, correct in head, topline level with slope towards tail, coat needs time, moved ok.

3rd Hutchison Ms D J, Kasordon Maid of Fire,

Junior (1 0abs)

1st Taylor-Kistner, Black Lord Wildest Dream at Frieljoanipa (Imp HRV), 13mth old solid black girl, presented to perfection, balanced in appearance, square muzzle dark eye, well feathered on ears, muscular in neck and clean, good bone on legs, well developed in chest with well sprung ribs, firm in loin, good development of muscle on rear, lovely tail action while driving around the ring.  BOB

Limit (2 0abs)

1st Barnes Ms D M, Challowdown Smoking Hot, 2yo O/W boy, well balanced and presented in good coat, correct in head, muscular in neck, good front, lovely topline, rear well-muscled, moved well.  RBOB

2nd Collier Miss R, Pepperbox Back in Time, balanced 3yo boy, good in head, muscled neck preferred front on 1, good topline muscled in rear moved well although not the drive of 1.

Spaniel (Field)

Puppy (3 0abs)

1st Shipton S M, Heartwood Mishules Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, 8mth old boy well balanced, good in head with correct dimensions, good in eye, long in neck, well laid-back shoulders, deep chest, level in topline, good definition of muscle, moved well BP

2nd Harding Mr M J & Mrs A E, Kingmist Remember Me, same age as 1, balanced in stand, head of correct proportions, eye with good tight lids, well feathered ears, good in neck with straight flat boned front, topline level, still to mature and lacking in furnishing, moved ok

3rd James Miss T L, Kingmist Golden Future for Bleiddaid.

Junior (3 1abs)

1st Shipton S M, Heartwood Mishules Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,

2nd Harding Mr M J & Mrs A E, Kingmist Remember Me,

Limit (2 0abs)

1st Harding Mr M J & Mrs A E, Kingmist the Black Knight, 3yo black boy of good balance, well developed head with good chiselling, good in eye, clean shape from nose to throat, muscular in neck, good front with flat bone, good in feet, chest well developed with good spring, level topline ribs well back, well-muscled rear, moved with drive from rear. RBOB

2nd Reece Mr R & Mrs E, Broomece Fine Fields, another 3yo black girl, correct in head with good eye, long in muzzle, neck long and muscular into well laid shoulders, straight in front with correct bone, good feet, chest not as well developed as 1, level topline, muscled rear, moved well.

Open (4 0abs)

1st Shipton S M, Broomece Fire Cracker over Mishules, Litter brother to 2nd in limit, presented in hard condition, good in head and eye, long muscled neck, well laid-back shoulders, good front with flat bone, lovely feet, deep in chest with good spring, level in topline, moderate well-muscled, hocks well let down, moved with drive, being picky would have liked better tail. BOB

2nd Harding Mr M J & Mrs A E, Kingmist Lady in Black, 6½yo girl in good condition slightly out of coat today, head correct with good eye, long strong in neck, leading into well placed shoulder, good front and feet, level in topline, well-muscled in rear moved well.

3rd Harding Mr M J & Mrs A E, Kingmist Miss Marple JW

Res Reece Mr R & Mrs E, Broomece Fine Fields

Spaniel (American Cocker)

Puppy (2 1abs)

1st Wooley Mr K & Mrs W, Partisky Platinum Black at Challeymead, 9mth old solid presented in lovely condition with full coat, nicely chiselled head, with correct round skull, broad in muzzle, long clean neck, legs straight and well boned, ribs deep and sprung, topline slightly sloping to tail, well angulated rear, moved well with effortless action. BP

Post Graduate (1 0abs)

1st Luczynski Mr M, Fabelsfee Nothing but Fun for Kanara (Imp Fin) feminine girl presented well, correct in head with lovely pigment, well chiselled around eye, broad in muzzle, long clean neck, deep in shoulders straight front, deep in chest with good heart room, correct in topline, well-muscled rear with good angulation, moved true fore and aft. RBOB

Open (3 2abs)

1st Luczynski Mr M, Baladeva Scarlet Letters for Kanara ShCM ShCEX. 7yo solid black girl, in lovely condition, compact and sturdy, good in head with well developed & rounded skull, broad in muzzle, good in eye giving that soft expression, ears set on line with eye with long covering, muscular neck into deep shoulders, good front with legs well under, good in rib depth and heart space, topline strong with correct slope, rear quarters strong and well-muscled. Moved smoothly covering the ground. BOB

Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)

Limit (1 0abs)

