• Show Date: 13/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Terrie Cousins-Brown Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Redditch & District Canine Society

Bearded Collie

Puppy (1,0)

1. Waldron & Gray There’s Something About De Chester at Snowmead (imp FRA)

Super puppy, full of quality, well balanced and in proportion. Lovely head with strength to muzzle, good bone and substance whilst still being breed typically lean and lithe with good length coming from the rib, balanced angulation, firm body and back, strong driving movement off low set hocks with free side gait and good tail carriage, presented in lovely coat, BP, PG1 and delighted to hear she went RBPIS.

Junior (1,0)

1. Dean’s Moonhill Social Climber

Just out of puppy and full of exuberance, once settled she showed sound movement covering the ground well. Lots to like about her, well constructed with good proportions and a very pretty head, I think she could body up a little as she’s a touch narrow all through at the moment but has plenty of time, well coated, presented and handled.

Post Graduate (1.0)

1. River’s Orora’s French Silk at Merrimak

I have judged this lovely b before and very much admire her breed type. Lovely head and expression, good reach of neck and well laid shoulders with good chest, ribs long and well sprung with firm topline and well muscled rear, presented in super coat, free reaching and driving movement RBOB.

Open (3,1)

1. Waldron’s Snowmead Super Sleuth

Well-constructed and very balanced dog with a masculine head and good arched neck, clean shoulders, well angulated, correct bone with good chest, length of rib and level topline held on the move, presented in super coat and muscular condition BOB.

2. Hopkin’s Croftcaileag Dugald Dubh

Masculine boy with a good head, dark eyes and well made body, had bone and width without being heavy, like his shape, lovely character and presented in super coat and condition, moved well.

Rough Collie

Open (1,0)

Lyall’s Santaloly’s Sky Amidalas

 S/w who belies her veteran years, in fabulous coat and beautifully presented, pretty head and expression with ears set correctly and used well, good neck, correct length of body with slight rise over the loin, firm hindquarters, moved out well BOB.

Shetland Sheepdog

Puppy (2,0)

1. Robson’s Tachnamadra The Way You Look

Lovely for size and shape, well shaped head with sweet expression, well balanced with a good neck and front, firm in body with good hindquarters, carrying a lovely jacket, moved well and very well presented. BP

2. Norris Ferngrove’s Skylark

Just 6 months, nicely marked b/m with rich tan, well grown and shapely, proportionate with a nicely balanced head with good eye, sound in body, correct angulation and moved well with good tail carriage.

Junior (5,1)

1. Hateley’s Mohensee Maebelle JW

Loved this very symmetrical and feminine b with the sweetest expression, elegant head with everything balanced and correctly placed, super ears, nicely tipped, graceful in outline with good neck, front and bone, firm body and sound rear, graceful and free on the move and in super coat BOB, G4

2. Norris’ Ferngrove’s Valentino JW dog of good size and shape, liked him for breed type, well-shaped head with good eye and ears well placed and used. Correct front with firm body and sound rear, smooth driving movement.

3.Robson’s Tachnamadra The Way You Look

Post Grad (2,1)

1. Ridehalgh Keycharm Take A Chance On Me

Well grown b of nice make and shape with clean and balanced head, good rib and topline, well made and in excellent coat, moved very soundly and smoothly, excellent presentation.

Open (3,1)

1. Hateley’s Ch Lizmark Lullaby Moon over Mohensee JW

Super b/m well marked with good tan, lovely sweet expression coming from perfect balance of skull, muzzle eye and ear placement, very graceful and shapely, lovely neck and front, firm and well ribbed body, strong rear and lovely mover her younger kennel mate just edged her out today on overall bloom. RBOB

2. Robson’s Kyleburn Dream Lover at Saxonoak

Nice for size with an attractive head with sweet expression, ears well placed and used, good neck and body, lovely outline, correct body proportions, strong rear, moved very well with good tail carriage and lovely presentation.

AVNSC Pastoral (2,0)

2 very nice puppies

1. Warner’s Monarchcor Lady Love

Lovely Pemb Corgi, low set, strong, and sturdily built with, lovely head and expression, feminine, low slung with good ground clearance, super topline held on the move and strong driving movement BPAVNSC, PG3

2. Deakin’s Darwillow Queen of Puddings

OES, well grown for her age, lovely capacious skull, good reach of neck with slim front and broad hindquarters, well bodied with good bone, full of type with lots of promise, in good coat and moved really well off low set hocks.

Junior (5,1) Super class

1. Miller’s Mellowdee Fancy Nancy for Millwinkie

Really nice shapely, square OES, loved her reach of neck and slim front, good broad skull, neat ears and correct stop, well boned with a cobby short deep body and a strong loin, well muscled rear, a super textured coat developing and starting to clear, moved really well, one for the top certainly BAVNSC, G1

2. Naismith’s Shaggybo Shivers

Another quality bobtail who pushed hard, slightly bigger than 1 strong and thick set but totally feminine, strong skull and muzzle, good depth of chest and brisket with good width all through, cobby, moved soundly, another who should do well in the breed ring.

