• Show Date: 12/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tom Gorrian Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 04/11/2023

Morecambe & Heysham Canine Association

Morecambe & Heysham & 12th August 2023

Many thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge the Gundog Group, I enjoyed my day with many lovely dogs to go over.

Gundog Group

Group 1. McDonald Miss M, Lamancha Obsidian Flame (Golden Retriever)

Group 2. Graham Mr T & Mrs J, Nyliram the Moth Catcher, (WSS)

Group 3. Walton Mrs S, Annaside Lets Dance, (Spaniel Cocker)

Group 4. Clark, Sharp & Sharp Mrs J, Mr L, Mrs C, Affilato You Can Bank on It, (Italian Spinone)

Puppy Group

Group 1. Clark, Sharp & Sharp Mrs J, Mr L, Mrs C, Affilato You Can Bank on It, (Italian Spinone)

Group 2. Blackburn-Bennett Mr & Mrs J, Kanix Skyfall (Pointer)

Group 3. Bayliss Mrs D & Mr A, Wilanorah We Will Rock You, (Spaniel Cocker)

Group 4. Graham Mrs J, Nyliram the Suspect, (WSS)

Labrador Retriever,

Puppy (3 0abs)

1st Bishop Miss S, J, This Girl is Fun from Linjor, 10 mth old girl good in head with breadth, strong neck into correct shoulders, body developing well, good in bone, moved well although rear needs to strengthen up to give width.  BPIB

2nd Smith C, M, Potterzuri Mister Pumbaa of Flyenpyg. 6mth old boy of good size not carrying weight, correct in head, neck into shoulders good, body correct for age, good bone, moved well for age.

3rd Manning Mrs W, Overmarsh Seventh Hour

Junior, (6 0abs)

1st Smith Mrs S, Meadowline Heartbreaker, 13mth old boy presented well, strongly built skull of good breadth, strong and clean in neck, good depth of chest with well barrelled ribs without weight, good topline with correct tail set, very good rear which stayed straight and parallel on the move, covered the ground well. BOB

2nd O’Neill Miss K, C & E, Ramsayville Gigi at Taligal (AI) 1 year old girl lovely feminine head, strong neck with good length into correct shoulders, well bodied for age, good topline with correct tail set, well-muscled rear with good angulation, moved freely covering good ground.

3rd Bishop Miss S J, The Girl is Fun from Linjor

Post Graduate (8 1abs)

1st Hullock Miss K, Scotsdyke Marchbank Boy. Liver boy of correct size, clean in head with good breadth, strong well-muscled neck, correct shoulders, straight in front with good feet, body of correct size and short coupled, strong in rear and moved well, tail could have been used better.

2nd Smith C M, Hurstmeon Hey Look it’s Me at Flyenpyg, 17mth girl of correct size, broad in skull with lovely eye, strong in neck, lovely straight front with good bone, barrelled ribs, good topline carried well on the move, tail never stopped.

3rd Gower Mrs J P, Aughtonchase Honey Pie


Open (2 0abs)

1st Smith C M, Flyenpyg Porky Pig JW, 5-year-old boy, well developed in head heavier in neck and shoulders, correct in body with good bone, well-muscled rear, good feet moved well after a few erratic starts.

2nd Davis & Rowe Miss Z & C, Rochevale Palm Reader, 14mth old girl, head still to finish, strong neck into good shoulders, body in good shape with level topline, well-turned stifle muscling up well, moved well.

Flat Coated Retriever

Puppy (5 1abs)

1st Hewison Mrs C & Mrs C, Benvellyn Marakele into Casblaidd, still a youngster, very good in head with good moulding, clean and long in neck, good shoulder placement, chest still to drop, level topline, would like a little more overall, moved very well. BPIB  

2nd Curtis Miss E, Tallistar Midnight Ash, another 6 mth old in good condition, correct in head with lovely eye, good length of neck into well placed shoulders, deep in chest front straight with correct feet, good bone, moved well.

3rd Mappin Miss L, Kahoku Eyrewyne (Ire)

Junior (4 1abs)

1st Long Miss L, Keepersway Live the Moment, long nicely moulded head, long in neck, chest deep and broad, body of good proportion and developing, rear had moderate bend of stifle with muscle definition, moved well with good straight rear action.

2nd Buckley Mrs H J & Mr I M, Blacktoft Brindisi by Buckleyhill, another with good moulding to the head, good length of clean neck, correct shoulders, flat foreribs into a gradual spring, rear well developed muscle, moved well.

3rd Mappin Miss L, Casblaidd Guess Who for Ayrewyne

Post Graduate (2 1abs)

1st Whitaker & Kilsby Mr N, Mrs R & Mrs S, Jetstarski I’m on Fire, a lovely active dog, head of correct proportions, good clean neck, correct shoulders, lovely front with correct feet, lovely in body with gleaming coat, moved out well.

