• Show Date: 29/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tate Forsey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Coalville & District Canine Society

Judge Ms T Forsey (Muzoku).

Collie (Rough)

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Open (3)

1. Benton’s, Brooklynson El Dorado SHCEX

Pleasing outline and very nice head and expression on this 6 year old male. Dark eye, ears well set and used to advantage. Super coat condition and texture. Tidy feet. Very clean on the move with a confident free and easy gait. BOB.

2.Bentons, Brooklynson Jane Russell of Oakestelle.

8 year old bitch who also painted a pretty picture. Balanced angles and very pretty, feminine head Excellently presented Moved well in all directions. RBOB, BVIB.

3. Skinners, Samhaven Time is Money with Nikal

Shetland Sheepdog

Puppy (4)

A lovely class of puppies. It was a real joy to have the opportunity to judge some very promising youngsters.

1. Hately’s, Mohnesee Coconut dream

What a beautiful young lady. At 9 months old she really put in a fabulous performance. Super outline, feminine, pretty and expressive head. Everything in balance and she was presented and handled to perfection. On the move she was clean, confident and foot perfect. So nice to see a well balanced youngster and for her to have that confidence to complete the picture. Well deserved BPIB, RBOB, Congratulations on your JW.

2.Robinsons, Dinmore Making Waves at Lavika.

Another very pretty young lady, at 11 months old she presented a super outline. Beautiful headpiece and expression. Coat was in excellent condition, and she was sympathetically handled. Very clean in all directions.

3. Stocks, Shemist Summertime Blue’s.

Junior (2)

1. Hately’s, Mohnesee Coconut dream

As 1st in puppy.

2.Sutherland’s, Beechmore Beautiful of Holamber.

Pretty young female with a sweet expression Balanced angulation. Excellent coat texture and presentation. Moved well.

Post Graduate (1)

1. Stock’s, Shemist Dark Angel

Pretty head and expression on this 5 year old bitch, nice eye shape with dark eye. Well set ears. Good length of neck, well laid shoulder A little longer in loin. Moved well in profile.

Open (3)

1. Hately’s, Lizmark Lullaby Moon over Mohnesee JW

Another super exhibit from this kennel, beautifully balanced outline with correct angles front and rear. Super coat condition and presentation, very pretty, feminine head she was just beautiful. Sweet, confident nature. Presented in tip top condition and faultless on the move. Pulled out all the stops in the challenge, BOB.

2. Wise’s, Sandwich Stage Show avec Shettriever

3 year old dog with a very nice head, masculine without coarseness. Correct eye shape, good outline and movement. A little more confidence would enhance the overall picture.

3. Stock’s, Shemist Sea Dragon.


Puppy (1)

1. Leech’s, Nandobears Yabba Dabba Doo at Mileoak TAF

I just loved this youngster, he had a lovely outline with the most delightful expression. Lovely dark eye of correct shape. Correct bite, neat ears, super bone, angulation and coat with close fitting eyelids. Despite the handler hampering his movement somewhat I could not deny him BOB in the challenge.

Junior (5,3a)

1. Leech’s, Nandobears Yabba Dabba Doo at Mileoak TAF

As 1st Puppy

2.Leech’s, Starbears Make It Happen at Mileoak ( AI ) ( IKC )

Lovely head and expression on this 14 month old bitch. Excellent coat and substance, correct bite, large webbed feet. Longer in body so not as tidy as 1st on the move.

Post Graduate (3,2a)

1. Burtons, Ceedernewf In The Forest

A very tidy female, maybe not as large as some of the other exhibits but she was very much in proportion. A beautiful expression, dark eye and close fitting eyelids. Black pigment, Small ears good bite and tight well pigmented lip, deep muzzle and broad skull. She was very well put together with super angulation front and rear, deep chest and good bone and she moved fluidly with reach and drive, Super strength to hocks. Presented in excellent condition. A little more ringcraft would be of benefit to the handler. RBOB

Open (2)

1. Smith’s, Comfortcove Pixie Dust

3 years on the day, this bitch presented a very nice outline being just off square. Super coat furnishings and texture. Very nice size and well off for bone and substance with good sized feet. Good depth and breadth of chest, firm topline and broad rump.

2. Burtons, Sparkybears A star is Born

Another very nice 3 year old bitch with a nice outline. Plenty of bone and substance Pretty head with dark eye and tight lids. Broad muzzle and skull, small ears, lovely expression. Moved well. Looser in jowls than I would like to see.

Alaskan Malamute

What a super entry of 9 at an Open Show and to have all present was even better. Such a lovely atmosphere around the ring. Thank you to everyone that joined in the celebrations.

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Post Graduate (5)

1. Quinns, Barki Bear Lord of Alaska (ATC 24392/XIV/21 )

22 Month old Wolf Grey and white male who has good size and substance. Very gentle expression, Mid brown eye, obliquely set. Very thick ear leather. This was his very first show and he coped with it well. Lovely broad skull and muzzle, good pigment and correct bite. Good breadth and depth to chest with well sprung rib, tail was well set and did not stop waving. Excellent bone substance and feet. Moved with reach and drive. A little more training for handler and exhibit would benefit them greatly.

2. Whyman’s, Tailfly Bloodline

4 year old seal and white bitch with a lovely well balanced outline. Very pretty girl with balanced head proportions. Broad skull and muzzle, correct bite. Dark obliquely set eye. Thick well furred ears and excellent pigment. Super angulation front and rear with lovely short, strong hocks. Coat of correct texture presented as it should be. Well set tail. Close call between 1 and 2. Moved true in all directions.

3. Quinns Arctic Challenge Last Faith by Marchosias (IMP POL)

I have judged this young lady before and it is nice to she is starting to mature now. A very pretty, expressive head. Thick ear leather. Correct coat texture. She moved well in all directions with good reach and drive using her short hocks to her advantage. Would prefer more length of leg.

Open (4)

1.Palasinka’s Anson Del Biagio (ATC AW0903426 )

Almost 4 year old male with a beautiful headpiece. Broad skull and muzzle with correct slight but perceptible stop. Small, thick, well furred ears. His head was very well balanced however being picky I would prefer a darker eye. He was of good size and well off for bone and substance. Would prefer a little more angulation but within the means of moderate. I have judged him before and his muscle tone has definitely improved and he showed more enthusiasm on the move today, BOB.

2. Whyman and Murray’s Tailfly Heart of Gold

Just under 3 years this young male who is slowly maturing and who presents an athletic outline. Broad skull and muzzle. Good eye colour and shape, small well furred ears. He has a very happy and confident disposition. Strong muscular neck. He had very nice angulation at the rear providing him with good drive. Tidy feet and moderate bone. He wasn’t as composed as 1 on the move today, a bigger ring outside would be to his advantage, much more to come I’m sure RBOB.

3.Quinns Snowflake of Alaska Absolute Victory by Marchosias (Imp. UKR )

4 year old female deserved a mention as I really liked her for type. Somewhat out of coat but the texture was correct. Feminine head with a very sweet expression without losing any strength. Moderate bone, balanced angles. Another, who could benefit from some ringcraft as she was unsettle on the move. However there were periods where she showed good reach and drive when settled.