• Show Date: 25/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Teresa Dunsdon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Derbyshire Agricultural & Horticultural Society

My thanks to the Show Committee for the invitation to judge at this lovely show, to my lovely efficient steward for keeping me organised and of course to the exhibitors for their most generous entries under a non-breed specialist. I really appreciated each and every one. There were several absentees, which was understandable given the extremely warm weather conditions. I kept movement to a minimum to avoid the risk of over-heating not only the dogs but also their handlers. I am sure that the heat affected some exhibits more than others and that on a cooler day placings could well be different. I do hope that no exhibits were affected by one of the ring gazebos suddenly taking to the air in the high winds.


JUNIOR (0 entries)

POST GRADUATE (1, 1 absent)

OPEN (1, 1 absent)


PUPPY (0 entries)

JUNIOR (0 entries)

POST GRADUATE (0 entries)

OPEN (3, 2 absent)

1st - Franklin's NADEZHDA NATSII IZ MAZHORNOGO LADA AT DREAMCAST (IMP RUS), 2 yrs parti B, compact & sturdy in outline under well-presented profuse coat, refined ultra-feminine head, well-rounded skull with definition to brow & stop, long enough in muzzle which could be a shade deeper, bright expression, long & clean in neck with slight arch, well-set shoulders, front fill a little light but deep in chest with good spring of rib, strong in couplings, well-angulated hindquarters enabling her to move with drive, tail set & carried high with merry action, would prefer a better slope to her otherwise firm topline, BOB


JUNIOR (2, 1 absent)

1st - Guy's SUELYNDA KITH AND KIN AMONG JAHANGHIR, 13 mths D with a strong sturdy appearance, unexaggerated & balanced in head with good breadth in skull & plenty of length in muzzle, delightful expression that reveals his friendly nature, thick neck, plenty of forechest, excellent front angulation with forelegs well under body, stands on well-boned short legs, body is long & deep with plenty of rib, hindquarters are muscular & stifles well bent, moves soundly with drive, thought he was lovely, just giving a little away in maturity in the challenge

2nd - Morris' TEDOSKIBBY TIME IS RIGHT, 13 mths D, plenty of strength in body with good bone, a little shorter in body than 1st, very masculine in head with a slightly shorter muzzle which does have good depth, lovely large vine-shaped ears framing a charming expression, strong in neck leading to well-laid shoulders, not quite the return of upper arm or spring of rib as 1st, but has enough depth to his body & his couplings are strong, well-developed in hindquarters with good width of thigh & moderately bent stifles, he is loose in movement at the moment, but this should tighten as he matures


1st - Burge's GRACEDIEU BROOKLYN BRIDGE, 22 mths B combining strength & femininity in a well-bodied package, well-proportioned head with broad skull & square muzzle, she has a lovely expression & an easy-going temperament to match, strong & powerful neck, plenty of forechest, well angulated front assembly, strong & straight forelegs, correct ratio between leg & body length, deep in brisket & flank, well coupled, liked her strong wide thighs & bend of stifle, she did her best for her handler on the move despite the heat, moving out well, just a little close behind today, worthy RBOB

2nd - Burge's GRACEDIEU STARS AND STRIPES, 22 mths B, shares many attributes with her sister in 1st, presents a strong outline with good length & depth to her body, head is nicely balanced with breadth to her skull and good length & depth to her muzzle, strong in neck but perhaps not quite the lay-back of shoulder of her sister, good forechest with a good length & return of upper arm, stands on well-boned straight forelegs, deep brisket & flank, ribs very well sprung, more bend of stifle than 1st, giving her handler a tough time on the move, I couldn't help but admire her sense of fun in the heat

OPEN (1)

1st - Gascoigne's NIVALIS AUGUSTUS, mature 3 1/2 yrs D who presents a pleasing strong outline, large masculine head with a broad skull & enough length in muzzle which has good depth, deep stop, his expression is kind, powerful neck, plenty of forechest, liked his well-angulated front assembly with forelegs placed well under his body, good depth to his brisket with well-sprung ribs, muscular in couplings, stands on short well-boned legs, body of correct long length, well-muscled rear with strength & width in thigh, well bent stifles, he moves out very well with an effortless action, showing great stoicism in the heat today, very pleased to award him BOB