1st Palfrey Mrs L A & Mr T, Eusanit Wild Atlantic Way, 3yo boy, clean in skull with correct wedge shape, good in neck into well placed shoulders, deep in chest short level back, good definition to rear, nice tail carriage, good reach on the move with good drive, BOB

Open (1 0abs)

1st Ward Mr D C & Mrs C J, Melanitta Palmata JW, correct wedge shape to head with moderate stop, good almond shaped eye, strong well-muscled neck into well laid-back shoulders, deep in chest, preferred topline on limit, well-muscled rear, moved with drive. RBOB

Retriever (Labrador)

Puppy (3 1abs)

1st Braddon Mr D L & Mrs F E M, Trendlewood Tiger Lilly. Yellow bitch well built and presented in good condition, broad in skull, clean in neck with strong and powerful feel, shoulders long, front legs straight, round feet, well sprung barrelled rib cage, wide loin, topline needs to strengthen, well turned stifle, lovely tail well covered giving correct appearance and carried well, coat harsh to touch, moved freely with handler BP

2nd Johnson & Hynd Miss R E & MR S A, Claychalk Costa Follis, slightly younger black girl, having fun today, good width to skull, good in eye, clean in neck, well sprung ribcage, level topline, short coupled and broad across loin, well-turned stifle, coat of good hard feel, moved freely covering ground.

Junior (3 0abs)

1st Cary Mrs R A & Mr G J, Langanhoe Liberty Bell in Aquadell, 13mth old girl, nothing overdone, broad in skull, clean and strong in neck, shoulders well laid back, depth and width of chest good, well barrelled, level topline, good width to loin, well-muscled in rear, correct tail carried correctly, moved freely. BOB

2nd Braddon Mr D L & Mrs F E M, Trendlewood One More Time, yellow boy on larger size, good in head, strong powerful in neck, well laid-back shoulders, straight front, all good in body, well covered tail, moved well.

3rd Wightman Mrs K M, Langanhoe Danse Du Feu

Limit (3 1abs)

1st Hoban Mr M & Mrs A, Meadowleigh Turn Back Time. 2yo liver girl, broad skull, powerful in neck into well laid-back shoulders, front well boned and straight, well sprung barrelled chest of good depth, good topline, rear muscled, coat of very good texture, lovely tail, moved well, close runner for BOB, RBOB

2nd Baker Mrs J & Miss J, Silverbriar Rowena, 4½yo girl would have liked more bone, good in head, clean in neck, barrelled chest, topline let her down, moved out well.

Open (3 0abs)

1st Hoban Mr M & Mrs A, Meadowleigh Black in Style, 5½yo black girl presented well and in good harsh condition, broad in skull, powerful in neck, correct front, deep barrelled chest, level topline, well-muscled rear, moved with a free action.

2nd Wallace Mrs J A, Tiaja Love in The Sun, yellow girl good in head, neck short and powerful, front legs straight, would have liked better feet, body good, loin wide and short coupled, rear strong moved well.

3rd Moody Miss J, Trendlewood Ebony and Ivory

German Shorthaired Pointer

Puppy (1 0abs)

1st Powell & Tarrant Mr N & Ms W, Newtonbriar Pure Biss, 6mth old girl clean in outline and of good appearance, clean in head and balanced with body, good in neck into correct shoulders, straight in front, good development in chest, level in back, broad in hips, well bent stifles, moved well. BP

Open (1 0abs)

1st Dymond Mr B, Sh Ch Quintana Diamond Dust at Friarsbelle JW, my entry of the day, stunning example of the breed presented in lovely hard condition, 22mth liver & white boy nothing to hide about him, masculine head with correct soft and intelligent eye, ears with lovely rounded tip, neck slight arch and muscular, long sloping shoulders, forelegs straight with correct spoon shaped feet, deep in rib and well sprung, good width to loin, rear strong and well-muscled, tail docked and carried just below back, moved smoothly with front reaching well ahead and rear giving drive. BOB & Group 1

Bracco Italiano

Puppy (3 0abs)

1st Pearson Ms A L, Braccorions You Can Conquer, 6mth old boy of substance, head of correct proportions developing well, soft eye, correct ear set, neck of good length widening towards shoulders, lovely oval bone in front, slight slope to pasterns, broad and deep in chest, correct topline with no dipping, good width to thigh and good bend of stifle, lovely feet, moved really well for youngster.

