• Show Date: 28/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tate Forsey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Lichfield Canine Society

Judge Ms T Forsey (Muzoku).

Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge some of my favourite breeds at their show. We had a lovely sized ring for the dogs to show their movement, just a shame one of the fans kept going off and spooking some dogs. I thoroughly enjoyed my day, and I had some super exhibits across all of the breeds.

Can I please mention that I was disappointed that one of the exhibits had black dye on them. I had to scrub my hands and use alcohol to remove it. This affected the other exhibits that followed as it was not fair for me to put my hands anywhere near their mouths or noses. Most inconsiderate.


Puppy (2)

1.Foster’s Fostebrie Special Edition

Delightful 9-month-old bitch. In profile she was well balanced with good angulation front and rear. Excellent head which had strength yet retained femininity Coat was of good texture and she was particularly well toned. A little unsettled at times, more enthusiasm than anything (which was nice to see in a youngster) She was a joy to watch once she settled with a free, easy gait. BPIB.

2. Westcott-Smith and Smith’s Vivienne de L’AreneNoire at Rozimba (Imp BEL) TAF NAF

Very pretty head on this 6-month-old bitch with a lovely expression. Good front assembly. She was well presented and sympathetically handled. She was longer cast than class winner so didn’t maintain her topline as well, but she had an enthusiastic gait.

Junior (1)

1. Parry’s Zweet ChilliSong Moravia Campanella at Stormymoon. (Imp CZE)

15-month-old dog with masculine head and well-balanced features. Good bite, firm topline and nice tidy feet. Well-toned and very tidy on the move, just needs time to mature Promising youngster.

Postgraduate (0)

Open (3)

1.Foster’s Fostebrie Just Unique JW Lux Jun CH

17-month-old quality male with a masculine head, well proportioned. Good eye shape and colour and a lovely expression. So well balanced by eye and under assessment. Coat was of good texture, he moved with reach and drive retaining a firm topline. Nice strong hock and well-toned all through. BOB

2. Rual, Rual, Westcott-Smith and Smith’s IR/BE//INT/NL CH Gilcoru Sauvignon D’Brie at Rozimba BEJCH NLJ BJW18 AJW18 CENW

Another very nice exhibit of 5 years. Handled and presented well Good overall balance Very nice expression, Moved out well in all directions RBOB.

3. Parry’s CH Stormymoon Summer.

Japanese Akita Inu

Puppy (2)

1. Pike, Carter and Chapman’s Breezelyn Sachiko Go Tsoyu NAF TAF

I really liked this little firecracker She had so much personality and enthusiasm and she just had so much fun. Beautiful headpiece, so pretty and expressive Small dark almond shaped eyes obliquely set. Broad skull and muzzle Lovely thick ear leather. Balanced angles and defined tuck up. Tail set high and tightly curled over back. Tidy feet Moderate bone Coat was in immaculate condition. On the move she was super with a controlled rhythmic gait Looking forward to watching her mature. RBOB, BPIB.

2. Loca’s Ume Choko Go Hajimari.

8-month-old bitch who presented larger in frame than my winner. Pretty head with balanced features good coat texture, moderate bone and good feet. She was longer in hock so didn’t produce the drive of 1 but the handler did a great job of encouraging her.

Junior (3) 2abs

1. As 2nd puppy.

Postgraduate (2) 1 abs

1.Bennett and Thompson’s Seijitsu Amafumi Go Tsoyu

Lovely red male with a super outline. Beautiful, well-balanced head. Good angulation front and rear Presented in beautiful coat and condition. Handled to get the best out of him. High set tail well curled. Firm topline held well on the move However I would like to see a little more purpose in his gait, but he was very clean in all directions. Puppy almost pipped him to top spot. BOB

Open (2) 2 abs

Siberian Husky

A wide variety of types, shapes and sizes present here today so it was difficult to establish a “type”. The Siberian Husky should not carry any excess weight, should be well toned and should be of medium size. However, all temperaments were super, and it was a pleasure to judge the breed today.

Puppy (3) 2 abs

1. Kendall’s Shyllar Fizzy Feet of Kendarctic.

Classy little youngster at just 7 months She had such a beautiful fox-like head and expression. Good arch to neck into well laid shoulders. Elbows close to body Well-muscled loin. Lovely tight feet. Fox-brush tail carried just above topline on the move. Effortless, quick easy gait She was presented in tip top condition and handled to perfection. Effortless, quick, easy gait. She had super strong short hocks, shame she missed the group BPIB

Junior (3) 1abs

1. Goodall’s Cwnhapus Master of Whispers

A very nice young dog presented in excellent condition. Well-toned all through and carrying no excess weight Good height to length proportions with a firm level topline. Slight slope to croup, fox brush tail set and carried correctly Moved with quick rhythmic and effortless gait. Put in a super performance in the group BOB WG3.

2. Kendall’s ArtictrailNorth of Denali for Kendarctic

14-month-old male Nice in profile with an attractive, masculine head. He had moderate angulation and a very dense, enthusiastic in nature Moderate bone. He covered the ground well he just ran a little wide at the rear today.

Postgraduate (5) 2abs

1. Tinker’s Veloce Ludovico Schagya Polonia at Lolotea (imp Pol)

I really liked this 3-year-old in profile Head presents a typical foxy expression. Firm level topline Super coat and condition, balanced angulation front and rear. He moved well in his class, but he just wouldn’t settle in the challenge.

2. Kendall’s Kentwone Passion Fruit with Kendarctic

Lovely expression on this young dog Such a super sweet expression. His angulation was very well balanced, he was well toned and muscled all through. He moved really well but I would like a better tail set.

3. Bailey’s Destiny’s Child from Arcobaleno’s Land (Imp BLR)

Open (5) 1 abs

1. Rees’s CH Winter Melody Triple Trouble at Amical

Really pretty bitch of super shape and type, delightful head and expression Very well balanced in angulation Firm level topline held well on the move Slight slope to croup well set and carried tail. She moved true in all directions with a quick easy gait I would have liked to have seen her a little more animated in the challenge. RBOB

2. Tinker’s Multi Ch Zaltana Kiss My Paws of Lolotea JW (Imp POL)

Just shy of 5 years this black and white male has a beautiful head and expression, masculine without coarseness. Lovely balanced outline and presented immaculately and in excellent coat condition. Good angulation and nice short hocks, clean on the move in all directions.