PUPPY (7, 3 absent)

1st - Brothwell's WISSANT MOONLIT SKY, 11 mths Blue B who drew my eye straightaway with her compact & beautifully balanced appearance, pretty feminine head & not too fine, dark expressive eye, moderately long neck, sturdily built throughout with plenty of forechest & depth to her body, moderate reach of neck, very well ribbed & strong & short in couplings, all giving her a correct square outline, well-angulated front & rear, strong level topline, lovely bend of stifle & wide well-muscled thigh with nicely rounded rear end, moves as she is built, merry, very sound & driving from rear, delighted to award her BPIB

2nd - Collier's PEPPERBOX PARTI ON, 10 mths Blue D, another youngster with a pleasing balance to his overall appearance, his head is masculine with plenty of work in it, muzzle is of good length & depth, lovely expression, his neck is strong & of moderate length leading to well laid shoulders, ample forechest, good return of upper arm, deep & square in body with lovely spring of rib, well-coupled, firm topline, he has very well angulated hindquarters with plenty of bend of stifle, moves very well with drive behind, just wish he had used his tail as bit more today, but the heat may have affected him



JUNIOR (4, 2 absent)

1st - Collier's PEPPERBOX MIDNIGHT PARTI, 10 mths Blue D, litter brother to 2nd in Puppy, has a square & sturdy outline, masculine head which is just a shade stronger than his brother with more length to his muzzle, dark eye & attractive expression, good length of neck, decent front assembly with enough forechest, liked his depth of body, excellent spring of rib, well-coupled, angulation of hindquarters not overdone & matches his front, he has a good bend of stifle, he moves well in front & with drive behind, but just a fraction wide today, preferred the overall balance of Puppy class winner for BPIB

2nd - W MOON AND STARS, 11 mths Blue D, litter brother to 1st in Puppy, not quite the square outline of 1st here, but he is nevertheless compact & sturdy all through, his head is masculine, perhaps just a tad too much length to his muzzle but it is still balanced overall, he has a delightful expression, his neck is very moderate as is his front assembly, sufficient forechest, he benefits from an excellent spring of rib giving him ample width to his body, he has depth to his brisket, good width in thigh & a moderate bend of stifle, he moves steadily but lacking drive today, possibly overwhelmed by the heat

POST GRADUATE (8, 3 absent)

1st - Brothwell's WISSANT DEAR DARLIN, Blue B with an eye-catching well-balanced & compact outline without exaggeration, feminine head with good depth to her muzzle, charming expression, moderately long neck leading to nicely-laid shoulders & good return of upper arm, ample forechest, deep in brisket, very well-sprung ribs giving her plenty of width through her body, short couplings & firm level topline, all combining to give her a good square & sturdy look, her rear is well-angulated, well let-down and rounded with well-bent stifles, she moved very well to take this class & then RBOB

2nd - West's SHEIGRA SUPER SECRET JW, sturdily built Red B with a compact appearance, her pretty head is feminine & balanced, I particularly appreciated the lovely work in her foreface & her sweet expression, moderate length of neck leading to a well-angulated front assembly, like 1st she has plenty of forechest & depth in brisket, another with ample spring of rib, well-coupled through loin, her strong body is topped off by a firm topline, she has well-bent stifles & strong hindquarters, moves well both ways, thought she was lovely, just preferred the slightly shorter body & slightly more rounded rear of 1st




OPEN (12, 2 absent)

1st - West's SHEIGRA SIMPLY A STAR JW, beautifully presented Black B with so much to admire about her, compact & square in outline, strongly built throughout, she has the most delightful feminine & balanced head with a bright yet soft expression, moderately long & strong in neck, excelled in front angulation, great forechest, deep in brisket with big ribs, she is short-coupled & strong through loin, well-bent stifles, great width to her thigh, well-rounded over her rear, when moving she uses her correct construction & strength to cover the ground with that distinctive merry bustle, very well-deserved BOB