2nd Webber & Sladden, Mrs L & Mr I, Valcor Killer Queen, 7mth girl not quite the substance of 1, lovely head with soft eye and correct ear set, good in neck, straight front with slightly sloping pasterns, nice feet, topline good, rear of good proportions, unfortunately played up badly with handler today.

3rd Rose Mrs J, Braccorions You Can Stay with Piccorino NAF

Post Graduate (1 0abs)

1st Rose Mrs J, Braccorions Xclusively for Piccorino, 11mth old boy, looking well balanced in profile, head good with good depth to muzzle, large oval eye, ears set level with eye, well-muscled rounded neck, shoulders long and well laid back, good definition of muscle, strong in front with oval bone, overall body of correct shape, chest deep and well down to elbows, well sprung, good breadth to croup, good width to thighs and good bend of stifle, docked in tail, moved truly front and rear in typical extended trot. BP, RBOB, Best Reserve Best of Breed in Group, Puppy Group 4

Open (1 0abs)

1st Critchley Mrs M, Sh Ch Braccorions Never Say Never JW, 5yo girl good in head, chiselling below eye, large in nose, good in ears, well rounded in neck into well laid-back shoulders, good depth of well sprung ribs, wide and slightly raised loin, good bend of stifle, would have liked more muscle on rear, moved with powerful drive from rear and carried head above topline. BOB

AVNSC Gundog

Puppy (3 0abs)

1st Searles Mr C & Mrs V M, Cravessa’s Bottoms Up. (Spanish Water Dog) loved this boy what a picture to look at and hands on did not disappoint, head correct with well opened nostrils, oval eye, ears set above eye, neck muscular into well placed shoulders, front correct, body of correct proportions to height, well sprung in rib, back level with correct rise at withers, thighs of good size and good definition of muscle, coat of woolly texture and in correct cords, moved soundly with very good drive, Best AVNSC Puppy and Puppy Group 2

2nd Such Miss J A, Carlyquinn Captain Ross (ESS) upstanding liver & white boy, good in head with good depth to flews, neck of correct length, front straight and good bone, good well-rounded feet, elbows set close, topline correct, rear still to drop, moved well with handler.

3rd Walker Mr S & Mrs A, Camminare Tremia Cedrina (Lagotto)

Junior (4 2abs)

1st Brown Mrs C L. Matravers Cherokee, (GWP) 18mth old boy in nice condition, correct in coat, head masculine correct balance, oval eye, neck of good length, straight front with good feet, correct in chest at elbows, topline firm, hips broad, rear quarters well-muscled, good ground covering movement. RBOB

2nd Such Miss J A, Carlyquinn Captain Ross (ESS)

Open (5 2abs)

1st Stirk Mr G, Mrs K & Miss Z, Stanegate Hey Its Bianca JW, (IWS) very smart girl shown in excellent condition, gave her handler a hard time but won in the end, skull of good proportion width and length, smooth in face, almond eye, neck set into shoulders correctly carrying head above back, front well boned, well sprung ribs short in back with loins correct, powerful rear with low set hock, coat in fabulous condition with tight crisp ringlets, moved freely with lovely rolling motion. Best AVNSC & Gundog Group 3

2nd Hydon Mrs M, Clentonian Pandemonium JW, (ESS) 6yo B&W girl of good body and presentation, feminine in head, good length of neck into correct shoulders, straight front with correct feet, good in body and level topline, well developed rear quarters, moved well although gave handler a hard time.

3rd Morris & Evans Miss & Mr, Bareve by Kind Permission, (GWP)

Gundog Group

Group 1. Dymond Mr B, Sh Ch Quintana Diamond Dust at Friarsbelle JW (GSP)

Group 2. Oliver & Stilgoe, Teisgol Love is in the Air (Pointer) mature boy giving that strong lissom appearance, head correct with defined stop and pronounced occipital, muzzle giving correct dished appearance, long muscular clean neck into well laid-back shoulders, legs of correct oval bone with oval feet, well sprung in rib, level in back and short coupled, haunch bones correct, well-muscled first & second thigh, tail used correctly on the move while covering the ground.

Group 3. Stirk Mr G, Mrs K & Miss Z, Staingate Hey It’s Bianca JW (Irish Water Spaniel)

Group 4. Richardson Mr S, Tragus Flirty Fox (Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla), 2½yo girl of good size, coat in good presentation, head giving the correct intelligent expression, and correct in proportions, well-muscled in neck with slight arch, straight in front with correct oval feet, chest reaching elbows, ribs carried well back, rear straight and hocks well let down, moved with good drive covering ground well.