3. Cowley’s Kashbeluli There We Are Then

Cracking Puli, male of good size with a wealth of coat at that frizz stage which makes him look larger than he is as underneath there is a fine square wiry body, well made, super head and pigment, lovely angulation, full of personality and moves in a sprightly fashion.

Open (3,1)

1. Naismith’s Shaggybo Beautiful Dream

Shapely and well balanced bobtail, with a good skull and square muzzle, good neck and well angulated shoulders, short coupled with rise, strong rear, coat of good texture, moved with reach and drive, just preferred the slimmer front of the J in the challenge. RBAVNSC

2. Fieldsend’s Ch/Ir Ch Quessi Heaven Devil at Starwell (imp CZE)

Lovely rugged rich fawn Briard, with a super shape, fit and well muscled she moves so well with lovely J tail, so well balanced and typical, lovely head with dark eyes, it really was splitting hairs today, just not quite the sparkle of the bobtail.

Av Import Breeds

Junior (3,2)

1.Henshaw’s Whitehemi’s Brabham

White Swiss medium size and strong, of correct proportions with a clean cut head, good length of neck, shoulders well laid, body developing, fairly broad hindquarters, needs to firm up in hock but still a baby. BP

Post Grad (2,1)

!. Henshaw’s Whiteheimi’s Aurora

White Swiss nice b of correct size, strong with good outline and proportions, wedge shaped head in proportion to body with correct planes, good pigment, firm topline and sound rear, moved well and carried her tail well

Open (6,3)

1. Dennis Shadowshack All Moons

Quality White Swiss strong and typical with a clean, chiselled masculine head and good ears, muscular arched neck, shoulders well laid with depth to chest, strong topline, broad rear and strong hocks, covered the ground with good reach and drive. BAVIR

2nd Jeavons – Int/Multi Ch Pic D’Arlee Nelson Avec Bergerpicard (Imp Fra) Picardy mature medium size male with a lovely head and expression, with good ears, well placed and nice pigment, very firm and muscular all through with good angulation, strong body and well muscled rear, excellent coat texture and moved well in all directions RBAVIR

3. Pickering’s Ir Ch Alpha Natura NikeAvec Picarboo (imp Den)

Lovely typey brindle Picardy, rugged and feminine, well proportioned head, strong neck leading into well laid shoulders, good chest and body with well-muscled hindquarters, moved well.

AV Pastoral Veteran (5,4)

1. Cowley’s Ch Callendu Despicable Me At Kashbeluli ShCM, ShCEx VW

This lovely Puli just gets better and better with age, well proportioned head with dome skull and correct muzzle ratio, super pigment, square and muscular under his wealth of cords with fine bone, balanced in front and rear angulation, firm in body with a solid topline, moves in typical Puli fashion, light and springy with minimal uplift, covering the ground easily, BV and delighted to hear he went BVIS, well deserved.

AV Rare Breed Pastoral Veteran

1. Flint’s Bel/Fin Ch Gastibelza De L’Oustaou De Padel (imp FRA)

One I have judged before and what a pleasure to see him in such fine form today. Correct masculine head and good ears, correct height/length proportions, has the desired lean and racy outline, good neck and well laid shoulders, muscular, with sound rear and low set hocks, moves effortlessly with drive.

2. White’s Overhills the Midas Touch for Beauceanto

Very nice Beauceron, moderate and sturdy with a good head, strong neck of good length, solid bone, nice breed typical outline with firm body and sound rear, tail well set and carried, free moving.

Pastoral Group

1. OES 2. Pollard & Magg’s Ch Gillandant Thief of Hearts at Dwyche, glorious PMD whom I gave a RCC to as a youngster and he’s really fulfilled his early promise, elegant, athletic, lovely head, expression and pigment, in full bloom and super sound. 3. Flint’s Sanytrail Sorceror PSD another I have judged before and like very much for overall breed type, free moving and well proportioned, everything right for his breed, well-muscled and racy. 4. Sheltie

Puppy Group

1. Beardie 2. Fieldsend & Kirkland Hollybeck Ticket to Ride to Starwell Del Riu Gost (imp ESP) gorgeous Catalan lovely head and expression, clean front, well ribbed with level topline, good chest for age, strong, short loins, correct body proportions, moved sound and true, must have a bright future. 3. Corgi. 4.Large’s Wizaland Raspberry Ripple Border Collie barely 6 months and what a super prospect, so sound with correct footfall, pretty head, good neck, lovely shoulders, still very raw but loads of type, well deserved place here in a strong group.