• Show Date: 10/12/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tina Johnson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 27/12/2023

Wealdstone & Northolt Canine Society

Wealdstone & Northolt Open Show


I want to thank the members of committee for the judging appointment and exhibitors who entered to support the show. The show was well run and welcoming. I had good entry in several breed classes while entry of some breeds was depleted due to the long day and being close to the LKA show. I was impressed by the tenacity and persistence in the exhibitors especially by a few, whom I learned post show, were novices to handling dogs at competitive breed shows. They stayed on and worked well with their young dogs albeit it was a long, wet and cold day. I hope they and their dogs went home happy and proud of themselves. Keep up with the good work.

Alaskan Malamute

Class 356 Open (1 Entry) Abs: 1


Special Yearling (1 Entry) Abs: 0

1st. Simpson’s Simberger Perfect Blend (463). 15 month old juvenile red female with an attractive profile and substance for her age. Correct muzzle and skull proportion. Correct eyes and expression. Correct ears. Moderate stop, adequate muzzle development. Good bite. Going out coming in first attempt she was playing up a little. However, when she was sent out again she eventually moved for her handler and showed what she’s built for. She held her top line nicely, her gait was fluid and sound. Just needs maturing. RBOB.

Post Graduate (1 Entry) Abs: 0

1st. Simpson’s Simberger Salata De Icre (464).  Beautiful 2 year old red female. Half-sister of Special Yearling female, different in style and more developed. Feminine and typical head in balance with body. Muzzle strong and in proportion to skull. Oval eyes and lovely expression. Correct ears. Developed cheeks. Good bite. Strong neck of good length blends in with firm back, level top line. Forequarters, shoulders well laid. Good chest development, H-shaped front. Straight forelegs and pasterns, arched feet. Deep broad chest, well ribbed, gently tuck up. Broad and long enough loin for a female. Gently slopped croup with strong broad rump. Correct tail set and carriage when stacked and on the move. Hindquarters, rear legs stood apart naturally with good width consistent with her sound front, well-muscled thighs, strong hocks, pasterns correct turn. Beautiful temperament to go through.  Good cover on ground going out and coming in. BOB

Japanese Akita Inu

Special Yearling (1 Entry) Abs: 0

1st. Loca’s Ume Choko Go Hajimari. 19 month kurotora (black brindle) female of medium size. Correct Urajiro and ropakku (6 points white) definition. Feminine, wedge shape head. Triangular, round tipped ears, base of ears a little bit wide, correct carriage when she’s alert. Defined stop. Muzzle round shape, black nose. Eyes almond shape good width in between. Adequate cheeks. Good bite. Fore chest has nice width. Good shoulders and elbows close to chest. Deep chest and good ribcage. Straight forelegs and pastern gentle slope. Moderate tuck. Muscled loin and good length for a female. Level topline. High set tail. Muscled thighs. Moderate hocks. Outer coat stand-off  and needle-like. Just need more undercoat to look at her best, good brindling. Good handling by her handler, however, she was disinterested on the move which cost her dearly during challenge. RBOB

Post Graduate (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st Lo Cascio & De Souza Abreu’s Gyokusho Go Kodai An Dell’Antico Matagi. 2 years 7 months old masculine red male of typical head and expression. Good size at his age, ears round tipped set apart good width, pricked.  Good urajiro definition. Well-defined white on his face in contrast to the red line from outer corner of eyes extending across his developed cheeks. Almond eyes set obliquely. Muzzle round, correct proportion to skull and good strength. Correct bite. Beautiful vibrant red coat, stand-off guard hair and full undercoat. Strong neck, firm back. Fore chest acceptable width. Moderate shoulders. Pastern gentle slope. Deep chest, well ribbed. Good tuck up. Loin broad and muscled. Strong thighs, adequate rear angulation. Good hocks. Tail set and carried correctly. Moved well. He scored in type, and better coat condition. BOB.

2nd Loca’s Ume Choko Go Hajimari. Repeat.

Open (1 Entry) Abs: 0

1st Lo Cascio & De Souza Abreu’s Gyokusho Go Kodai An Dell’Antico Matagi. Repeat.


Open (1 Entry) Abs: 1

Finnish Lapphund

Puppy (1 Entry) Abs: 1

Special Yearling (4 Entries) Abs:

1st. Ellis & Crosby’s Tabanyaruu Borealis Bliz. 16 month old female, has a beautiful head and vivid expression. Ears good shape and carriage. Black eye rims, oval eyes, lively expression. Good muzzle, black nose and scissor bite. Tight, black lips and good jaws. Adequate width on fore chest. Forequarters, correct shoulder, forelegs parallel and straight. Elbows lower than briskets. Deep briskets. Tuck moderate. Level top line. Moderate croup. Correct tail set and carriage. Muscled thighs, rear ends moderately angulated, legs parallel. Moved well. I like her type, overall balance and showy attitude. BOB. Pleased to learn she was placed pastoral group 2.

2nd Birks’ Pavoskas Galena. 15 month old attractive female of good proportion and height. Feminine head, good forehead and stop. Ears pricked, set apart. Nice eyes and expression. Correct muzzle, dark brown nose and correct bite. Forequarters, good shoulders close to brisket, pastern slightly sloping. Fore chest has good width, fore legs stood parallel and straight. Good neck. Strong back. Deep brisket. Good loin. Tail with profuse hair carried correctly. Good hindquarters, muscled thighs and low hocks. Moved with purpose. RBOB.

Post Graduate (3 Entries) Abs: 2

1st. Ellis & Crosby’s Tabanyaruu Borealis Bliz. Repeat.