Puppy Group

Group 1. Miles Miss E.J. Glenbrows Carbon Copy (Hungarian Vizsla), this boy nearly missed the puppy group, glad he made it, distinguished appearance with a lean and noble head median line on forehead to stop, well developed nostrils, low set ears with correct rounded v at end, clean & long in neck, long in forearm with upright pasterns to lovely rounded arched feet, chest correct with prominent breast bone, back level with slight tuck up, good width to thighs, handler moved him to show the elegant and lively movement of the breed.

Group 2. Searles Mr C & Mrs V M, Cravessa’s Bottoms Up, (Spanish Water Dog)

Group 3. Millpoint Shropshire Lad (Pointer) 6mth old boy who showed his socks off, head of correct proportions, dark eye and correct appearance of dish, long clean neck into well placed shoulders, good front with lovely oval bone and correct feet, body still to develop but all in correct proportions for age, rear with good width of thigh and muscle definition, tail carried of topline lashing well on the move, happy boy.

Group 4. Braccorions Xclusive for Piccorino (Bracco Italiano)

Best Reserve Best of Breed

Braccorions Xclusive for Piccorino (Bracco Italiano)

A.V. Gundog

Puppy (23 8abs)

1st Clarke Mrs J & Mr M P, Sunnyoak the Look of Love, (Golden Ret), pleasing feminine head good pigment, strong in neck into well laid shoulders, deep through the heart, balanced fore and aft short coupled with level topline, good width to thigh, tail correct and carried well on the move.

2nd Searles Mr C & Mrs V M, Cravessa’s Bottoms Up. (Spanish Water Dog)

3rd Webber & Sladden, Mrs L & Mr I, Valcor Killer Queen, (Bracco Italiano)

Res Parker & Gist Miss V & Mr J, Glenbrows Calamity (Hungarian Vizsla)

Junior (10 7abs)

1st Harper Mr J & Mrs E J, Pitswarren So Nex Century, (Hungarian Vizsla) boy of good size noble in appearance, correct in head, good length of neck, good depth to chest, front straight with lovely feet, good topline, rear good angulation, moved well with handler.

2nd Bentley Mrs H G, Penclippin Jubilee Flame, (Irish Setter) 10mth old boy a lot to like but still raw, long lean in head, good in eye, long in neck set into shoulders cleanly, legs with plenty of bone, deep in chest with ribs sprung, straight topline with gentle slope, wide quarters with development of muscle, coat in good condition, moved freely.

3rd Harris Mrs P, Zakhan’s Rough Diamond by Konakakela (Irish Setter)

Open(7 4abs)

1st Harrison Mrs J M, Millpoint Sound Wave JW (Pointer) 4yo girl in excellent condition, feminine in head with good chiselling, long muscular clean neck into well laid-back shoulders, correct oval bone in straight front legs, correct feet, good depth to chest level topline with correct tail set, well-muscled rear first & second thighs, moved correctly with good reach and drive.

2nd Collier Miss R, Pepperbox Back in Time (Cocker Spaniel) well balanced compact dog, correct in head square in muzzle, moderate in neck, legs of good bone, firm cat like feet, strong in body with well sprung ribs, muscular rear quarters, tail used well on the move while driving round the ring.

3rd Pugh Miss K, Zoldmali Hunter Erme (HWHV)

Veteran (10 6abs)

1st Mistlin Mrs S D, Maycourt Starman by Crookwood ShCM, (Curly Coated Retriever), 9yo boy who did not look his age, strong upstanding and presented to perfection, a marmite breed for me but this one was superb, lovely wedge-shaped head with planes parallel, showing a little grey under his jaw, strong slightly arched neck into well laid-back shoulders, forelegs straight and strong set correctly under body, deep in chest ribs well back. Short strong loin, well-muscled rear with moderate turn of stifle, coat thick tight curls, moved effortlessly with good extension.   

2nd Collier Miss R, Pepperbox Summer Time ShCM, (Cocker) compact girl denying her age, well balanced good in head, moderate muscular neck, front well boned, well-developed chest short in loin, well rounded hind quarters, presented in good coat, good drive with correct tail action.

3rd Luczynski Mr M, Baladeva Scarlet Letters for Kanara ShCM ShCEX (Am Cocker)

Res Challis Mr S & Mrs K M, Sh Ch Vizslanya Dunaviz JW, (H Vizsla)

AV Champion (1 0abs)

1st Dymond Mr B, Sh Ch Quintana Diamond Dust at Friarsbelle JW


Tom Gorrian