Open (2 0abs)

1st Romeo-Dieste Mrs M E, Evening Mist Black Brianta (Imp CZE), 5YO dog who looked the picture of an active dog, tail never stopped, head correct in shape, skull flat and moderately broad, strong in neck and placed well into shoulders, chest deep and broad, rear very well-muscled, moved freely true fore and aft.  BOB

2nd Whitaker & Kilsby Mr N, Mrs R & Mrs S, Hopevalley Morning Rainbow JW, 5YO girl typical in head, good clean neck into well placed shoulders, body well developed, rear of good development, moved out ok.

Cocker Spaniel

A little disappointed with grooming on some of the cockers although it may have been down to the equestrian centre material.

Puppy (3 0abs)

1st Bayliss Mrs D & Mr A, Wilanorah We Will Rock You, lovely balanced 11Mth boy, square in muzzle with good stop, good ear set, good length of neck into sloping shoulders, good bone on legs, well developed chest with well sprung ribs, well rounder rear quarters, correct in feet, moved with great drive, coat in good condition for age. BPIB & Puppy Group 3

2nd Prydderch Mrs J, Rockllocers Henbane, 6Mth old boy solid black, correct in head good length of neck good in body rear well developed for age with good bend of stifle, not as well presented as 1.

3rd Prydderch Mrs J, Rockllocers Pucelle

Junior (3 1abs)

1st Alexander Miss B, Dragon from Sunny Rouse (Imp UKR) 14Mth old boy good in head, moderate in neck, good bone on front, body good with spring of rib, topline level, rear well-muscled, dripping in coat, powered round ring.

2nd Prydderch Mrs J, Diversiya from Sunny Rose Rockllocers (Imp UKR) litter sister to 1, feminine in head good in front, body of good proportion, rear well developed although not as angulated as 1, plenty of coat although requires attention, moved ok.

Post Graduate (3 1abs)

1st Walton Mrs S, Annaside Lets Dance, 4-year-old in very good condition, solid black in excellent coat, muzzle slightly longer than others although balanced in head, correct in neck into correct shoulders, straight front with good feet, well sprung ribs, well developed rear quarters, moved with drive covering ground and his tail never stopped. BOB & Gundog Group 3,

2nd Bayliss Mrs D & Mr A, Shirepark Sir Francis Drake by Wilanorah JW. 21Mth old boy good in proportions, front needs to tighten up, body in good development, topline correct, moved ok, another who’s coat needs attention.

Open (1 0abs)

1st Prydderch Mrs J, Rockllocers Happy Hints, 2yo girl, feminine in head, moderate neck, good front, body good with good spring of rib, rear well angulated, some grooming required, moved ok.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Puppy (4 2ab)

1st Graham Mrs J, Nyliram the Suspect, a symmetrical compact dog meeting the breed standard in many points, skull well chiselled, correct stop, neck of good length and clean set into sloping shoulders, front of good bone, strong in body with good depth, rear strong and wide, tail carried correctly, overall good feathering for age, moved smoothly, driving well from the rear.  BPIB & Puppy Group 4

2nd Graham Mr T & Mrs J, Nyliram the Witness, litter sister to 1, very similar in type and development, although not as well feathered and moved very erratically today.

Junior (0)

Post Graduate (1 0abs)

1st Moore Mrs R & Mr D, Brent Oyster Bay, heavier in type to others, good in head with clean neck, front correct with good feet, longer cast than others, rear in good muscled condition, moved well with good drive from rear.

Open (1 0abs)

1st Grahan Mrs J, Nyliram the Moth Catcher JW, 2YO girl presented to perfection, symmetrical and compact, very feminine in head showing all the type characteristics, long clean in neck in sloping shoulders, well boned front with lovely feet, deep in brisket with well sprung ribs, rear well-muscled and with good width to thigh, tail correct and carried well, moved smoothly with good ground action, good dense coat with moderate feathering. BOB & Gundog Group 2

German Shorthaired Pointer

Puppy (3 0abs)

1st Rymer Mrs GA, Sarscottah Easy Rider at Rollenwood, 9Mth old boy very much a youngster at the moment, clean in head with well-defined stop, wide in nostrils, good length of neck with slight arch, correct front forequarters, chest deep and with development of a spring, croup wide and strong, rear broad & wide with development of muscle. Moved smoothly. BPIB

2nd West Mr C & Mrs J, Ceilloch Luck be a Lady, 6Mth old girl not settled today correct in head, long clean neck into long sloping shoulders, good front, chest of good depth, topline short with good width of loin, rear broad and straight, move ok.

3rd Pocock Mrs L A, Clannagael Henry

Junior (2 0abs)

1st Sielski Mrs Z M, Orchidstar Missing Link JW, girl just under 18 MThs developing well, noble in appearance, feminine in head with well-placed ears, moderate muscular neck into muscular sloping shoulders, lovely straight forelegs with slightly sloping pasterns, compact round feet, very good in body with well-muscled rear quarters, moved smoothly covering ground.  