Open (1 Entry) Abs: 1

Hungarian Puli

Open (1 Entry) Abs: 1

Lancashire Heeler

Special Yearling (2 Entries) Abs:1

1st. Webb’s Hoscar Isabella. 21 month old liver colour sturdily-built female. Head in balance with body. Wedge shape head, flat skull in proportion and parallel with muzzle. Ears set high and wide apart. Medium eyes, lighter colour consistent with colour of her coat, happy and lively expression. Good muzzle, brown nose. Correct lip, good bite and jaws. Neck good length. Well-developed forechest, good width. Parallel and straight forelegs. Shoulders well laid, nice ribs and coupling. Level topline. Loin correct length. Tail set, curved and carried correctly. Muscled thighs. Good rear end angulation. She’s energetic and motivated on the move. It was a joy to go through her and watch her go around the ring happily albeit after a long day. BOB.


Special Yearling (1 Entry) Abs:0

1st. Bobrowski & Kirkwood’s Vandreem Imperial Breeze Over Berezniki. 17 month medium male of great attitude. Wedge shaped head, flat skull. Small, round tipped ears set wide apart and pricked. Lovely almond eyes, correctly set. Dark eye rims.  Muzzle good strength, black nose. Tight black lips. Correct bite. Intelligent, smiley expression. Forechest has good width. Chest deep, well ribbed. Strong broad loins. Nice tail set. Good thighs, moderate rear angulation. Not in full coat that didn’t dismiss him of his potential. Just need better coat and maturing as he grows. Keen to please and work for his handler, move with purpose. BOB.

Pyranean Mountain Dogs (7 Entries) Abs: 6

Puppy (2 Entries) Abs:0

1st. Stephens’ Aurvandill Freya’s Thyra. 9 month old feminine female of good proportion and beautiful profile. Blunt v shaped head, skull curved elegantly from top and side view. Skull to stop and muzzle equal length. Ears correct. Beautiful almond dyes and expression. Good muzzle and black nose. Lips black and close fitting. Correct bite. Forequarters, acceptable chest width. Well-laid shoulders and good bones. Fore legs straight and parallel. Strong neck flows beautifully into firm, level back. Adequate loin and thigh development. Strong hocks. Rear feet double dewclaws, turn out slightly but acceptable. Yes, she still needs time to mature and firm up on the move, she scored in breed type, expression and topline. Good handling. BPIB. Pleased to learn that she was awarded pastoral puppy G2.

2nd. Tadd’s Kricarno Klaas Kombine (AI). 8 month old male of good size and many likable qualities. Masculine head in balance with body. Good stop. Ears correct shape and carriage. Dark almond eyes and gentle expression. Muzzle good strength. Black nose, tight lips. Scissor bite. Good jaws. Forequarters, chest development adequate. Forelegs stand parallel, acceptable width in between. Good shoulders, straight fore legs and good bones. Moderate front angulation. Broad deep chest, good loin. Strong neck. Broad waist, a little bum high which should improve as he matures. Strong muscled thighs. Good feet front and rear. Double dewclaws on rear feet. Well-handled on the move.

Post Graduate (2 Entries) Abs:0  

1st Henson & Dearman’s Lisjovia Eternal Guardian for Pyrekees. 2 year 6 month old large male, masculine profile of good size and substance. Very beautiful head. Correct muzzle and bite. Strong muscular neck. Firm, broad back, level top line. Forequarters, well developed chest of good width, good shoulders. Forelegs strong bones, straight and parallel. Strong pasterns. Deep chest, well ribbed. Moderate tuck. Strong, muscled loin. Tail length, carriage correct when stacked and on the move. Strong thighs and hocks. Excellent feet fore and rear. Double dewclaws on rear feet. Very typical male, lovely conformation, could have won the challenge just lacked the oomph of the winner. RBOB

2nd Meakin’s Angelrain Avante Aurora. Medium size female turned 3 years old 2 days before show. Feminine head with good eyes and expression. Muzzle good strength, nose black. Correct bite and close fitting black lips. Forequarters, well developed chest. Shoulders well laid. Forelegs straight, parallel. Good feet. Good neck. Firm, broad back, topline sloped slightly. Deep chest. Tuck moderate. Muscled loin. Tail set and carriage good. Well-developed thighs. Moderate rear angulations. Double dewclaws on hindfeet. She was in a very good mood with her wagging tail throughout. Move happily and with purpose.

Open (3 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st. Woolf’s Sabre Golden Ticket Du Pyrdanti (Imp Fra) 2 years 5 months old male of substance and masculine profile. Head correct size in relation to body, well filled under the eyes. Ears carriage correct. Correct eye shape and oblique. Strong muzzle. Black nose and lips close fitting. Correct bite. Forequarters, acceptable chest width. Well-laid shoulders and good bones. Fore legs straight and parallel. Strong neck, good length. Firm back. Correct tail. Strong loin, I prefer a bit more length. Well-developed thigh. Rear angulation moderate. Rear feet double dewclaws, turn out slightly but acceptable. He was tuned in to his handler and didn’t make a mistake on the move holding his topline beautifully going around the ring. A credit to his handler.  BOB.  

2nd Henson & Dearman’s Lisjovia Witches Promise for Pyrekees. 3 years 5 months old female of medium size. Typical head in proportion to body. Beautiful eyes and expression. Filled cheeks, moderate stop and strong muzzle. Correct bite. Well-developed fore chest, good width. Correct shoulder, deep chest broad strong loins. Strong neck, gently arched into back. Strong back and broad croup. Correct tail set. Strong thighs. Legs straight and moderate angulation fore and rear. Good feet and with double dewclaws on the rear feet. Moved with purpose. Another good example of the breed with lovely temperament.