2nd - Sewell's WINTONIA HIDDEN GEM AT QUATTROZAMPE, Blue B with a sturdy appearance, well-balanced feminine head with good length & depth to her muzzle, dark eye & kind expression, strong neck of moderate length, correct front assembly, good in forechest, deep through body & strongly coupled, could perhaps be a fraction shorter in body length overall, but liked her depth & strength through loin, well-sprung ribs, correct bend of stifle, strong thighs, well-angulated hindquarters, on the day her appealing head & sound movement took her to 2nd place here ahead of strong competition






1st - James' KINGSMIST GOLDEN FUTURE FOR BLEIDDIAID, upstanding 11 mths Black B, a little high on the leg but this will change as she matures, her head is undoubtedly feminine & nicely proportioned, chiselling & definition in foreface still developing as one would expect, well-shaped dark eye & gentle expression, long neck leading to well-laid shoulders, good forechest, pleasing depth to her brisket, body is well ribbed back & ribs are moderately well-sprung, short in couplings, back is level & strong, hindquarters well let down with a moderate bend of stifle, needs to strengthen in rear & movement is a little untidy at present, but time is very much on her side


1st - James' BLEIDDIAID GALILEO, well-boned 11 mths Liver D who presents a decent balanced outline for his age, strong masculine head with a long lean muzzle of good depth, dark almond-shaped eye giving him a kind expression, his neck is long enough & muscular, well-angulated front assembly with enough forechest, his brisket is deep, ribs are moderately sprung & reach well back to a strong loin, stifles are moderately bent, particularly liked his strong, well-muscled & wide thigh, stands on strong feet, moves on a long stride although was full of himself & not in full control of all four legs at any one time, preferred his substance overall to that of Puppy winner for BPIB & RBOB

OPEN (2, 1 absent)

1st - Osborn's SH CH ELGERT LADY STA'DUST JW, 7 yrs Black B that I have had the pleasure of judging before, pleased to see later from the catalogue that she now has her title, very much the finished article with a well-balanced strong & unexaggerated appearance, pretty feminine head with lean muzzle, dark eye & charming expression giving her that noble look typical of the breed, loved her long strong neck, correct front angulation, plenty of forechest, deep brisket & loin, well ribbed back & short coupled, great width & strength to her thigh with moderate bend of stifle, strong level topline, moves as she should on a long & effortless stride, a super "senior" bitch, delighted to go one better than last time & award her BOB


JUNIOR (6, 3 absent)

1st - Harrison's GLENBROWS WISH, at only 8 mths, this delightful B already has a lovely compact & symmetrical outline, liked her overall proportions being not too long in body & not leggy or too short on the leg, her head is well-proportioned with a slightly domed skull & a muzzle that is correct in length & depth, long clean neck leading to well-laid shoulders, good width to her forechest, enough bone, stands on neat rounded feet, strong & deep through body with well-sprung ribs, short-coupled & strong in loin, moderate bend of stifle, hindquarters developing nicely, very active & confident mover, it was my pleasure to award her BOB & BPIB

2nd - Short's TOFTWOOD JEAN GENIE, 12 mths B, another with pleasing symmetry & compact shape, neither leggy nor too short on the leg, fractionally shorter in body than 1st, very pretty feminine head with well-shaped skull & good length & depth of muzzle, long enough in neck which was muscular & clean, liked her ample forechest & front assembly, deep brisket with plenty of spring of rib giving her good width, short-coupled, excellent topline with slight rise over loin, more moderate in stifle than 1st, enough width of thigh, moved with plenty of energy, just preferred bone & rear angulation of 1st


POST GRADUATE (2, 1 absent)

1st - G WISH

OPEN (2, 1 absent)

1st - Short's FERNDEL FIRE GEM AT TOFTWOOD, lovely proportions to this mature B, she is well-balanced in terms of leg to body length, pretty & feminine head with plenty of work in it, gentle & charming expression, she is strong in neck, liked her ample forechest, correct front angulation, deep through brisket & firm in loin with strong couplings, her ribs are well-sprung, she has a good topline with a slight arch over loin, well-angulated in hindquarters with wide muscled thighs, well boned, good round feet, she moved smoothly covering the ground well, but just seemed a little uneasy today, very pleased to award her RBOB

Teresa Dunsdon