2nd Rymer Mrs GA, Sarscottah Easy Rider at Rollenwood

Post Graduate (3 0abs)

1st Graham Mrs J, Winterwell Tubby Tompkin from Nyliram JW 19mth liver boy, he just stood out in this breed noble in appearance and with a powerful stance, head well-proportioned to body, neck of good length well-muscled into sloping and well-muscled shoulders, very good in chest, firm back and wide loin, correct in croup, very well-muscled rear, moved smoothly with good propulsion. BOB

2nd Adams Mr K & Mrs C, Kacela Sweet Zuri, feminine in head, clean in outline, moderate in neck, good depth to chest, not stood her best making rear rounded, good muscle, would have liked better feet.

3rd Yeates Mrs E, Quintana Head in the Clouds

Open (3 0abs)

1st Sielski Mrs Z M, Sh Ch Orchidstar Bolts of Speed. 3 ½yo boy in good condition and showed it well, good in head with clean neck into well placed shoulders, body well proportioned, deep in chest and straight in front quarters. Good feet, topline ok, good tail set, rear well-muscled, moved well, liked the length of my BOB better.  

2nd Pollock Mrs L A, Fayemm Sea the Stars, 4Yo solid liver girl In really good condition, very clean in overall outline, lost out on movement today.

3rs Yeates Mrs E, Quintana Head in the Clouds.

Hungarian Vizsla

Puppy (0)

Junior (1 0abs)

1st Malin Mrs J & Mr C, Kenzduo Deeply Dallas. Robust dog with medium bone, head lean and noble in appearance, smooth and muscular neck into well laid-back shoulders, correct in front with straight pasterns, would have liked better front feet, level in back with good rear quarters, moved well BOB

Post Graduate (2 1abs)

1st Malin Mrs J & Mr C, Kenzduo Deeply Dallas.

Open (0)

Italian Spinone

Puppy (1 0abs)

Clark, Sharp & Sharp Mrs J, Mr L, Mrs C, Affilato You Can Bank on It, when this boy walked in the ring it was a wow moment, I would take him home in a heartbeat, he filled the frame beautifully from head to tail, a squarely built dog of solid construction, head of correct shape with muzzle of good depth, large spongy nose and large nostrils, correct ears, strong powerful neck into strong well laid back shoulders, straight in forelegs with lovely feet, topline correct with slight rise to strong loin, broad in thigh with excellent muscle definition, moved in a fast trot maintaining topline, BP, BOB, Gundog Group 4 & Puppy Group 1

Junior (0)

Post Graduate (0)

Open (1 0abs)

1st Testaverde Irma Capece Del Hochopepa JW, 4YO girl of good type, correct in head, strong in neck into well laid-back shoulders, good front with correct feet, body of correct size with rise over loin, rear well developed and muscled moved well.


Puppy (3 1abs)

1st House Mrs C A, Gleadsbury Destiny Belle, ESS puppy of good type head of good dimensions, all in proportion, good length of neck with correct arch, straight in front with good bone, body developing well with depth to elbows, tight feet and good rear quarters, moved steady, just needs to finish in furnishings. Best AVNSC Puppy

2nd Geary Mr R & Mrs A, Wesley Vom Alte Wald at Germanus (Imp Hun) Naf Taf. Lovely youngster well balanced head correct with moderate stop, strong in neck with good tightly fitting skin, well-muscled in shoulders, deep in chest with good spring, firm in back into broad rear hindquarters, moved all out of sorts today & would not settle.

Junior (4 3abs)

1st Warren Miss A, Afonbach Dreamfyre at Shorrocks, NSDTR, of correct size compact & powerful, clean in skull with correct wedge shape, well-muscled medium neck into well laid-back shoulders, deep in chest, short in back, definition to hindquarters, well feathered tail carried well on the move.

Post Graduate (9 3abs)

1st Warren Miss A, Afonbach Dreamfyre at Shorrocks

2nd Hough Mr W & Mrs J, Braithwaite Northern Boy 20Mth Weimaraner boy not happy today in the ring, of good type with potential, clean in outline, body of good size, rear coming along well, moved ok.

3rd Brand Miss N C, Coedhelyg Jingle All the Way

Open (6 5abs)

1st Cunliffe Mr G & Mrs J, Ir Sh Ch Caldvale I Say of Fallenleaf CJW18, CW18, Cent W, 5YO ESS girl, build well so compact to look at, broad in skull, cheeks flat with good chiselling below the eye, strong and muscular in neck with correct arch, front straight and well boned, deep in chest with well sprung ribs into strong loin, well developed rear quarters, moved in well throwing front legs well in front. Best AVNSC


Tom Gorrian